Virola Bark

    • juro
      Really good stuff. I recommend putting it into a joint with instead of ganja. I use tabacco + small cut pieces of virola. Really relaxing, really nice. It´s actually a weed substitute for me currently. Much cheaper, and similar effects. Also tastes nice!

    • Daniel
      Took the other commentor here's advice re smoking it. It came shredded so easy to pop into a joint. Burns a bit hot, gives a nice chill and is a good alternative to cannabis, not just because it has an effect/ a high, but it seems to remove any "goo" you have for other drugs like booze or grass. Personally I'd prefer wild dagga flowers... might do an extract next time I get this.

    • greg
      IT was yummy try taking a poop afterwards

    Virola Bark

    The bark of the Virola plant is used by tribal people in the Amazon basin as part of their religious and shamanistic rituals. The sap found in the bark of these trees contains a resin that is characteristic of the nutmeg family. Virola trees can grow as tall as 30 meters, with big leaves and clusters of tiny yellow flowers.


    Altered states of consciousness.