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NEST - Heating Mat for Growkits

  • David
    This thing is great! Cheap and while not adjustable u can easily set it under anything to control temps inside tubs or whatever.

  • Petter
    the heating mat,is a Product,that you really dont need,for the Shroom.Kits.. and also exellent to put under a cutting Box,when growing weed,the SCroG way...)... X ...)...

  • Translated from German Patrik
    Electric blanket works perfectly. Can't say more. In winter, when heating the apartment is not easy, a welcome change


Heating Mat For Growkits

This heating mat will allow you to grow your own magic mushrooms all year round at an amazingly low price!

The optimum temperature for growing magic mushrooms is +/- 23º Celsius. Below this temperature, the mycelium has difficulty growing.

PLEASE NOTE: the NEST Heating Mat is NOT waterproof and it provides a CONSTANT Temperature of 35º C. You will need to leave space to let the air flow between the mat and the growkit in order to regulate the temperature and obtain the needed 23/24 º C.
For best effects avoid direct contact between the heating surface and the grow kit. Use a piece of cardboard or a folded towel.

Dimensions: 27.5cm x 13cm
Max Temp: 35º C
Cord length: 142cm
European plug