open your eyes!

  • OskaR
    Hmm... It´s Not The best produckt In The World.

  • green
    it does its thing

  • Piamai
    The best ever, I can go from frizzy red-eye-dahm bad looking girl to Supermodel with this shit, God dahm, yes I found it :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

open your eyes!

OPEN YOUR EYES!!!!!!! Are your eyes all reddish because you've been staring at some computer screen all day long, or have you been chasing puff the dragon ? Well, for all you smokers and computer nerds, or just people with irritated eyes, we've got just the thing. Open your eyes is a 100% natural product that relieves irritated eyes.


Although you might still feel like it, at least you don't look stoned or tired anymore! 


2 Drops in each eye for as long as you need!