• Litzi
    I was taken by surprise... I had something resembling an acid trip, which I wasn't expecting at all. But then I started seeing scars all over my body, I was floating between night and day. Anyway, everybody is bound to have their own reaction, mine was certainly not well-being and euphoria, but it was definitely interesting and powerful, not at all a bad trip. My buddy hardly had a reaction at all, no visions or anything. Definitely try it out!

  • Translated from German Litzi
    I was completely surprised. I had an LSD-like trip and I never expected it. I saw my body completely excavated, in an atmosphere between day and night. Well everyone reacts differently, but my experience had nothing of well-being and euphoria, but it was interesting and tremendous, so no bad trip in the sense. My buddy, on the other hand, felt almost nothing, no visions or anything else. To recommend!

  • chris
    Took 1 tab of shayana bombastic acid, and one pill of nexus, and had great visuals for 6 hours before i decided to go to sleep. Fast shippment :)

  • Nathan
    This thing is a nuclear bomb in pill form! Kind of like a cross between the loftiness of MDMA and LSD/shroom visuals ... You just have to let yourself slide into it gently: the peak happens around the first 90-minute mark, give or take (so wait before you double down!) So a warning for the novices: this is not to be taken lightly! For a good trip = one 12 mg pill. Go further with 1.5 pills, e.g. 18 mg.
It's already pretty strong and you're off for a solid 8 hours...
So there you go, have a good trip! And thanks to Shayana!

  • Translated from German GoaZwerg
    Simply a mega cool product. Hit the mark I was completely surprised at how awesome it looked. Starts right away with a whole because half didn't come to me. I immediately took the other half and then it came to the fullest. The bong shone and had a thousand colors in it. Patterns formed and everything melted together. The cleaner stopped at the bong for a full 7 hours and it was like God's work. Absolute buy recommendation !!!!!! In any case, the money is worth it

  • Translated from German Nathan
    It is an atomic pill! So a mixture between the floating of MDMA and the visual of good LSD or Psylocibin. You just have to let yourself go. The plateau can be reached after a good one and a half hours (so be careful with re-drops!). Newbies should not take it lightly! For a good trip = a 12 mg pill. For more experiences 1.5 pills, so 18 mg. It is more than enough for a good 8 hour trip. So, have a good future trip, and thanks to Shayana!

  • Translated from Samoan Robert
    Frankly once again, thank you Shayana, even in full containment delivered in 8 days Thank you !! We are going to test this just to get away from it all :)

  • Translated from German
    It took a long time until you noticed something, then I took alcohol and peace then the first effects came in. I looked at the sky and had fun with the stars afterwards I went into the apartment and looked at my wallpaper. Great effect. Unfortunately, that was all very insidious not like Bliss. But at some point I got a bad headache! Still stopping! 2 aspirin and they were less whole "can you do it?" But I would like 5 Mapb in this product and the dose of the 2cb should also be increased a little since it was gone after 1 hour with 1 pill and headache occurred

  • Nicole
    My girlfriends thought this would be fun when we went out, the opposite turned out to be true. You just need to be together in a familiar environment. And then it's just fantastic, unbelievable what a little thing like this can do to you...

  • Robert
    It was great! I hope that I will get another chance to try this again. The shipment was also very fast and safe. 10/10

  • bb
    I have just taken 2CBFLY for my first time. Took 15 mg (a pill and a half). I weight 92 kilograms. It was totally great... I had a long, very long (several hours) plateau-high soft and very pleasant high. I had a moment (seemed brief, but I cannot really tell) of colorful visuals (a "new" to me). The rest was an uninhibited pleasure plateau with lots and lots of erotic dreams (all of them at once I would say).. and all of them kind of clean, nice, kind of "quiet and odorless" and totally uninhibited. Very interesting feeling. Well.. really great and pleasant.

  • Translated from Italian Litzi
    I was surprised ... I had something like an acid trip, I didn't expect it at all. But then I started to see scars all over my body and started floating between night and day. However everyone will have his reaction, mine certainly was not one of well-being and euphoria, but it was absolutely an interesting and powerful trip, absolutely not a bad trip. My friend had almost no reaction, no visions or anything like that. A must try!

  • Translated from German Happy
    I love this bong cleaner, but for the first time I would only take half a tab and pay attention to the bong, certain places can feel unhealthily tight (body of the bong), if you still do not notice anything dangerous with half a tab, you can do more take, half a tab leads directly to a dreamy state, walks are then beautiful and persistent but still with a lot of serenity, the bong shines sympathetically, definitely have enough drinking with it. The product is currently my absolute favorite, it is great to be motivated, the head of the bong remains clear and the details of the environment are perceived as if you were a child, the positive dreamy state closes the hours in a beautiful environment a delicacy.

  • Translated from Portuguese Litzi
    I was taken by surprise .... I felt something similar to an acid trip, which I wasn't expecting at all. Suddenly I was seeing my scarred body and it floated between night and day. Everyone feels the effects differently, mine were certainly not of well being and euphoria, but they were definitely interesting and powerful, and not at all a bad trip. My friend had no visual effects and hardly felt any effects. I definitely recommend you try it out!

  • Translated from French laurent
    very good trip, the inconvenience with this molecule is that it's all or nothing, it seems that you have to take a bunch to appreciate all its flavor, verry high trip for me, and when I don't want too much take off I take less, I recommend a big grip to reveal all these capacities, but not all the time, because it's really strong ... I had a trip or two in higher grade but better take very little for the daily, it hovers like that !!.

  • Translated from German Marco
    Never again: - (((((The effect is awesome, unfortunately I couldn't figure it out and had the worst night of my life. Therefore, for newbies, don't take more than a half and test first how the effect works. I had hoped for a similar effect to Bliss, unfortunately that doesn't exist anymore, but that's something completely different and in no way comparable to Bliss.

  • Translated from German Esther
    One pill is enough and the bong is perfectly clean. Good mood, but I recommend a more relaxed environment. The impressions could be a little violent for the bong.

  • Translated from French Bamakha
    Great product .. Felt more than expected ... Felt stronger and stronger each time taken .. How to explain it?

We don't ship this product to: Austria, Canada, United States of America, Sweden
The perfect combination of psychedelic and entactogenic effects, Lush will open the doors of perception to awesome visuals and sweet vibrations throughout the experience.

Lush is also famously known for producing erotic vibes along with a pleasantly soothing body high, a sensation commonly described as feeling warm and tingly or as some might say, ORGASMIC.


Enhanced creativity and visuals, aphrodisiacal, increased sociability and music appreciation, soothing body high.


The effects are enhanced when experienced with a positive mood, good music and a comfortable environment.


5 mg - 10 mg
10 mg - 18 mg
18 mg - 25 mg


Onset: 30 - 60 minutes
Peak: 3 - 5 hours
Duration: 6 - 12 hours


2C-B-FLY (10 mg)