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Canna Balm - Pura Vida CBD Balm Stick

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Canna Balm

Pura Vida Cbd Balm Stick

This multi purpose CBD balm stick is the perfect pocket-sized companion for the beach! A waterproof lip balm that you can use anywhere on your skin for sun protection while also providing instant relief from sunburn.

• 100% Pure, Natural & Organic Ingredients
• 5ml Contains 50mg CBD
• Available in various flavours
• Grown in a Fair Trade farming Project (Ghana and Western Africa)

CBD Extraction Process
Bio-Ethanol extraction is used to efficiently extract all parts of the plant, including cannabinoids, terpenes, phytonutrients, lipids, chlorophyll, to ensure they are present in the final product. This extraction process is organic and clean.


Can be used for everything and anything skin related and as basic everyday lip care. Use it on irritated skin from insect bites. It takes the sting and itch away! It also helps reduce inflammation in joints and comforts pain.