Dutch Orange

  • Translated from French Christophe
    This product is to be purchased with your eyes closed, the effects are just what everyone wants. Armed with a small leaf, roll-your-own tobacco and a pinch of this mixture, and off you go for a good two hours in a lucid dream ... worthy of a good weed

  • Translated from French pedr
    Costaude, this long lasting ... A small pinch and it still puts a big slap! I recommend this carpooler, ah no I think I planted my site ... 'taiiiiiin chui fonssdéééé

  • Translated from French sheitan
    Pure bomb, I am torn, 3x more powerful than the Dutch orange mixt, frankly don't hesitate, sick thing;)

  • Translated from French odero
    after tasting the orange mix which left me pleasantly surprised, I tried the long lasting because despite everything the effect only lasts a small 1 / 2h. Well nothing to see much stronger and especially longer effect. it's all good!!!

  • Translated from German Landrichinger
    it is very tasty, comes smooth, but long lasting I can not say. But again fast delivery. I love Shayana

  • timothy
    Not as good as the real thing. but pretty good. cleaner. more focused not as stupid like sometimes with the real stuff. it does the job!!

  • Translated from German Peter
    Very good grass replacement !!! Tastes pleasantly mild and makes you high. I'm very pleasantly surprised. Kudos to the producers !! Greetings from Bavaria

  • Translated from French Buxley
    Very good product ! At first contact, the smell is strange ... we wonder if we will not have the impression of smoking an incense stick but the taste is fortunately less strong than the smell. On the effect side, it's just crazy. It seems to be mistaken for the illegal version, in "very good gear" mode ... I even advise experienced smokers who would test for the first time to start with a homeopathic dose just to get to know the product because it can surprise with its power. I also confirm in passing the legal aspect for France: my package made a small detour by postal verification, so it arrived to me late, opened and then closed with an adhesive from the post office, but still intact :)

  • Translated from French julia
    very good product! I did not expect at all such a powerful effect, I who am a big smoker I am conquered and the taste goes pretty well, to recommend.

  • Translated from French Laurent
    The orange mix is a little light for my taste but the long lasting c is the ball, it poses really well as I like ...

  • Translated from French fleury
    Hello smokers !!! this product is simply excellent (expensive if we smoke a lot like me)! In any case the effect and the taste are by appointment ;-)

  • Translated from French Ophélie
    Violent effect not to be taken lightly ahahah powerful thank you Shayana: D

  • Translated from German Mr.X
    A great product that comes very close to real grass. You feel a tingling sensation all over your body from the very first move. A grin gradually creeps onto the corners of the mouth. Very good for just chilling out on the couch. But also interesting for outdoor use: D Many changed perceptions that bring a lot of joy and astonishment. For me a great product that will be ordered again. Effect lasts quite a long time. Hence the name long taste :) I can only recommend it to everyone

  • Translated from French Zbruh
    Great product despite the few psychological effects and on the eyes if used long enough (dark circles) The effects go up to 3h / 4h! Instead of 45min / 1h for other oranges (even the extreme) I recommend a lot + long lasting than the others, because at the time of trip / € we gain 3x more! For the effects: - I have the impression of calculating everything and knowing everything, which turns out to be real after having recorded myself on video - But I become "soft", a little as if my physical energy was transformed into strong minded. And I have a lot of results: with friends I put myself on the spectator on a fairly competitive game by being totally high. He knew how to aim but couldn't find out where the opponents were, with this product we can better understand how the opponent is in the game. So I could predict 92% of the time what he was going to do exactly! (Plant the bomb, defuse, return, attack) So if my ally had put the enemy low life, I could deduce from his composition of his team that he was going to seek life first before coming to charge my ally: neither one nor two, I look at the enemy's respawn time, to see that the medic is dead, so I ask my ally to rush the guy to kill him. Result: he died and my ally who was going to be beaten by another enemy member behind him could not do him a single damage. Basically I feel like this product temporarily increases thinking / creativity. At the expense of: reflexes, vision, physical. In short it is quite psychological with! I even have the impression sometimes when I smoke too much to find myself in a person other than "me" and to want to browse: Quora / Facebook / Youtube or explore places in my video games: (map dirty bomb / minecraft / etc ...) Brief to take without hesitation! But at the beginning only in small doses otherwise you will become paranoid like me;)! And yes even if this product is great, the fact that it activates other canabinol receptors legally makes this product .. dangerous ... We do not know its concentration, its dangers, its side effects. But you're going to have fun anyway with a package of 3 Grams! Personally I took: 3 grams + 3x3 grams And there I just recommend 6x3 grams! The cool thing is that by ordering 3x3 grams, they added a 3 + pack! or 4x3. I hope I can get 2 free with the 6x3 grams I ordered! : P Anyway, try 1 gram to purchase, and if you like, continue but without going into addiction like me! Weaning is very hard to bear with this kind of product!

  • Translated from French conan
    hello, very interesting product but consumed slowly if not dodo assured lol word of ex daily consumer. I recommend occurs despite the price c 'valid!

  • Translated from French Fabien
    exellent stone mas attention not to force too much on the dose !!

  • Translated from German Maximilian
    Hello all ! Prod received and tested today, already well done for the delivery times despite the confinement that are respected! For the production, I opted for crystal, very effective feeling of energy but good god (allow me the expression) it stings of phew for good 5 minutes but it fades afterwards, just the time to shed a small tear (nose and throat). Nice and functional effects, the product looks good and very well packaged!

  • Translated from German Jenö
    Simply awesome, it knocked me out. I didn't have that much purity for a few minutes and the flash started. Good stuff. Shayana I will be a regular customer :)

  • Translated from French Caroline
    First well done and thank you. You received my transfer on Friday. I received my order on Monday. Excellent! Then the product .... then there yes, it is strong! Me my conso is a little splif or two in the evening. Following the recommendations of other reviews, I had a rather light hand on the dosage. Wow! indeed, it sends heavy, and it lasts. The 1st evening, 1st light splif around 8 pm The second around 11 pm Hello headache the next morning .... So the next day, I watch out, I dose really light and I repeat the same, and I smoke them very slowly, even smoking it several times. The next morning is fine, but really hard to get out of bed ... it smashes anyway. I admit, I still prefer the solid Charas mixture, which gave me super zen effects, high vibes, very gently but effectively. This one sends heavy, but the relaxation is not the same, I am much less Zen and it tends to tire me. Even being a little bothered at the moment, it even gave me bad vibes ... the trip hit me on the head, physically relaxed me, but did not help me to relax mentally. I even have to work on not psychotic when I smoke it. It may be a little too hard for me. But the product keeps all its promises.

  • Translated from French Ludovic
    Excellent. a good three hours minimum, the equivalent of a good herb. Light taste, even if the smell when opening the sachet suggests liquorice. Very good product; I recommend it, but to dose very light because it is the guaranteed slap. Nickel delivery as usual.

  • Translated from French benoit
    A product that makes you go far ... Long Lasting is clearly the strongest product on the site (for legal herb mixes). On the other hand, for my part, I remain persuaded that the effect has nothing to do with cannabis! Let it be understood, you will be smashed, there is no problem, but what is really in the product ... Small personal hypothesis, for me in all these mixtures there is necessarily (at different doses) anti - depressants or equivalent. So beware, we are talking here about a product, definitely, more dangerous and more addictive than cannabiS! I had to alert a minimum!

  • Translated from French Py
    Hello, in terms of effects, I let you read other comments, top product. Mets stone and big advantage in low doses keeps you active. Otherwise after having smoked this mixture several times, I tested on myself 1 saliva test, and 2 urine test, 6 drugs in total (including THC). Nothing, so really interesting product for people undergoing screenings for the job, or the road.

  • Translated from French von
    very good product but beware. Yesterday I made a good super loaded oinj (2/3 of dutch). Stoned for 3 hours but unbearably. Head spinning, vomiting, beating heart at 2000 an hour.ca ended in the emergency room. So yes I recommend it but 100 times stronger than the dutch orange mix

  • Translated from French tnt
    ok problem again, shayana serious site 1st order of normal orange mix 2nd order of orange mix + long lasting, personal I mix the two (5gr + 2gr) it slams well, it does more than troubleshoot while waiting for it to grow: D

  • Translated from French Fugit
    To order the eyes close, Quick effect in 2 tafs three movements. Similar big duration effect, assured discretion, legality. Great! Thank you shayana.

  • Translated from French jonathan
    Excellent quality / price ratio: -Economic product (very little need for an effect very similar to the desired product). -Equivalent of a quality natural product, even at low doses -Duration of effects> 1h45. -Perfume reminiscent of provence or seasoning herbs. - Taste altogether pleasant. At the sight of the odor suggesting a dry and irritating or even spicy product, I was surprised by a rather mild appetizer. -Smoke little discernible therefore not annoying for an entourage accustomed to smoking (small + discretion). => Very positive opinion. I recommend. Additional rq: -Delivery time respected. -Discretion without mention of the provenance. -Order supplemented with 7 M seeds instead of 5 :). Thank you Shayana!

  • Translated from French Titiana
    At the top of the top! Personally I was an extreme cannabis smoker, and I lost my license, so I had to stop using it and it must be said that this psychedelic herb wonderfully replaces shit or weed, it's true that the taste has nothing to do, but it's still nice and the effects are there! Thank you Shayana!

  • Translated from French bouilly
    just magic :)

  • Translated from French Patrick

  • Translated from French Daniel
    I love it, really good effect mix that lasts that lasts !!!

  • Translated from French Loupiac
    Guaranteed effect !!! Its hard not long but it's very close to a good weed and much better than some shit

  • Translated from French Frederik
    Order received on time, as usual, seriousness no longer needs to be proven from Shayana Shop. Very good legal product, only a pinch and 3 h 30 hyper relax, like a good herb, but legal. By cons a little expensive but very good effects very durable,

  • Translated from French Richard
    just a pinch, it's been a year since I vape this product among other once a week so as not to be addicted, bananas to the ear

  • Translated from French FOURAU
    Good product, pleasant in terms of taste finally ... The effect lasts 2 good hours without overloading the joint ... same effects as a good weed, I recommend ...

  • Translated from French jean
    Effects level is not too bad except flat ... the taste! I, who am a weed lover, have been rather hard on the palate but for the legal it is really good then send fast easy and discreet nickel;)

  • Translated from German Werner
    I used to smoke a lot of good grass - but unfortunately my "source" dried up a long time ago. After a long time I found this shop here and wanted to test what a mixture like that brings. And I was by no means disappointed, unobtrusive in taste, fully convincing in effect! As good as the "real"! The only difference in contrast to cannabis - you are not so wide internally, mentally up - the first time it "caught" me for almost 5 hours and even with a small amount! I have decided to try the other "remedies" too ... I can definitely recommend this stuff!

  • blizzle
    I'm more of a supporter of the Original but my hardcore friends don't want anything else but this one, personally too strong for me as well as the extreme.

  • Translated from French jojo
    Unpleasant to the taste, scary climb in a roller coaster before a short and boring plateau; see stun before falling into the arms of morphé in log version. Descent upon awakening plus muscle pain. I advise against occurs.

  • Translated from French gwenn
    Incredible molecule. 100% benign, supertrippy with both external and closed eyes, it makes you laugh a lot, lasts for several hours, a wonderful experience overall. I took the whole 10ml sachet. I recommend everyone to experience in a controlled and protected place, even in terms of temperature. Walking is very tiring although fun (the perception of space is very much altered) and you go from a feeling of cold to one of warm every few minutes. The sense of time is also very altered, with friends we checked the time for the first time thinking we were like the fourth hour of travel and instead we had just entered the second. Compared to the mushrooms containing psilocybin it seems to me that the experience is less empathogenic, even with less sense of loss of the ego and belonging to the whole universe, but it remains truly exceptionally good. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  • Translated from French LE
    dutch orange lasting delivered in 10 days, not disappointed with the product, for me c which is closest to the real ... economical because it takes very little ... I have never been disappointed with the site regarding delivery ...

  • Translated from French Sébastien
    yeah it's powerful, be careful not to take it lightly !! I have not even made a slim sheet, a small sheet keeps me super long ... delivery in 4 days.

  • Translated from French DAUDE
    Really very good . I hesitated because of the price but it takes little to feel good. In the end, good value for money. By smoking every day, it took me 2 good weeks. Finally, everything is relative!

  • Translated from French Jean-Pierre
    1st cigarette of the day Very pleasantly surprised, good taste, good smell and good sensations. Set up in a few minutes, and with a second socket it takes two hours. Only the price hurts me ...

  • Translated from French Léo
    I hesitated to order since I am in Ireland for the moment, then finally no complaints delivered in 4-5 working days, and frankly it's nice when we see the price of Mary in this country (~ 25th) it allows smoke a hit without breaking the bank. Thanks to the Shayana team, you're great, good luck!

  • Translated from French Dominique
    Orange duch herbs are really high quality products, not found on the street, the wallet breathes, it's legal and frankly smoking a bed or whatever, no smell, it's great, Thanks to all team for a returned freedom

  • Translated from French sonia
    I tried this product, putting a pinch in a two leaves that we smoked in pairs, and although I find that it stuck to us, the effects were powerful and lasted a long time. For us, occasional smokers, this is too strong a limit.

  • Translated from French cassano
    product meets expectations. A few pinches to relax in the evening, and sleep well. Serious site

  • Translated from French Silent
    Hello, I do not know how long it took my order to arrive, but after 5 days, still having received nothing and going on vacation the next day I wrote a word to Shayana .. Immediate response, it was necessary that I wait a little. I went on vacation, disappointed; but on the way back, a nice surprise was waiting for me in the box! I am a very heavy smoker and I must admit that this "weed" is really my-gni-fi-que; I was stuck in front of my pc for 10 days in a row; completely devastated ahah .. I think to recommend tomorrow: D (PS: thank you for the comments that warned to dose light to start; a pinch in a stick and I was already in the west .. far .. very far)

  • Translated from French nicolas
    I do not know if this will be published but despite good products you should not be too careful about delivery times. 3-8 working days normally but I am in the eighth and always nothing. whereas the other times apart from one it took on average 4-5 days.

  • Translated from French Anthony
    Simply divine! Using this herb with the bong also buy here, I am really impressed with the quality of the product, being a good smoker I think I am more "beefy" than his. Waves of delirium, fits of laughter, white people want you here, for two to three good hours of fun, well all good to say that I recommend this without moderation!

  • Translated from French oudot
    First of all a big THANK YOU to Shayana !!! I am a smoker for a few years (no comment), I was how to tell you, more than pleasantly surprised !! A delivery in 3 days Bravo !! A violent effect Depending on the dosage !! (after the first 2/3 Dodo 4 h oO) whoooo !! But really satisfied despite a different taste (I remain a fan of our good old marijane ..) I highly recommend !!!

  • Translated from French Thouin
    Thank you for Shayana's professionalism! The long casting is pure killing that I recommend. Long live the site!

  • Translated from French D.Jon
    Having several times ordered different mixes, the Long Lasting remains for me one of the best on the site. A sure value, to recommend to those who want thrills. C quite expensive, but the necessary doses (2 or 3 pinches) compensate for the cost. And for those who doubt, the effects are 100% guaranteed.

  • Translated from French gege
    after testing several products on the site, for me, one of the best, ideal for posing in the evening in front of a good movie or a good game, lasts quite a long time, tastes pretty well! put a reasonable amount when same, 2 good pinches, effect assured!

  • Translated from French BUDDY
    Skeptical before there I can say that it is indeed "imitated". Widely satisfactory. A bit expensive however, but effective without putting tons.

  • Translated from French mermoz
    Products received in 5 days ?? thank you shayana. .. a really excellent product. 3 or 4 tafs and torn boom. Not like weed but shorter and more violent ... really advisable, and watch the dosage. ?? nickel.

  • Translated from French dadgy
    a good product that goes well, really cool, again I am satisfied with shayanashop. fast delivery as always thank you and see you next time ....

  • Translated from French Julien
    What to say 4 times that I order 4 times that I receive my package inpect not a fart, the staff is at the top, this product is very powerful, for the first time, but you get used to that slab is the inconvenience, therefore to smoke from time to time history of taking a trip and not to fill the lack, 3 lates is more there, I am there, but not there too what happens to me body dilation at 90% you breathe like mounting in a city like paris, i'm in the metro its pu the damn sewer, ramped up loss of reality new perception of the world here is the long lasting wanting to make a big firecracker well load 1gr lol here I am in the world of matrix surrounding sheep following the movement, dive into the cellphone no more signs of life have bad bad trip quickly home ...

  • Translated from French Coralie
    Awesome product. It may seem a bit strong at the time but the high is great. I made a lot of laughs out of this mix. I recommand it

  • Translated from French Nicolas
    what to say apart Thank you! the quality is there! fast and discreet delivery! its dislocation !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Translated from French Alexandre
    Great product, effective ... and pleasant to smell. For me the best smoking mixes ... Don't hesitate;)

  • Translated from French Jean-Alain
    product a little long to receive (8 days) on the other hand I am not disappointed, the taste is rather pleasant and original and the effects are relaxing.

  • Translated from French sangoku
    Alligatto sensei !!! c again me !!! so very cool this tea .... severe tachicardia effect if the boyfriend plays the TNT stick diameter roll taster with the sahara in the mouth you need a gourd to carry in your hand !! ! ltres bon mr ambassador shaya !!!!

  • Translated from French GUASTI
    Regular smoker for 20 years (1 joint minimum every night to sleep, sometimes a little during the day on weekends and on vacation), I wanted to try because I live in the countryside, I cannot grow at home and here it is too complicated to find something discreetly. In short, my friends and I (all regular smokers for many years) we were very, very surprised by the effect of this "NO-WEED" as it is called, we smoked a fart between us and we spent our evening laughing and looking at each other with round eyes saying that really she is really high :) Very good delirium, powerful, "festive" but without bad trip. My girlfriend insisted that I leave her some and that she smokes it with her boyfriend! I also smoked it alone and each time I felt wrapped as in a cocoon (the bubble effect that I love when I smoke), I sometimes had a little sore heart, but it goes very quickly ; it also happened that the effect was less felt on certain evenings (I think it was because I had just eaten). I ordered 3gr and it lasted for quite a while; I must say that it is so much food shortage in winter that I saved;) I followed the comments, I did not dose it too much at first, and a little more in the following days, after I had tamed the plant. I recommend you and I will re-order it immediately !!

  • Translated from French reynold
    bjr has all good product advice with leaf cut fruit of the forest for a better taste for good night +++++

  • Translated from French Bricquet
    very good product its striking rather not bad I did not expect that big delirium after 2 bushing to sharpen in small it is worth a good level of defonse but in bushing it is really big bad, in what and taste it and not unpleasant in this about me thank you shayana

  • Translated from French Christophe
    disappointed with the taste, I never took it again because I feel like smoking rosemary. too bad the effect is nice

  • Translated from French arth
    So what about this product ?! Personally I was very disappointed with this product, but in view of the quality of the other products I allow myself to think, of a failure, to see an error. Anyway, it's been a few weeks now that my product is sold out, and I'm still waiting for the effects, so what can I say if it is not a big disappointment for me as regards this product only!

  • Translated from French Di3z
    Excellent, after having nothing to smoke for 10 days, moreover for delivery, ordered on Sunday, dispatched on Monday noon, received on Saturday morning, for the end of the West of France, quite fast. a true one at around 6%, in a two leaf, with a simple pinch (to test), no more than 10% of this long lasting and in addition with Wild Dagga Flowers (30%) and the remaining 60% tobacco , almost immediate effect, rather stone mas not completely, a little high anyway, knowing that the Wild Dagga does not have an effect. A good surprise, I found it expensive but finally given the effect the price is reasonable, the only unknown is the composition of the product but really satisfied with this "Long Lasting" knowing that I do not know the other Dutch Orange products.

  • Translated from French Cedric
    To smoke something with a fresh taste, why not .. For any effect, no .. No interest for me

  • Translated from French razor
    skeptical at first, I ordered 3g of long lasting and ... how to say, pleasantly surprised! even if it doesn't have the smell or the taste of real marijuana, the effect is there! as strong as a good weed as found in coffee shops, the effect is felt after a few slats and I loaded very little (a small pinch in a joint), all delivered in my box to the letter a few days after ordering. finished the confusion with the dealers, finished the paranoid vis-a-vis the cops or customs, that happiness! I recommend if like me you are fed up with the galleries linked to the supply, it is a little expensive but good ... tranquility at its price.

  • Translated from French Eskenasy
    Sympathetic and "clean", no stupefying effect but rather a speed effect (!), Crazy a slap the first time but you get used to it very quickly (the other 2 smoked an hour later did nothing to me almost done). Maybe a little expensive anyway.

  • Translated from French Florian
    Not bad ! in any case it leaves too quickly I will resume I think! it helps out well but you have to put the dose to feel the effects not bad;) it poses well

  • Translated from French
    very good product received in 3 days immediately received I roll a good morning surprise the effect is almost instantaneous good feeling no fatigue duration 1h45 / 2h against the body and especially the brain seems to get used quickly and the effect in the second therefore around 12:30 pm are 4 times less taking anyway this site is now in my favorites =) thank you shayana for the speed and for the free rolling papers and the shayana sticker now adorns my fridge. good order to all and good trip

  • Translated from French richard
    very happy, really good, in a small dose his pose calmly but in large dose hung you his hair

  • Translated from French Ludovic01
    My last order was more than disappointing. I know this product to have taken it several times, its effects are usually very good, but there I came across a wrong dosage, very very weak, almost no effect even by forcing the dose. * I hope this is only a passing error and that the quality will be back for my next order.

  • Translated from French catala
    carefree payment and delivery, great product. relaxation in accordance with our expectations. Continue, we are following you!

  • Translated from French Nicolas
    spice up the domll !!! light in driving no bar hit !!! but long duration !!! recommend for those who want to stop cossomming anything !!!

  • Translated from French Charlowski
    It’s special to smoke, it makes you think of tea it’s very light and soft so still nice then it gives a fairly clear and light high which takes a little time to go up with good physical relaxation which surprised! I had concluded from the comments that it was among the best herbs on the site and I am not disappointed!

  • Translated from French Thouin
    Hi in terms of delivery it is so fast that I saw here at Shayana the best I have ever known. As for this long lasting super smell of atmosphere that I can only recommend to all, however avoid excess. Thanks for everything Shayana

  • Translated from French Franck
    Excellent product. Very little is enough. The high is quite long and the descent very smooth. Delivery dpd in 3 working days. By cons no small goodies selected when ordering, and 5 euros for payment by credit card, for a mail-order site located in the EU, I find it a bit abused ... Despite everything, I absolutely recommend.

  • Translated from French Mallet
    Frankly impeccable 3rd order from you and each time I am surprised, I smoke all day and with that I tell you I save on the smoke! Peace Shayana soon?

  • Translated from French Mog
    One of the best Shayana products. Different taste, but not bad. Nice and lasting effect. In addition no need to put a lot, which somehow compensates for the price per g.

  • Translated from French arth
    Very good, fast shipping and highly recommended product. I agree with other opinions regarding the quantity, with a little sample is more than enough to obtain the desired results. Thank you !!!

  • Translated from German Manfred
    Super fast delivery, I did not expect. Now I'm curious how the stuff is like ??.

  • Translated from French Franck
    A product of extreme quality. A fast high. Violent for who would dare two pinches. But completely soft for a pinch, with a gentle descent. I am a creative and my cities under domes, and the heroes who escape to find the Shamballa portal, in the Himalayas are happy, that their writer has tasted the Lasting. Thank you.

  • Translated from Italian MisterG
    Good smocking mix! Continue to release !!! An incredible and concentrated product! Strictly recommended!

  • Translated from French CyberPeace
    Excellent mixture, the smell may seem unpleasant, but does not feel at all to taste. It is simply the best product of its kind on shayana, for the following reasons: - A relatively neutral taste - A very rapid rise, after two or three lates, even when you are used to it. - A duration of the effect as important as at my first joints (4-6h, see more the first time). - The price: Although the gram is more expensive, it only takes a pinch to feel all the effects to their maximum, in addition the effects last much longer than other similar products (Protium, very strong but long after habit of less than 40 mins ). It is therefore ultimately economical. Cons: - When you take it you seem really high, hard to hide, my eyes are very red while the natural does not do that to me. Anyway, I've been cleaning my bong for 5 months now. It couldn't be cleaner.

  • Translated from French Hannier
    At the top the effect lasts a long time, the taste and not bad, the only downside for me is that it is a little too speed for my taste but good slap to advise.

  • Translated from French CUVILLIER
    Hello everyone I take a moment to give my opinion because being very satisfied with shayana I have to. Well, I was very skeptical about this product think that there will be little effect and to my surprise it made bing bing in my head. it looks very strongly like cannabis except the negative point is that it makes serious serious lol. but to rate positive for me it is that its duration less lomgtent, rather well for an evening where we must resume his vehicle then found well s is spirit and condition. and also less hangover in the morning. I strongly advise to the French concerned about their driving license for possible event.

  • Translated from French santos
    Its not the smell of beer or even the texture but surprised I took three grams I all smoke in 1 day taste not disgust its sense the grass and a soft posed knock I suddenly kifer I have recommended even more ^^

  • Translated from French vegilo
    actually a longer effect than the orange mix, similar taste and a little stronger: 17/20 (note with respect to the other products on the site taking into account that they are all powerful apart from one or two exceptions, I have also had more or less strong batches on certain products)

  • Translated from French Coutiere
    Hello, order received in 6 days, very good delay! :) The orange dutch mix long lasting is a very good product! For people looking for the effects of cannabis will not be disappointed. May seem expensive, but given the amount of grass to put in the tobacco (really less, very strong) the value for money is perfect for effects similar to a very good illegal herb. Thank you Shayana;) See you soon!

  • Translated from French Arnaud
    Only downside the delivery time .. Those who have it in three days must be Parisian .. Person more than 15 days

  • Translated from French marien
    it is a very good product with desired effect very close to our beautiful favorite plant. you can order it with your eyes closed! thank you Shayana!

  • Translated from French Frederic
    Frankly congratulations, apart from the smell that resembles that of a bouquet garni ... The taste is not unpleasant, and the effect is great and lasting. Very good product, to try to adopt it

  • Translated from French Frédéric
    Excellent! A pinch and go for a big dark! Lacking a bit of the cool side of real weed but it does the job, there's no reason to wiggle.

  • Translated from French Marcel
    Echt Lustig hier ... egal was hier angeboten wird, es wird geraucht, gefressen, gesoffen ... Reinigungsmittel? Egaaaal .... zieh ich mir rein ...

  • Translated from French CAPITAINE
    Good morning, then there! a slap in the gums! For me the product is much stronger than cannabis ... The effects are the same even more powerful! what a mega weed! You could say that the price is high given the grams, but a pinch is enough! really a pinch! equivalent to half a small head ... (a pinch don't forget) Pearce

  • Translated from French Mickael
    At Top Shayana;) Received today, very good service and everything! Thank you and do not change anything;)

  • Translated from French Eddy
    Well who had been disappointed with the temple ball effect and taste and well this is not the case effect in 4 taf while I had put 2 tweezers frankly of the ball and the effect remains a good time.thank you shayana

  • Translated from French fabrice
    The DO LL is my favorite in herbal. PLUS CONGRATULATIONS for the 3 day delivery on the herbs, let's hope it stays that way.

  • Translated from French BILLIET
    Very good experience !!! indeed !! it lasts longer, and we are more shaken too;) !!!! do not put much, because its attack quickly and there is not much for the price .. (in this case I took 3g) good bursts to all of you band of zulu !! Peace!

  • Translated from French Do
    Many thanks again to Shayana! This box is just perfect for beginners, the first time I grow I take this box, a little long to start (which is normal for the first time flush) and after two and a half weeks harvest of huge and big mushrooms ! An incredible performance I'm already on my 4th flush and it's still growing well! Crazy a big thank you ?? 😍

  • Translated from Samoan blizzle
    Very good stimulant. It stings the nose of course, but it can also be taken orally in parachute mode. It is not a psychoactive agent, if it is the perch that interests you, take something else. It simply boosts.

  • Translated from French Smokeevryday
    So good morning everyone. Alros already thank you to shayana for this speed and this efficiency of delivery, everything received in less than a week its please a good one if you like its ^^ short .. So barely 30min after receiving my order I have direct rolled a little joy of orange dutch (I am a big consumer of ganja) I took a good dose anyway out of habit then 5 minutes after I started to feel good asking ^^ so here you are I recommend it for who want to change a little from their usual weed! ;)

  • Translated from French Richard
    Delivery in four days :) I mixed a pinch of this product with a cigarette ... I didn't understand anything I just took a five hour nap. Excellent quality, courage guys :) :) :) and thank you shayana :)

  • Translated from Italian Jimmie
    I would like to take something else next time the taste isn't bad, but I expected to get more. It is inexplicable, as it seemed inexplicable to us to smoke as an extract.

  • Translated from French GERONIMO
    After the sence I wanted to taste the dutch orange mix long lasting and really not disappointed at all, as the sence was good and it feels really good while listening to good sound (reggae) we take off well or even in nature Great

  • Translated from French Totox
    Product received in 1 week and a half (month: 04/2016) Very good quality, the effect is desired is the, quite surprising intensity level. I confirm that the "stoned" effect is present for 2h-3h after taking!

  • Translated from French Xav
    Very very good products. like A very good weed, but does not pretend! advice, do not abuse the product not overload the bed a little pinch is enough for a cigarette very good experience for my part Thank you very much shayana.

  • Translated from French sylvain
    the top less strong than the barium which has my taste him and too abused and too strong. the mounted is cool, slow pleasant and it beats well and lasts a long time for me there is no better in legal cannabis

  • Translated from French Poisson
    Well, in short the LL is really great! I have been smoking for 30 years and frankly I am super happy, the effect is there and there. The first time it's really powerful but it's true that you get used to it quickly. With the LL you do all the things that you don't like too much without any problem I will even say with self-control. Go buy!

  • Translated from French JonEs
    My favorite !!!! Smell similar to Dutch Orange Intense but as the name suggests: + Long 2 pinches and it's OK. Asleep between 2/2: D Recommended !!!

  • Translated from French Tartacool
    Received twice and never really disappointed a very good compromise compared to classic weed, the only downsides not a great taste and in my case quite annoying stomach pains.

  • Translated from French drizzou
    First order on Shayana, a little skeptical at first despite the positive comments (you never know) Finally I told myself why not try, order received in 7 days (I live in Haute Savoie) I rolled a direct stick (1 or 2 pinch as advised) and paf! there I was amazed, it is nothing like a placebo that's for sure! Very pleasant effect (arrives 5min after the first puffs), it really relaxes and it lasts a good hour for me. The taste is not unpleasant either (that's what I feared the most) rather neutral or like a nat '; do not trust the smell that is closer to thyme / herbs of Provence ... The price may seem high but it is not very profitable (really do not put much it is useless) Only minus flat: there are very small bits of branches in the mix, to remove if not hole the leaf .. but nothing serious. In short, not at all disappointed I just ordered Barium and Deuterium to compare I will post my opinion as soon as I receive them. many thanks to Shayana for this solution;)

  • Translated from French Pierre
    very good product received in 1 week despite the bad weather ordered 6 * 3g and received 3g of barium and a grinder as a gift, thank you shayana

  • Translated from French Dubois
    Hello, in terms of effects, I let you read other comments, produced at the top. Getting stoned and big benefit at low doses keeps you active. Otherwise after having smoked this mixture several times, I tested on myself 1 saliva test, and 2 urine test, 6 drugs in total (including THC). Nothing, so product really interesting for people undergoing screenings for the job, or the road.

  • Translated from French Daniel
    simply the best of cannabis substitutes. To take however with caution because very powerful (much more than the original) delivery ???? 4 days Shayanna Invincible !!!

  • Translated from French Shy
    Magnificent !!!!!!! very goodmix this long lasting, delivery in 4 days long duration effect 1h30 to 2h super pleasant to smoke, very good experience much better than some sh ... Great for spending an evening of relaxation, thanks to Shayana.

  • Translated from French céline
    then the excellent !!!! a little skeptical when ordering product arrived on time and 1 st joint and BOUMMMMMM in our head too good just want to laugh or tape at your choice. equivalent to a very good weed which poses direct :) short I recommend it direct to lovers of weed and the top c is like the pizzeria next to the house delivered at home happiness what !!! ;)

  • Translated from French Alexis
    great but taste quickly squaring, tiring and stunning effect, not fan

  • Translated from French elodie
    the taste is pleasant the effects at the top level I can certify it, its lasts a little less long than cannabis my not much! the price and dear certainly my a small amount is enough to relax you serious

  • Translated from French jerome
    Received this day 6 days after the order, niquel packaging, more than roll a good bed, to try the product thank you shayanashop

  • Translated from French santos
    I received the package I was skeptical I got 3 good pure casing I admit that it's really not bad a very good effect if you want a little greenery to change the routine at chit I recommend

  • Translated from French yannick
    Very good product! Replace weed without problem Cool

  • Translated from French Antoine
    Just perfect, received in 5 days in my campaign, fruity scent and not unpleasant to smoke, the knockout is very real, like a very good w ** d. I highly recommend.

  • Frank
    The Return of the King! (much better than Tolkien's) Thank you to all the people who made possible the return of this amazing products.

  • Translated from German Daniel
    ingenious creation in aroma and taste very close to the real thing the 2 rounds go on so great effect

  • Translated from French julien
    good little weed that puts a good slap, no need for large dosage;)

  • Translated from Italian Gatto
    Beautiful and "clean", with no brutalizing effect but rather a speed effect (!), Crazy Slap before, but we got used to it very quickly (the other 2 smoked an hour after I did nothing or almost nothing). Maybe a little expensive though.

  • Translated from French Pavaneju
    Arrival well presented and fast. Effective product but I find it very chemical. It helps out when we haven't found what we really like, but it won't replace the good weed and its good dream happy !!!

  • Translated from French Jano
    Big smash for several hours, as promised. But be careful with the dosage; I put as much as if it were solid hash. Wrong dosage and bad trip guaranteed (stomach ache, spinning head, ants in the legs ...). Well dosed, it's great and equivalent to a good weed; on the other hand, odor not top and almost nonexistent taste. I advise, but again, pay attention to the dosage.

  • Translated from French julien
    Be careful with this product because even if the effects are there, it is composed of kanna and passionflower which can be fatal in the first sense of the term. Well done shayana nice mix.

  • Translated from French remy
    yeah really good it looks like the effect of the grass but in less time

  • Translated from French KingSnake
    Received 7 days after ordering, Good product which has the appearance and taste has nothing to do with weed. ...Cordially.

  • Translated from French TERRIER
    Frankly a word HARDCORE magnificent product, quantity respect, speed, frankly nothing to say, it's great and legal what better. Now I find my legal dealer.

  • Translated from German Tobias
    the best I have ever had .... Really great effect ..... I will become a regular customer ... I Love shanayashop ..... I am also mega wide ..... ????

  • Translated from French Lala
    Good product different from street products. It smashes but not the mm sensation. Too weird but terrible,a little expensive but good.

  • Translated from French Kevin87
    Great product, probably 100 times less bad for your health than what you buy at home. moreover for my part it allowed me to stop completely. from time to time I recommend on this site for parties or other. But if you want to stop smoothly and quickly. It's the best way.

  • Translated from French Clem007
    Absolutely not disappointed! I will resume!

  • Translated from French Richard
    A very good product !! the effect is the same and terribly longer ^^ thank you to Shayana for this speed of dispatch, I ordered it on Wednesday and received it this morning. thank you

  • Translated from German Kulzer
    No effect. Smoked a gram of pure in the plant and a 0.8 glass pot of pure. But no effect

Dutch Orange

Long Lasting

Dutch Orange Long Lasting produces a stronger body high which will stimulate your senses for a longer duration than other blends. This special blend of herbs keeps the euphoric vibe going and going.


Strong body high, psychoactive stimulation, sensory enhancement. Effects are best experienced in a positive mood and a comfortable setting.


Dutch Orange contains a special recipe of natural herbs and cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are the active ingredients that occur naturally in the Hemp (Cannabis sativa L) plant.