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What is my order status?
Please click on the button below.
There is an issue with a product received with my order. What should I do?
Use the button below to send us a photo which shows what is wrong. Please select which order it relates to and explain what the problem is before you upload.
Upload image
Did not receive all my order?
It is possible that your order has been spilt into 2 or more packages.
Please check your Mail for confirmation if your order was split.
If you did not receive a Mail saying that your order was split then please contact Customer Support with your order number by clicking on the link below.
Customer Support
How can I use a coupon or promo code?
At the checkout of your order you can enter the promo code to receive a discount from the total value.
Customer Support
How can I cancel my order?
If you have just made the order then please follow these instructions. Login to your account and select ORDER HISTORY. Select from the list the order you want to cancel and then click SHOW DETAILS. On the product detail page click CANCEL ORDER.
If there is no button CANCEL ORDER, it means that your order has already been shipped and you can no longer cancel the order.