Focus E Potenziale

  • Fasterrrr
    Expected me to get some kind of Bliss feeling, The fantastic ongoing euphoria feeling. But happy afterwards you just get very fit, and by fit I mean very awake ;-)))

  • Florian
    I took both pills and let me tell you, the trip was really pleasant. I wasn't "high high", but really more focused and motivated. I also started reviving my social life by contacting everyone, even old friends of mine I haven't heard from forever. I wish I felt like this 24/7 because it makes you feel alive and in the moment. Will definitely reorder in time!

  • Translated from Samoan Florian
    17:15 I test by putting almost nothing 17:25 I laugh by saying to myself "ah anyway" Economical because no need to charge and not unpleasant taste Thank you

Get into the ZONE and get things done! ZONE produces functional stimulation for laser focus without distracting euphoric vibes or a dramatic comedown or after effects.


Increased stimulation, enhanced focus and cognitive functionality, increased physical energy, brain activity and mental stamina.


The effects are greatly enhanced when experienced in a positive mood and comfortable environment.


Light: ½ pellet
Normal: 1 pellet
Strong: 1½ pellets

Light: 5 mg - 15 mg
Normal: 15 mg - 30 mg
Strong: 30 mg - 50 mg


Onset: 30 - 60 minutes
Peak: 2½ - 4 hours
Duration: 5 - 8 hours

Onset: 20 - 40 minutes
Peak: 1 - 3 hours
Duration: 4 - 6 hours


2-FMA (40mg per pellet)