Mystic Herbs – Kanna Extract

  • Jeff
    I snorted 20 mg Kanna extract twice a day, in the beginning it was mainly the rush effect that I noticed, but gradually it changed. After about two weeks of daily use, I hardly felt a rush, but I noticed a lot of difference in my daily life. I have always suffered from panic attacks randomly, usually followed by a very somber and listless day. But Kanna seemed to make that disappear for good. Even in a very stressful time (an important exam week, which usually creates additional anxiety) I stayed cheerful and upbeat, even my concentration had gone ahead by leaps and bounds. I noticed that combine caffeine with my concentration helped even more, and I came without significant effort by the exam week. I would recommend trying this product to anyone experiencing anxiety.

  • Translated from French lutin
    Taken x40 in sniff (0.08 g) the effect is there! prod tried ... only small snag the taste in the throat is really not terrible.

  • Translated from German Selda
    Super ... Super ... super !!! Voilà !! Que du bonheur !! De la rapidité à être livré jusqu 'à la pousse puis la récolte et enfin le voyage ... aucunement déçu !!! Merci Shayana Shop !! Longue vie à toi !!!

Mystic Herbs – Kanna Extract

Kanna extract (Sceletium tortuosum) provides increased mental focus along with mood enhancement. It can induce a calm alertness for some, while producing a deep relaxed state for others. In lower doses, a motivational energy can be felt. Higher doses may lead to deep relaxation and even meditative bliss.


Low Dose: Stimulated, Energized and Focused
High Dose: Sedation, Mental and Muscle Relaxation


The 10x extract has been reported to be active at 20mg, with the 20x extract active at 10mg, although each individual may respond differently. As with all Kanna extracts, start low, adjust accordingly and remember to always listen to your body.


Traditionally, Kanna is normally smoked. Kanna can also be chewed, sniffed, taken as a tea or mixed with chocolate milk, for example.
WARNING: Sceletium tortuosum is a Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI). It should not be combined with other SSRI's (Seroxat, Prozac) or Mono Oxidase Inhibitors (MAO-I), such as Syrian Rue (Peganum harmala), Banisteriopsis Caapi, Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata), Yohimbe, and certain anti-depressants.