Dutch Orange

Dutch Orange - MULTIPACK

  • Translated from French Nicolas
    Cool, it's really nice to have such an alternative, especially since even the least powerful, the flower, does not leave you indifferent. This kind of material also allows the seeds bought here to grow quietly ...;) having passed the 1st time of the 1st harvests, I have more than enough to choose from :) If these products are welcome and accommodating, it it is preferable to consume the most natural products over time. And the choice offered here is more than enough (one of the current stars [déc.2018] being the NothernLight [Auto] which I enjoy happily). In memory of the time when these products had totally disappeared from this site ... :( (permanently marked! :))

  • Translated from Italian Thomas
    I recommend it to try various blends for the first time! Overall all good but some more up to you! Congratulations to the shop are on the 3rd order always good! Super reliable and close in case of need!

Dutch Orange


Enjoy the sensation and accept no imitation! Now you can try 4 of the best selling Dutch Orange herbal blends at an amazing price for a limited time only.

Includes 14g of Dutch Orange Premium Herbal Blends:
Original (5gr) + Long Lasting (3gr) + Extreme (3gr) + Supreme (3gr)
We don't ship this product to:Sweden, France, Austria, Germany