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The Capsule Machine

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The Capsule Machine

With this small but very effective machine you can easily fill capsules with your own blend of herbs and powder. It can make 24 capsules within a couple of seconds. Simply fill the machine with capsules, spread your blend over the capsules, place the other half of the machine on top and your capsules are ready in no time.

Select from 2 types of Capsule Machines:
- "0" fills up to approximately 500mg per capsule.
- “00" fills up to approximately 650mg per capsule.


The Capsule Machine comes with a desiccant bag to keep the gelatin capsules free from humidity. Take the bag out of the plastic and place it in the same airtight container as your gelatin capsules.


The Capsule Machine consists of:
- Base, stand and top
- White spread card
- Tamper