Trufas Mágicas

  • ALEX
    The order came very quickly and was very well packed. Impressed. The shrooms - I made a tea with around 15g - 20g, let them seep for 20 mins or so, drank the tea and ate the mushrooms. They kicked in fast. After about 20 mins I was giggling away listening to some trippy instrumental hip-hop. About 30 mins later and the visuals were well and truly on me. I went onto my balcony and watched the roof tops below undulating and pulsating, light was striking and colourful and shadows made for great watching. This continued to build to until about 3 hours in at which point I was fully immersed - big visuals (closed and open eye), heavy trip, music was profound, geometric shapes everywhere. I actually felt a need to call my dad (we haven't spoken in a long time) and talk to him. He loved that I'd chosen to call him and share the trip (he used to enjoy himself when he was younger) and we actually, over the course of an hour or so, managed to resolve a lot of our issues. I came down gradually and felt a profound sense of happiness and contentedness, like I'd achieved something really positive. It was a magical experience. I fell asleep listening to some very chilled beach music and let my mind wander into dreams. I booked train tickets to go see my dad this morning, it'll be the first time in 2 years. Overwhelmingly positive, thanks shrooms.

  • ...
    Disappointed :( I received the Hawaiian truffles ... Finally it was truffles ... Since there was no indication on it (it can be any what ...) I ate 1 package of 24 gr ... A geint ... And no visual effect, a cloudy wave ... Very light !! While these are the strongest normally ... And the most expensive ... In short disappointed.

  • Translated from German Elwe
    Mae govannen, longing for the sun! My friend, my spirit, my existence .. Thank you for the trip. So the experience with these beings was the most beautiful thing I have seen in this time! And I saw a lot, a lot of good and what it is worth living for and still had to see so much bad, but I can truly say that this is paradise where people always dream and put their hope. About half an hour after I took it, I realized they should be called something else. I call it "longing for the sun". Since I felt like this subterranean mushroom (truffle), the first time they got here and that he wanted out of the plastic and then after I did that allied with me, and the name became clear when I first saw the sun saw when I was out. So if you really want to have a feeling for hope, love and happiness, get this truffle and go into nature far from people and LIVE !! I would like to thank the shayanashop team from the bottom of my soul !! Save our nature !!! -Elwe Oronar

  • ...
    NO !!! If it takes 10 kg to start feeling anything, it must be said in the description of the product.

  • Translated from French Steeven
    Huge!!! I'm still in effect and it's a killing. I move my legs like a corner and my friend dances like a trout on the bed on Dope Dope. Delivery in one week kraft envelope nickel discrete! Caught around 4:00 am, climb a little hard but just a little oinj, a few beers and puff miracle! My lips melted xD my tongue was nonexistent and the wall swelled. I have crazy revelations about the reactions and psychology of life, etc ... it is 9 of the morning it's hot to sleep! Thank you Shayana!

  • Translated from French Mad
    Youpi it happened! I ordered last Sunday and 4 days later a small package was waiting in the mailbox =) tip top arrived before the wkend as expected =) A big thank you for your seriousness and your professionalism

  • Translated from Italian Gaetano
    Really fantastic, all the while we laughed like crazy, the colors were brighter and I even saw a dragon in front of the house !! Ps: and it was only a medium dosage! ;)

  • Translated from French
    Hello, I tested this product twice, and frankly it was a success, I took 15 - 20 ga each time, 30 minutes later I felt something strange in my stomach, forced to lie down time that her pass, 10 min later it was over and she left for several hours of trip, it's huge, crazy laughs just uncontrollable, really nice visuals, huge puffs of pure happiness, to take in a serene setting, plan your day because if you go out people will notice your pupils completely disproportionately: p. The bomb ! To order and recommend. Thank you shayana :)

  • Translated from French Johan
    WOAW! The biggest trip of my life! I took these shrooms with my best friend, packet divided into 2, each his share, about 10 gr each. 1h after ingesting them, the visual effects started, the light became brighter, our phone screens began to shine. We decided to put on some music, and there we left, the 2 of us, the climb was fabulous, I had the feeling that my body was ejecting my soul through the mouth, it was splendid !! 6 hours of non-stop trip! To take in a place where you feel good, especially not to take it in the idea of going out afterwards, stay warm, put on a good crazy movie or listen to GOOD music and let yourself be transported!

  • Pali
    First I've tried about 5g, next remaining 17g. I felt a bit dizzy and relaxed like I would be drunk a bit, but nothing unusual. Maybe it was because of influence of antidepressant medication I am taking.

  • Translated from French BRUNETTE
    too classy I ate I waited 2 hours I took the mushrooms and 30 minutes later visual effects giggles because I was touching the material from my boyfriend's top and I found it too sweet 25 minutes of laughing for nothing etc ... nothing to say I laughed a lot

  • Translated from Italian Cubista
    Wow! Crazy times! We took 11g each. 3-4 hours of laughter and pictures. Very intense at first, the hallucinations were open and closed. We had a great time with shadows on the sconces and dancing. I heard a "WOW", euphoria, ecstasy of it abound!

  • Translated from Italian Magus
    He was cheerful and colorful at the beginning. Then came the strong part and it was like an experience under the LSD. Everything, from visual perception to your thoughts, was literally dissolved! : P

  • andy
    Super clean, super high. I tested them on about 20g and they were tremendous. Next night it took 40g's to rock it. I'm going again!

  • David
    1st truffels I'd ever done me and my mate had 11g Each wasn't sure what expect But these things were brilliant, no hallucinations, Just a complete eutrophic feeling, basically felt Like the best pill I'd ever had it was awesome. The come Up was immense just had to ride tht out but afterwards Probably my best night on drugs to do date. Will be ordering more, delivery and everything from this Place was top notch, Thank you

  • Mohamed
    Got my results today. Accepted into university 10g of this = a bliss.

  • Amy
    There were 6 of us and we took 11 grams each and didn't get any visuals, was a pleasant feeling but quite an insular stoned type feeling of euphoria rather than energetic and trippy. I have taken mushrooms and truffles on several occassions before but always a little reserved as to not taking too much as have tripped badly before but I would just take a whole 22g next time. Or make tea?! See if thats any better... Was very pleasant though :)

  • jeane
    visuals, fun, inner calm, happiness. we were 4 of us out in the woods, each one of us did whatever he/she liked and we were able to drift one another to each other's trip.

  • Stuart
    I took all 22g's of these in one hit, just popped them in my mouth and hey... welcome to fun land. Not for the inexperienced user or first timer but wow!!!! Amazing visuals and enhanced colours.... I've just ordered more to share with friends

  • Chris
    we had 15 gram each, consumed as part of a picnic, some laughter and fun after like one hour, but no outer-space-mind-traveling or hallucinations, after a couple of hours we took another 8 gram each, but still not more than some laughing, quite a waste of money, not the expected effects

  • Francisco
    Wow. Crazy times. We took 11g each. 3-4 hours of laughter and visuals. Very intense at first, and hallucinations were open and close-eyed. After turning off the lights and lighting candles, we had a great time with shadows on the wall and dancing lights. Feelings of "WOW", euphoria and ecstasy abound!

  • Mr
    This is a review not just for the product, but for Shayana... they ship the items quickly and professionally sealed. I am a happy customer and vow for their honesty and professional dealings... in fact, I will definitely be buying a lot more from them forever. They have a customer for life (as long as they continue their good work)!

    Super effect , we took it with friends, 6hours of full laugh ! We discovered the house from another side, everything stuff had a new life !! I recommend it a lot xx

  • Fields
    Even thought I needed more from these islanders..( I ate about 12 grms) I enjoyed about 2hours,of full spectrum audio visual program,with a very good sound too! extremely pleasant truffles!

  • Instigator
    2 friends of mine and I took 15 gramms of these bad boys and 1 gramm of Golden Teacher each and had a very pleaseant, colorful, optical, insighful and philosophical experience. Of course we have a lot experince with shroomz, for 1st timers 10 -15 gramm should be perfect ;) Highly recommended - besides the hollandia strain the best truffels out there

  • Matthew
    First of all thank you, the delivery was super fast, they come within four days to the uk, didnt expect them so quick, these shroom were the best I've had really enjoyed the experience and best of all the next morning I was fresh as a daisy. Again thank you shayana shop

  • Christopher
    Perfect feeling amazing stuff, 14g per person and u r good to go!!

  • Ives
    I have been travelling on psilocybe on a lot of occasions but last nights first-time-experiment with the tampelandia was absolutely the best one I have done so far. Took the 22 gr portion on an empty stomach. The onset was fast. From about 20 min after ingestion it came on and around 45 min I was travelling without moving. No geometric shapes but colourfull patterns in about everything I looked at for the first hour, did lot's of body movement (stretching and bending) very intense laughing at thoughts I really needed to laugh at and great great joy in listening to some of my favourite music. Philosophical journeys through the universe are fun too on occasion but can be a bit stressy (and on this session I did have a few deep thoughts and got some confirmation that I was going in the right direction with some aspects of my life I was doubting about), but most of all this session was intensly relaxing, just enjoying the colours and patterns and waves of laughter. Used media: Akshan (Adagio For The Braves), Deadmouse (Cthulhu Sleeps), Ott (Skylon) and the Road to the Multiverse episode of Family Guy.

  • Keely
    These are excellent trippy truffles, had us going for about 4-5 hours, would highly recommend and will definately use again!!

  • Abalecole
    Quite nice product. Been eating around 16g and had a couple very soft visuals. Been laughing a lot. Colors seemed to be more intense. For a real trip I think it's better to eat the all pack, maybe in 2 times.

  • Kiriya
    Took about 15 grams with four friends. We had them in a chilled out with some music and a few drinks didn't get visuals but had a nice feeling witch came on in waves should have took more but one of my friends was a first timer and we didn't have enough. Just reorderd 80 grams of here for next time. Thanks shayanashop 🍄😘

  • Flora
    I was wrong for what I written in the preview feedback. I had no effects when I ate 10 grams.. but the day after I took 22 grams and I flied! <3 I recomand this kind of product.. now I try ALL the other type of truffles! Thanks a lot Shayana Shop! The shipping was very fast and I received the product soon and all okay! THANKSSSSSS <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Joseph
    Delivery took 8 working days to ireland. Discrete package. Last time it only took 5 days. Love shayana shop and I love these truffles. Took the whole pack on an empty stomach and within a hour and a half was tripping heavy. Bliss, peaceful, flowing patterns, tracers, fractals and mich more. Another pack would be a heroic dose. Enjoy

  • Steven
    Very impressed. Hadn't tripped in about 20 years, so figured half a bag. When I couldn't feel much after an hour I decided to neck the rest... Excellent trip, serious visuals, much more so than I ever remember from shrooms. The following week I took the other bag, Atlantis I think, made tea from them - used a cafetiere, couple of herbal tea bags, crushed truffles and made sure to use water OFF the boil. 20 minutes brewing, ate residue after drinking, got way more intense trip this time, visuals were in a different league to anything I've tried, really amazing, though not scary. I sat on a quiet bit of beach near sunset, just sat for a few hours before going home. Highly recommend. Discreet, prompt shipping too.

  • Alex
    Very good stuff. I enjoy this even more than the Hawaiian shrooms. Everything was so alive and vivid.

  • Sean
    What an experience! Was plugged straight into another reality. Infinitely dividing geometric patterns resplendent with the most beautiful colours. Had to wonder if this is not what the quantum physicists are looking for... Opens channels in the mind. Sean

  • Jimmy
    Very good stuff! only had 11g each and it was a very nice trip! very funny, jumping from topic to topic that really didnt make no sense ))) smoked alot of weed, and ate too much fruits and nuts. reccomended!

  • Brad
    Good product. Need to ingest alot, took 22 gs made into a tea the experience is clean and insightful with spectacular visuals. Recommended to try also would suggest 10g for a beginner.

  • Translated from German Ned
    Hi everyone: p First delivery I ordered on Sundays and on Fridays in the morning I had it perfect. So I did it with my girlfriend and a friend we did a long walk through the woods. At the beginning of our tour the colleague and I ate 11g each my girlfriend approx. 7. I took 11 because I already had experience with mushrooms. I thought it would be so bad anyway xD wrongly said? After about 15 minutes it started and everything started to morph and the colors became really intense and glowed really crass. 30 minutes an extremely oppressive feeling came over me in the forest and everything became a bit much everywhere I saw shapes and patterns that moved It was really extreme how intense the turn was something I did not know before. Only tried mushrooms. When the first overwhelming had abated it was really cool. We ran around in the blizzard for 2 1/2 hours and never stopped laughing. In a tour without a break I had sore muscles the next day ?? When the blizzard had subsided and the sun came out, everything was shining and looked like licked. I've never seen anything so beautiful. When we arrived at home and it suddenly became warm, it really started again. We switched on the light and we just stood there and couldn't keep our mouth shut. I saw rainbows in pastel colors flowing all over the ceiling and suddenly the most beautiful colors could be imagined. It was indescribable I couldn't say anything anymore I couldn't get out of amazement. So always the best trip of my life! Thanks shayana!

  • Translated from German Marco
    So the Hawaiian friends have once again completely convinced! Really great day in the forest with cool optics, deep-seated thoughts and connection to the "creator code" - thank you!

  • Translated from Italian Robby
    Unfortunately, with these mushrooms, I had a bad trip for the first time! I had had very dark dreams the night before and when I took these mushrooms the sense of terror increased and multiplied. I advise everyone to take these truffles in a moment of peace and tranquility with themselves. I noticed that compared to other mushrooms (dynamite dragons), they are more controlled and the cold colors are much more accentuated, moreover they dig you deep into the unconscious, and you prefer solitude. I prefer truffles like the dynamite dragons in which the colors are warmer and brighter and fill you with a euphoria that goes from the inside of the overseas mind and body.

  • Translated from French Silverback
    Nice !!! I started slowly with a little pinch that relaxed me, last night I wanted to try a bigger dose to go to bed and actually it went to bed directly !!! Level of taste it is not worth the good b but in troubleshooting it is great ... I recommend for those looking for the effects.

  • Translated from French Bastian
    A semblance of a climb and then nothing! However, I am not a heavy consumer, it is only the 3rd time in my life that I use it. I will instead buy a kit. Very disappointing experience indeed!

  • Translated from German lemonsquezzy
    Really good trip I've seen patterns and colors with closed eyes ^^ but this type of truffle is the most disgusting thing I've ever eaten: D

  • Translated from German Marco
    Thanks Shayana, as always great quality :)

  • Translated from French A
    A little disappointed: for 22g I expected to feel something more pronounced. I had slight visus ie more intense colors and some distortions (you had to concentrate to find them). A little mental but not enough for the dose for my taste. After 2 hours I noticed that it was no longer going to go up and I felt a feeling of frustration. Fortunately I had 20g of Dragon's that I swallowed and my trip was saved: feelings of well-being and love, intense laughter; and above all realization that other dimensions exist. To see the other comments, some people are satisfied with these Hawaiians, but me they do not suit me. I imagine those who enjoy them are more looking for a little cushy trip that they can handle and possibly intensify with weed (I haven't tried). I would not recommend them but would not advise against them either, everyone is receptive to their varieties. The key is to try everything and see how your body reacts. Sometimes we have good surprises when we least expect it. Peace the psychonauts

  • Translated from Samoan piquery
    12 grams each for me and my cousin guaranteed travel in space all afternoon warning: amateur refrain

  • Translated from German Leif
    Hi guys! I have tried some mushrooms and truffles and I was satisfied with them. I ate all 22 g, which I noticed later! It started relatively late, but my stomach wasn't completely sober either. After an hour there was some green herb as a booster and then the effects started fully! Pure energy followed by pretty visions. Later I got a little tired and it was almost comatose. For the first time had a little stomach upset and coming down was also relatively hard. But a little herb helps against this. Overall, a very lively trip, but especially inexperienced psychonauts should have respect and not necessarily eat all 22 g at once. Have fun Cooper

  • Translated from French klaes
    Very good product a box at 2 is 30 min after we could appreciate the effects, the faces of our friends found there was a cave in the room the lighter colors of people giant a good evening overall make sure you have abstinent friends who go into delirium! Delivery within 1 week

  • Translated from French juju
    2nd time I buy it and it's always so disappointing with a little barely hallucinogenic effect. Frankly nothing like the Dragon Dynamite who will send you singing in the kozzmozz :-)

  • Translated from German Kaltenecker
    This product was more than SUPER ... It met my expectations exactly ... Viusal Effects, Good Feelings, Just awesome ... I would buy it again immediately.

  • Translated from German Mark
    Excellent goods. Visually very strong and enormously increasing for the well-being. The High Hawaiins are definitely my favorite truffles. Absolute recommendation from me and thanks to Shayana that you are always available to me.

  • Translated from German Hawaiian
    Stayed here 1.5 weeks after ordering. Eat 11 grams on an empty stomach after a very busy day. The first 3 hours of the total happy trip (all the other cosmonauts were very happy), followed by 3 hours of confusion and brain goulash. All in all the trip was very pleasant with a lot of laugh flashes! I would do it again.

  • Translated from German Johann
    These were the first psychodelica I tried and so far the best. first you get a crystal clear HD and a bit of wide-angle optics afterwards, then it gets warm in the abdomen and the field of vision warps so extremely and the balance and attraction perception is so turned upside down. you feel when you get up long and tall, about 3 meters tall and the table next to you is hammer deep down. ultra funny, then sat down and eyes closed slightly, because the body melted completely between the chair. I found the feeling so extremely funny that I laughed my head off. if you close your eyes completely, you're off on a journey. Abolut by far the first and best trip.

  • Translated from German Jessica
    Good solid truffles. Make you in a good mood and laughing. But not so well suited for optics. Still recommendable, you definitely have a very, very funny evening

  • Translated from French Ziiz
    Not disappointed with the purchase. We shared the 20g in pairs, taken in mint green tea. 30 minutes later, a feeling of sliding into something different sets in ... The walls and objects breathe, undulate, the room is alive. The colors intensify, the light becomes more vivid and energetic. The visual sensations are enormous, the face of my friend seems to change into an animal ... 3 hours of good sensations with a little paranoia anyway (I felt from time to time a threat in the shadows, but it manages well by focusing on other trips), then 3 hours of giggles watching the other's trip;) Thank you Shayana, I will recommend!

  • Translated from Samoan Rumen
    Real shooting men once ridden the hellhound and been rewarded with the healing power of mushrooms ... Nothing for Kinda wa

  • Translated from French Silverback
    Hawaiian Truffles II, the return. This time a whole package went through it all at once, it was less difficult to chew than I thought. Always so digestible, clean and quality. And frankly the taste is great. ONLY for those who have lived (stamps, drops, mdm, pey '...) and who do not have a cotton swab template: Go frankly in mono, it's very soft. It's really "organic taz", but without any price to pay: no descent to manage, no weird extras in the composition, the body does not cry out for help ... very nice if it's caught in this spirit there. With a paxon we feel more concentration: working throat, the places of the lamb's lettuce that almost taste like egg yolk like a patch ... we are much better than with 10-15 gr. Harmless on the mental side, but on the nervous side it's great. The plateau arrives very quickly and it is very efficient. Experience has suggested that I chew only one paxon, but I would have had to take two in one go to get something beefy. I write all this hot, on the set (I specify). Very manageable. I think I can get over it while waiting for the practical side, but manage it with 40gr. For "shamanism" I will turn to the grow kit and find combat spore.

  • Translated from French juju
    Frankly it does not break 3 legs to a duck while for a little less there are the Dragon Dynamites which deboit much more at all levels. Frankly I now know the truffle that suits me and not this stew sold more expensive for less effect :(

  • Translated from German E.
    So I panicked to take them because I only stoned so far. But it was awesome laughing bottle without end I was just very good and funny

  • Wanda
    Really intense experience! But careful, it is quite strong and you should be in a save and beautiful setting with people you trust! Also very fast shipping! Thank you Shayana-Shop, you are the best!

  • Rumen
    Echte Ballermänner einmal den Höllenhund geritten und belohnt worden mit der Heilsamen Kraft der Pilze ... Nix für Kinda wa

  • harsharon
    Amazing customer service super quick delivery truffles of high quality couldnt ask for more would highly recommend to all can't wait to purchase different products in future!!

  • Jan
    Kannte die Trüffel bereits und bin voll zufrieden^^ Trip ist jetzt schon ne Weile her Denkt dran dass die Trüffel schnell schlecht werden wenn ihr sie aufbewahren wollt, friert sie besser ein! Ich habs nämlich erst vergessen und hatte keine Chance sie einzufrieren, weil ich noch bei Mama wohne So kams dazu dass ich zwei Tage hintereinander meinen Spaß hatte :D Hab ganz alleine getrippt aber zwischendurch mit einer Freundin geschrieben zu der ich zur Not hätte gehen können Wollte ich aber garnicht, da ich die Trüffel mit dem Gedanken genommen habe mehr über mich selbst zu erfahren und ich gelesen habe, dass das alleine am besten geht Das kann ich bestätigen! Sollte man aber nur mit genug Erfahrung ausprobieren und wenn man im Leben auch alleine mit zB Panikattacken klar kommen kann. Hatte zum Glück nur eine kurze Panik als ich dachte mein Kater hat über meinen Schweiß was von den Trüffeln abbekommen Ob das möglich ist, weiß ich nicht Aber ich geh da lieber auf nummer sicher, auch wenn mein kater traurig deswegen war weil er teil von meinen Emotionen sein wollte und nicht verstehen konnte warum ich ihn nicht zu mir lies Hat er aber gut verkraftet haha So traurig war er dann doch nicht als ich mich den Tag danach um ihn gekümmert hab^^ Det Trip hatte es so richtig in sich hab währenddessen auch ab und zu gekifft, was den Trip zwar verstärkt hat an sich auch cool war Aber was ich beim nächsten mal nicht machen werde Hatte das Gefühl ohne gras könnte ich den Trip nochmal mehr geniessen Der trip hat mein leben deutlich verändert Ich versteh Dinge mitlerweile ganz anders.. der Nebel um vieles ist verschwunden, soals wäre ich älter geworden und habe nun einen klareren Blick auf die Dinge.. Vielen vielen Dank dafür Shayana!!:) Beim nächsten mal werd ich mir Zauberpilze bestellen aber damit lass ich mir noch etwas Zeit um den Trip zu verarbeiten. Die Seite ist top! Super Angebot und Lieferzeit. ^^ Werde erneut hier bestellen

  • margot
    I had a bad trip with those. The regular dose might have been too much for me. I felt really nauseous, things were spiraling in front of me like when you're really really drunk, then I had the feeling of going crazy for real, (bad) sensations in my body were greatly enhanced, my body was moving on its own, my thinking and sense of reality was blocked. So know it's not for everybody, I guess you gotta be in really good mental and physical form.

  • BongoBong
    Fuck Yeaah! This stuff is amazing, great visual effects! woow! Me and my friend took each 22g and we where trippin so FUCKING HARD! Give it a try guys ! ;))

  • Andrea
    Took 10-12g and shared the rest with a friend, such a wonderful feeling, I've felt another person at the end of the trip, I've experienced "Personal bias suppression" that has enlighted me on the life that I was living, the next day I was almost a zombie (mostly because I was shocked by the deep experience) but I've recovered fast Thanks Shayana, you've changed my life

  • Yoan
    Very good effects

  • Amale
    I received my order after 4 days. we took 8g each with some friends, we stayed at home surrounded by trippy painting. We laughed alot, everything was moving beautifully, we had the best time. Thank you shayanashop.

  • Translated from German Maximilian
    After about 1 week everything arrived that I ordered (Austria). At the beginning I made very little of the mixture together with tobacco. Then I smoked with a buddy. After only a few minutes I was able to experience a cannabis-like effect. After about 15min-20min the effect reached its peak. Euphoria, riot flash, good lanue and a pleasant high that lasted for hours. You have to be careful not to take too much because the stuff is really very strong and you can overdose quickly. Nevertheless, clear purchase recommendation for noise lovers. Am satisfied!

  • Translated from German Symphatisch:)
    It was indescribable 10 grams of it and you are just totally high. You just see how wonderful the world can be & experience so much fun with one or 2 friends my first mushroom trip .. These were these! It makes you think what a mushroom does to you; p We had a good setting in the forest at around 1:00 p.m. with blankets eating water everything you need, even pillows! It was a dream * - * Ate 3 hours before & I didn't even have a weak stomach or anything! Any time! But for me as a beginner it was a bit crass because I could hardly control the trip .. But left to everyone! It was awesome! Shayana? always happy haha;); p

  • Translated from German volkan
    So these truffles are awesome! We took 6 of them in the forest, each took 16 g. The truffles started to work differently for everyone, for me it was about 35 minutes and then it started !! ?? First thousands of colors started to dance in front of my eyes, after 20 min I was shown a lot, in philosophical white !! Escape Babylon !!!!!! People who cry and cry nature, these truffles show you the real thing! ! But the mood is not pulled down, you are the positive person! Good luck all in one package. I recommend this truffle to everyone, it is a gateway to a world full of enlightenment, knowledge and love! LG ?? ps: That was my first experience with truffle? A big thank you to shayana !!

  • Translated from French Lex
    Good product. Taken with my best friend, the 22g infusion (about 11g each so) before going to the evening. Good quiet pole for me, good in sound and in a very good mood, good visuals, very colorful but without distortions. My best friend had stronger effects. In the end, it's not worth Hawaiian mushrooms, but very good trip. To try again with a stronger dose.

  • Translated from German Jan
    Only rate service & reliability here & it is great. All items have arrived & correspond to 100% of the item description It takes about 10 days for the items to arrive between the time I thought the customs clawed them .... NE he didn't: P vg. Jan

  • Translated from German Gennadi
    13 grams was enough to put me in a spiritual and philosophical mindset. I didn't really have bold visuals. Truffles taste a thousand times better than mushrooms.

  • Translated from French Alex
    MAGNIFICENT!! Great experience, no bad, everything is beautiful, I recommend it with friends, a good campfire, but especially to do at night with starry sky, just magnificent!

  • Translated from French sebastien
    Yi howly ho! 8g rapid and gradual rise: saliva, euphoria, distortion of the marshmallow mode decor, ultra gamma ray colorimetry, good sound in the head. Every step every breath is part of the trip in ultra full HD the 5 senses at the cleat! Personally, that was enough to triumph 2/3 hours with in the final meeting with Bambi in the fields: p

  • Translated from Italian Amami
    The absolutely fantastic substance, the best we've had since Shayana. Me and 5 friends had a bag each on my narrow boat and there was a cracking night, I strongly recommend fasting for 3 hours or so, as they strike you right away, then. Thanks again to everyone at shayanashop!

  • Translated from Italian Mihai
    We tried them but in the end they were nothing, we were made like with the grass (only more awake) and at a certain point we laughed and burst into tears, the rest nothing so special but a good one (dosage average).

  • piquery
    12 grammes chacun pour moi et mon cousin voyage garantie dans l espace toute l'après-midi attention: amateur s'abstenir

  • djabalu
    let me make it short. Just unbelievable clean and highly recommendable. 16 gr per person is all we needed.

  • snorkelshins
    Wow, absolutely fantastic stuff, the best we've had from Shayana. Me and 5 friends had a bag each on my narrow boat and had a cracking night, I definitely recommend fasting for 3 hours or so as they hit you straight away then. Thanks again to all at Shayana

  • Aiva
    A trip I didn't expect! As it said everywhere online, the effects should have started approx 40 mins to 1 hour after consuming. It started like 10 or 15 minutes in, was not ready for that! The trip lasted for about 4 hrs, not too much visuals but a lot of intense feelings and all the oppressed thoughts came up on the surface. Felt all kinds of emotions. Thank you, shayanashop! The shipping was fast and discreet as well.

  • Grace
    Going to make this short. Did the whole 22 grams. Amazing, never laughed so much, visuals were out of this world, very intense and spiritual. Highly recommend.

  • Corky!
    Exellent Mushrooms, Exellent Service. Took the full packet on empty stomach. Came up really fast, very intense trip. Really happy feeling with these mushrooms can be turned into pure bliss if you know what you're doing. Great insights and visuals. Smooth peaceful come down. 10 out of 10. Enjoy :)

  • Translated from French clairet
    I took 6gr of dragon's dynamite in addition to 8gr of this product ..! Up after an hour for a more than funny trip with a new technology, I saw the TV in 4d, magnificent color effects with closed eyes, a fit of giggles while being aware of my actions. An experience without regrets, and to be repeated in the evening with friends.

  • Translated from French Ayahuasca-BMS
    1 bag and a wonderful world opens up before your eyes, unparalleled happiness and giggles that can't be any more! A real pleasure of relief and well-being, with a little over-excitement in the head completely euphoric! Small advice to help pass the pill with the taste of these not very tasty truffles: Eat your knowledge after 4 hours of fasting accompanied by a piece of dark chocolate at least 80% cocoa so as not to add too much sugar to your body and the full-bodied side of dark chocolate will mask the taste well! Have a nice trip !

  • Translated from German Marco
    what a fat trip! I totally underestimated the truffles :-) No longer happens to me :-D Thanks! Geeeeilll :-D

    1 bag of Hawaiian in tea + 14 fresh hoogshageeni mushrooms take me to a level 5 . I already understand the concepts of ego death and satori enlightenment . I already believe that I was death and live a soo real death experience. Soo hard but very constructive . Soo much different this combination from others. Thanks shayanashop

  • Italo
    your mind is your spaceship, buy it and enjoy. 10 to 15 gr is enough. I ate 30 gr but was waste. 10 to 15 is enough

  • fragga
    Hello, Thank you Shayana for great quality and fast shippment. These truffles deliver !!! Actualy much more than we expected !! We were three, two experienced users, one with high tolerance, and one beginner. We all took 22g each. For two of us, it was too strong, the effect being stronger than 1g classic hawaians. So I recommend to all of you to, even experienced users to start with 15g or less to test your tolerance. We experienced intense visual trips, that were not as "clear" as with classic hawaians and therefore two of us were very confused feeling bad for most of the trip, "too much was happening at the same time" making the trip difficult to enjoy. Appart from that great product, I will buy more, but will take less, and will enjoy even more :) Trip well !

  • Bob
    This was my first trip for quite a few years. Took the full 22 grms on an empty stomach. 20 mins and i was flying! Very intense trip. Amazing visuals! Eyes closed with some relaxing music music playing was definitely the best part of the experience. Some amazing insights! Joy, Happiness and beauty 100 times more intense than you could possibly feel in a normal state of mind. These little fellas are the real deal. I prefer as intense a trip as possible but i would imagine 10 grams would give you a great experience as these little beauties are quite potent. Completely let go and you will have an amazing time. Loving Shayana Shop! :)

  • Nick
    The shipping time is the only issue with these truffles. It tooked 5 days just to get payment done, and then 8 days for the packed to arrive. But when all that is said, is High hawaiians psilocybe a good beginner trip for those who never tried truffles, shrooms and more. Not for shroom Lovers and acid heads <3 :) Happy face is on when it starts to it ends with these truffles, not and continued laugh in 8, 10 or 12 hours.(it's never a good feeling laugh constaly if u feel to traped in ur own head if it's a new experience) Ur happy, and the visuelle it's a Nice and harmless start. Peoples head looked like they had robo skin from old space games. All around u the Wall, tv or what u look at getting more 'pulsive' and moving a little bit back and forth up and Down. Best Way to explain ;) Not all aggresive and evil. make u remember ur first truffle trip with good memorise and a new awesome Way to experience things different. My personale trip score: 3 out of 6 trip pills gets it because it's a harmless trip with a lot of fun :) Take care and do it as a Real tripper

  • Angelina
    It was joyfull and colorfull in the beginning.Then the strong part started and it was like a LSD experience.Everything,from your visual perceptive to your own thoughts, was litteraly melting.

  • wanted4500
    First experience with this one, really cool and delivery extra fast, 3 days took to Germany ;) I was expecting more but i enjoyed :) Thank you shayanashop team ;)

  • Stijn
    When I looked to whatever kind of screen or book, the writing was really in rainbowcolours, it was cool but I mixed it with Molly

    first i need to say that shayana is very honest and international shipping to south america arrived whitin 10 days after place my order. very discreet and exelent products. Me and one friend prepare a tea crushing the mushrooms in the pack whit a teaspoon. from 1 bag of 20 gr i extract 3 tea cups in spaces of 15 minutes every one. The trip was quick , around 30 minutes i was traveling to other universe. Very insane i cannot manage the time and the order of things. The lights get a brighter and coulored tone and a high need of laugh. I recomend this to everyone. thanks shayana

  • Translated from French Allan
    very nice product and very powerful visually! fast shipment from you, I recommend it to all! thank you shayana.

High Hawaiians

Psilocybe Tampelandia

High Hawaiians, also known as Psilocybe Tampelandia, are the strongest magic truffle available. This truffle for experienced users and produces the ultimate psychedelic experience.


The effects will start to kick in 30 to 45 minutes after consuming the truffles. You will experience an overwhelming feeling of euphoria, closeness, empathy and creativity. It is also very common to experience strong visual hallucinations and a vibrant body high.


Effects last 4 to 6 hours and expire gradually.
Start with a light dose and listen to your body.


7 - 10 grams
10 - 15 grams
15-22 grams


The effects work best on an empty stomach. Chewing well and long enhances the effects and making a tea (no sugar) also works well. For the best mushroom experience, please make sure that you feel good, positive vibes in a comfortable and safe setting. It is also very important that you take the correct dose and if possible, we recommend having a sober person or ‘trip sitter’ present.


Fresh truffles should be stored in the fridge between 2 to 3 weeks maximum. The best temperature is 2º-8º Celsius. DO NOT freeze the truffles or they will lose all their strength. If you want to keep them longer you have to dry them. After you dry your truffles (you can try using a heating mat), you can keep them for up to 6 months, kept in a closed box/bag in a cool dry place.