Erbe Naturali

Wild Dagga Flowers

  • Translated from French Leido
    yes i !!!! first impression: finally an herb with a good taste, quite SPACE effect, let's say that "makes you heavy" !!! weird but nice ... on the other hand will have to roll BIG pete but you will not have the effect of your good weed ... in all k me jkiff. I will leave a comm when I have finished the pouch for a real result of this grass, picked by Africans at the base .. yes !!! they stuff these Africans .....

  • Translated from French Alice
    The taste is not that bad, it is a beautiful orange red plant. But as for the effects, I didn't feel anything.

  • Translated from German Martin
    Very good result does not last as long as "original" but very pleasant, light feeling. Good value for money. Taste and smell are similar to sweet Chilli Oo.

  • Benjamoe
    Okay suff to mix with weed!!Also nice smoked pure..

  • Joylan
    I didnt find what i was lookngfor in this product. A bit tame for me. maybe if you are looking for a mild buzz, perhaps you might find this ok. Its the kind of thing you would smoke in college (uk) in a free period with friends. If you are sensitive to intoxicants then this should be good for you. Not really for me though :( try the solid smokes like Ice-o-lator if you want to get pretty stoned fast and for a short period of time (like an hour)

  • Translated from French calimero
    not bad at all, a good little taste quite relaxing but not the effect of the weed that's for sure but I still recommend ^^

  • Translated from French Anarchie
    Taste bizard but not too disgusting compared to the rebric "joint" can smash even for me who only type sockets "advice" salvia, it is better ...

  • Translated from French jaco
    So here is a big bundle of a pretty mixture of mostly red weed and a little green, with a nice little taste mixed with a can of tobacco. Stoned level don't expect the same slap as weed, but it gives a good relaxing and calm effect, especially after a good day of work. Otherwise for those who find it difficult to fall asleep without smoking a joint, the dagga helps to sleep well and promotes the development of dreams. I recommend it if you are not looking to blow your head but if you are looking to release the pressure. Tip for those who don't like the taste (after all the taste and the colors eh) mix the dagga with the cannabis sativa.

  • Translated from German alex
    brings zero one does not get tight or something else dirt really I haaaasssssse this stuff smokes salvia but only in the bong that fucks (concentrate)

  • Translated from German Jordan
    Feel comfortably wrapped in a soap bubble. Lively and satisfied. Not very tight, but everything is generally more pleasant. However, you should make your head quite a bit and smoke it to the very end, so that it has a good effect. When I drank tea I had an impulsive effect and felt more concentrated, motivated and creative than usual. Great product that can serve as a canna substitute for an hour.

  • Translated from French louis
    package received quickly, I had ordered 20 g + a mexos growkit. A very red grass, all grinded, a not very strong smell, I directly rolled a big pure boze, I had not smoked a firecracker or a cigarette all day, a light effect, calm, but a little disappointed compared to what people said, especially by report to taste, a taste of soup: s

  • Translated from French Briag
    I bought this product just for the taste which is not bad let's say it's better than pure tobacco. Question effect, nothing, given the price it makes sense, on the other hand as an accompaniment to another effective product it's perfect, once again given the price per gram it does the trick in addition to the taste, to forget if you want an effect as it is.

  • Translated from French Quer
    Not bad to smoke even without tobacco, it is also not unpleasant with a pipe, "relaxed" effect but absolutely not the effect of the weed. to try but do not expect miracles. PEACE!

  • Translated from French Djé
    Effect not bad at all! I highly recommend it for those whose effect of the weed is too strong for extreme well being without the knockout! Thank you shayana! Fast and discreet sending the top!

  • yavuz
    its beatiful seed...well dan

  • whatsoever
    no effect at all.

  • Father
    Very nice. This is a nice relaxing herb. Gets you there in a natural mild way and not harsh on the throat. I recommend it for anything from listening to music, especially jazz or classical or even just relaxing in your bed reading a book. Thank you mother earth & Shayana.

  • cagan
    It has a bit weird taste but gives marijuana like feeling. ı am happy to try it.

  • ZentaiHentai
    Very sweet herb to mix with weed. If you like weed, you like this.

  • Translated from French Vincent
    very good taste, very plump and encouraging flowers but no effect, nothing, nada. to mix with another mix such as sence or dutch orange to flavor them if necessary.

  • Davide
    No psyco effect. It taste sweet and good, better than pure cannabis, but no psyco active effect. ZERO!!! I've tried a lot quantity of it, but ZERO EFFECT! I'm very disappointed, I'll never buy more. :(

  • Translated from Italian Gioele
    good product! it has a very bitter taste but with the addition of a little mariwana it is excellent and gives you a strange but very pleasant relaxation

  • Translated from French Romain
    Good cannabis substitute, for those looking to quit. Much lighter, it will not suit everyone, but when you have nothing, or want to decrease, or stop, I find it very good (Former smoker for almost 20 years). Me who likes playing PC with my little jogo, which I smoke several times, it allows me to do the same (+ Nepal Tempal ball, sometimes, since I tasted it! ...;)). Good find on Shayana to all, and thank you to them for this always impeccable service.

  • Translated from Samoan Davide
    Fast shipping and several flushes with nice mushrooms. Great high !! Grow kit easy to use and great results. I can only recommend it!

  • Translated from French Richard
    less strong than grass it helps to relax without being shattered I advise people looking for something that poses without having the head turned, I advise

  • Translated from Portuguese Insert
    I didn't find anything special, it hit very little or nothing ....

  • Translated from Italian rodolfo
    review for wild dagga:, by infusion in boiling water, excellent product, I only use it like this. the feeling of relaxation, light head, great eloquence, if necessary, euphoric energy. this is my opinion. seeing is believing. Hello.

  • Translated from Italian rodolfo
    Wild dagga in florescence and plant, excellent product, relaxing and energetic. great for running, walking and cycling activities. ' for sportsmen I recommend it.

  • Translated from French Tonio
    Dear Shayana Team, The shipping was so incredibly fast this time! Thank you so much! You received the money on Friday and the following Tuesday it was here with me on the border between Austria and Slovenia. I love this product and have missed it very much when you no longer had it in the store :( Since I do not want to make myself punishable and cannabis is still illegal with us, I am so glad that there is such a great and nice shop like you where you can switch to alternative :) So whether you smoke synthetic canabinoids or real grass makes basically no difference, smoking is generally not healthy xD Have never had any problems and I have been ordering from you for years: D I also want to thank you that you even gave me something this time, THANKS I was VERY happy :) I'm looking forward to the next time, best regards from southern Austria and stay healthy my loved ones!

  • Translated from German teben
    You look beautiful! The orange tails smoke badly. The green small stuff works better. But the smell of burning is unpleasant. You'd have to chop it up and mix it with something ... tobacco? But what is that good for? I wonder why I bought 20g right away (the price because it seems cheap), I won't even use 10g. It can be comforting, but I don't know because I mix it with tobacco. The proportion of the orange stuff that burns badly is the highest. The green one is less, and substituting cannabis with it, well ... But better Dutch Orange or something like that. So, better not have so many expectations here. ^^

  • Translated from French Nana
    Very good alternative to tobacco when you don't want to endure the tar, nicotine and all the crap of cigarettes and the tobacco industry. Taste a bit special but it is smokable and so pretty. It gives a little relaxing effect but indeed, it does not get high at all. Thank you shayanashop for your service always on top !! Good thoughts for everyone ;-)

  • Translated from French Pépite
    Hello to you, This plant gave a good taste to my cigarettes, soft and pleasant. Slight soothing effect. I recommend it if you are not looking to be high but relaxed.

  • Translated from French Jibe
    A perfect little mixture to calm down. The taste is not bad (even if it is not transcendent) and the result is there. We feel lighter, a little hovering (depending on the dosage). Nickel after a hard day

  • Translated from French mr
    strange smell and taste !!! well to avoid tobacco being a non-smoker of tobacco it facilitates the economy of weed !!! to see in time !!

  • Translated from French Vincent
    Nice effect in herbal tea, with honey, tea to spread the taste, a little spliff it's all cool to "relax";) To smoke on the other hand, good luck ^^

  • Translated from French Carni
    I didn't hang on too much in terms of taste. I still felt a little relaxing effect. On the other hand, I had a very good nights, I even started to remember all my dreams, an effect that may not be the case for everyone. But this feeling is really relaxing and you can even understand your subconscious a little more when remembering dreams. Really very interesting.

  • Translated from French Delahaye
    really great ! to put with tobacco otherwise it is a little sickening. Relaxing effects and pose without the knockout of the weed which is a little too hard for me in addition not expensive. I highly recommend it!

  • Translated from French Mr
    I really liked the summer breeze ... but good out of stock so I ordered 20g of this wild dagga ... Result: it's pleasant to smoke before going to bed after a stressful day, it's nice dream (an army of Depardieu disguised as a knight were going to spill milk in front of my iut and suddenly they were all on vacation ^^) When we woke up we were fine ...

  • Rasmus
    A very good alternative for weed when you don't want your short termed memory impaired. Nice & calming effect and in the right dose, you can easly get a high feeling :) always good to have laying around.

  • tazzy
    its some nice stuff i have to say

  • Daniel
    Have to say, very impressed with this. Nice stone from it. As others have said, it is relaxing... gives a body stone and a dreamy head feeling. I'd say using this as a base for synthetic cannabinoids would give them a great lift. Mixed it with viorola bark, think the dagga is stronger and it's more pleasant to smoke. I used joints rather than pipe.

  • Translated from French Christopher
    Alone in pure spliff it relaxes well, it relaxes the body and it calms, it does not get high, we still have clear ideas, but you're well after! With canna, I found it had a little the same effect as a vaporizer, you're not stoned but you are completely high! I find it a very good alternative to tobacco in spliffs, I am not disappointed!

  • Translated from French Romain
    Are you hesitating to buy? Here is a clear and simple opinion: It is not weed do not be mistaken, however it is pleasant to smoke and without danger. Effects level: With a good beer (Belgian preferably) and a 3/4 flower 1/4 tobacco dosage you will feel a light and pleasant relaxing effect. Nothing very powerful but if like some people you like to smoke ALSO for taste and relaxation (without looking for high) then go for it. The site itself is serious, already 5-6 different orders made and no problem. Ultra fast delivery and discreet package. Enjoy

  • Translated from French Raisin
    Opinion of a regular ex-smoker: Opening of the package, pretty red herb, I "freak out" a little because no marked smell, by crumbling in the fingers a tite odor, nothing more. First hit of an almost pure joint , a caramelized taste, the rest of the joint is nice, it's not bad that's the case.Well it does not burst the face like a joint of Dutch weed and that's what I was looking for. Well, nickel Hop second joint, a big bob to be sure it's not psychological: Spicy taste not disgusting, a little more fly suddenly, the sun is beating down, I have the wind in my hair, rho the sea is beautiful.Nice!

  • Translated from French raphie
    Nothing special except for a very slight feeling of well-being at the beginning but other than that it sucks not to buy one

Wild Dagga Flowers

Wild Dagga, also known as Marihuanilla is a general designation used to refer to several species of flowers belonging to the leonorus strain. Wild dagga is the named used in South-Africa whereas Marihuanilla is the term commonly used in Mexico.


Wild Dagga flowers have a calming and sedating effect. Some users also report it to induce euphoria.


Wild dagga can be smoked in a joint or pipe.