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Damiana - Turnera Afrodisia

  • Kiri
    This stuff is the best! I had 2 cups of tea (brewed from 3 tablespoons of Damiana), and I didn't even smoke any and got a great reaction. I didn't really feel that different, but when my boyfriend and I started making love, it was sensational. I usually have a very difficult time having orgasms, but after drinking this tea, I had 10 orgasms in under an hour!!! Thanks so much shayanashop! I'm definitely going to be ordering more of this! :)

  • Sandra
    I don't know if it was just the power of suggestion, or if it really works, but my boyfriend and I the best sex after I took this. I'll be ordering more soon.

  • Philippe
    Excellent produit qui permet de s'affranchir du tabac efficacement, donc on ne pourrit pas ses poumons avec de la nicotine. La Damiana est 100% naturelle. Même les non-fumeurs de cigarettes s'y accommodent très bien.

  • Andrea
    Great to smoke imo, lovely flavour but it's a bit harsh on the throat, I was expecting something more, the effects are really too mild but mixed with other herbs it can be interesting Thanks Shayana!!


Turnera Afrodisia

Many women in Mexico have found that a cup of Damiana tea taken one or two hours before intercourse helps to immerse them in the sex act. It is believed to have a tonic effect upon the sexual organs and the nervous system.


Damiana is a women’s herb, it improves metabolism and has a positive effect on blood circulation. It’s recommended during menopause, menstruation problems, reduced virility and weak nerves.


Take three tablespoons prepared as tea with half a liter of water. Mostly, a pipe filled with Damiana leaves is smoked with the tea to enhance the effects. The tincture is most effective.