Desmanthus Illinoensis

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    Desmanthus Illinoensis

    Desmanthus illinoensis is a perennial weed legume growing from .3 to 1 meter tall. It has fern-like leafed branches and produces N-DMT in its root bark.

    Other names for Desmanthus illinoensis are Bundle Flower, Illinois Bundle Weed, and Prairie Bundleflower.

    When smoked, this plant has a psychedelic effect on your body. It starts to work in about 20 seconds after smoking and lasts around 10 minutes.

    Reported effects:
    - short duration
    - immersive experiences
    - intense open eye visuals and kaleidescopic patterning
    - powerful “rushing” of sensation
    - radical perspective shifting
    - profound life-changing spiritual experiences