Miscele Solide

Ketama Gold

Ketama Gold

Imagine sitting high up on a mountain in the Himalayas. On your personal pilgrimage with a chunk of creamy Ketama Gold in your hand. The rock surrenders to the gentle touch of your fingers and crumbles softly. After your sacred rolling ritual you light up your incense and now you know it’s for sure. It’s just like the real thing. The flavor, the scent, the feeling, the spiritual experience. Everything. You are thrilled and thankful, because you don’t want to make concessions when it comes to something that is almost like a religion to you. A moment later you are as high as the Himalayas themselves. You are home.


100% organically derived from Cannabis and CBD.


Start with a light dosage (0.02gr - 0.04gr), especially with the first experience. As effects may vary from person to person, dosage can be slightly increased according to your desires afterwards. It is highly recommended to never exceed the amount of 0.20gr in one dosage.