Ervas Naturais

Wild Lettuce - Lactuca Virosa

  • Translated from French Florian
    Unbelievable, I strongly recommend it and especially to cut it with a VG without aroma without nicotine, guaranteed economy + total control of the liquid! I specify VG because the energy vape is very liquid ...

  • Translated from French nb
    No, nothing no effect when smoking it. It is almost comparable to herbs of Provence!

  • Mkay
    Not so good when smoked. I smoked few joints and in the bong and just a little relaxed feeling. But then I made tea from wild lettuce, alice's wonder mix and wild dagga flowers and that realy worked.

  • Translated from French Sylvain
    Not to smoke is a waste of time. Try an infusion.

  • Translated from French LN
    Ben frankly, different effect depending on the dosage .. but very pleasant ... I like the effect !!!!! it breaks well ..

  • Dwayne
    I havn't bought this from here, I bought it someplace else, but I highly recommend it. Personally, I think it is MUCH better smoked from a bong rather than a pipe, I used to smoke it from a pipe and felt nothing. Bought a bong recently and now I get the full effects. Really helps me to get a good nights sleep, I used to suffer from insomnia but now I smoke Wild Lettuce and it is amazing.

  • Translated from German gerrit
    This stuff is really cool. as soon as you mix it into the tea (I'm not a smoker) eat the effect quite funny. In the end: you have to try it

  • Translated from German marc
    Does not work for me but just smoked as a tobacco substitute but is also not recommended tastes of straw xd but think that I just jump on it does not work with any of these herbs XDD

  • Translated from German DocTari
    I'm not convinced of the herb, but it only works very, very weakly for me ;-) Too bad actually ;-)

  • Translated from German mila
    The secret tip is making tea and not smoking works much better and safer and you sleep super not really opium-like but something so happy and as soon as it works and you lie down you quickly sleep away

  • Translated from French Swannou
    I like it

  • Translated from Italian Luca
    good bitter pear

  • Translated from Italian Luca
    really good

  • Translated from German immo
    phew .... that's stupid shit, we whistled in the stuff, my buddy got stuck, immediately became impotent. was almost unresponsive for almost 10 minutes, pushed all the panic, the emergency doctor had to resuscitate him because his lungs had bitten .... the other one was a bit better .... but vomited blood. well ....

  • Translated from German Don
    That was completely a letdown. I smoked the toxic cos with tobacco through my bong. And I have to say I didn't notice a bit and I puffed at least 11 heads. So Leutz don't touch it and buy mushrooms.

  • Translated from German Tobi
    brings nothing

  • Translated from French b3
    Weird, not very good. I smoked over a gram of this stuff, limit half the box, and ... Nothing.

  • Translated from French Guillaume
    I review my judgment ... smoking is not bad, it breaks well without getting high and excellent sexual stimulant ....

Wild Lettuce

Lactuca Virosa

Wild Lettuce is also known as lettuce opium, although its effect is much weaker than opium.

However, its effects do resemble those of opium. Like opium, wild lettuce also influences the central nervous system. Depending on the amount taken, the effects range from a euphoric and relaxed feeling to a painkilling, numbing effect.


Overall effects are dreaminess and a sleepy feeling. The herb can be taken pure, but can also be combined with other herbs to enhance the effect.


Wild lettuce can be smoked. Do not exceed the maximum daily dose of 1 gram.


Wild Lettuce (Lactuca virosa) - 100 grams (shredded)