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    Kalashnikova is the amazing result of crossing 2 classic cannabis strains, AK47 and White Widow. This rifle shoots very rapidly and is loaded with beautiful buds of an exceptional quality. Kalashnikova is a strong, very high yielding plant with exceptional resin production and a fast hitting high.

    Kalashnikova is suited for indoor and outdoor cultivation and will race through its life cycle within only 9 weeks, irrespective of the environment. After about 14 days of vegetative growth she seamlessly enters the flowering period and 7 weeks later she is loaded with up to 800g/m² of very potent, giant lime-green, resin coated buds. Grown outdoors, each plant will carry 80 – 100 grams of premium cannabis at the end of the flowering period.


    Genetics Type Variety Environment Flowering
    AK-47 x White Widow
    Indica Dominant
    Indoor / Outdoor / Greenhouse
    8 weeks


    Kalashnikova has a strong, long-lasting indica effect, mixed with a very clear high. Complex, long-lasting.


    Medicinally effective in appetite stimulation and pain.