Mystic Herbs – Kanna

  • jean
    pas fou très léger en sniff et bizarrement sa ma fait saigner du piff pourtant très doux a la prise a voir en tisane pourquoi pas; fumé aucun effets!!

  • Louison
    livraison rapide, testé en infusion mis les 5 g pour 2 personnes, légers effets euphorisant, ça relaxe légèrement. Durée du trip 1h à peut près (le temps d'un film)

Mystic Herbs – Kanna

Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) is known to elevate mood, decrease anxiety, stress and tension and to suppress appetite and desire for nicotine. In moderate doses, Kanna can induce euphoria and has stimulating effects, which in a higher dose can convert to sedation and relaxation.


Low Dose: Stimulated, Energized and Focused
High Dose: Sedation, Mental and Muscle Relaxation


Traditionally, Kanna is normally smoked. Kanna can also be chewed, sniffed, taken as a tea or mixed with chocolate milk, for example. You can chew Kanna by mixing a dose of 100mg to 1 gram with a piece of chewing gum. To sniff, a dose of 20 mg is sufficient to notice effects. To prepare Kanna tea, you take half a spoon of Kanna and 1 cup of hot water and let this steep for 15 minutes.