Fête Et Amusement

  • Maurice
    I can't even begin to describe how good you feel with this one. Lasts longer than original and next to no hangover if you drink enough water and don't take too much of it. Had a wonderful night xD

  • valleypartybum
    yowww… Bliss is tha bomb! don't be a fool an take 2 these blue bastards are stiff my mate almost painted the cab with pizza %-$ thanks guys these tabs are bloody awesome

  • Toby
    Unbelievably good cleaner! Literally couldn't tell the difference between this and a real pill! Kicked in after only 20 mins and full on effects lasted for hours! Clenched teeth, jittery eye sight and full on rushes!! Amazing evening and even better sex with girlfriend on this! Wowzers!! V highly recommended! 😁

  • Ghost
    Tripped my frikken nut sack off !!!! PROPER PRODUCT RIGHT HERE !!! What ya waiting for, GO ORDER YOURS NOW !!!!!!!!

  • Translated from French préventionman
    hello, this product really looks like md, take only half a tablet this is more than enough, you can take a half later for a longer and stronger effect but I do not recommend it because the decent is harsh. headache and possible anxiety and stress. great product but don't overdo it.

  • Translated from French 69db
    Very good pills. I will try to be instructive: 1/2 for those who have never tested this kind of fantasy is enough. (fairly physical orbit) Rise a little long (approx 45mn climb after the start of the 1st effects) with nausea and spray for the sensitive of the belly. Advice for the latter: Eat a good dish of dough (starchy food) 4 hours before, then take 1 (see 2) SMECTA 2 hours before taking, it will have the effect of a gastric dressing. (your stomach will continue to work in the right direction, ie down, so instead of going stacked, you will shit a blow or drop 2-3 cases (nothing abused) .. Do not move too much and listen to a its very calm. After it is gone;) The experience is downright sublimated with good sound and good friends;)

  • Translated from French Ji
    Wow! I did not expect this !! I do not consider myself as a novice considering the packets of orders I made on this site, but there I was very surprised, a little too much. Not to be taken lightly and I even recommend half a cacheton to start with. For my part I explain my case: Me after a well-drunk evening and a little restful sleep of 3 hours with crane bar. A couple joined me at home while still struggling the day before, but the beers they bring me, I rather rather even since they go on a shwepps vodka grocery mission. it's 5 pm the atmosphere is cool, I announce that I have Bliss, that I learned about it on forums (they do not know but are not novices either) and that it seems to resemble the MD. Let's go I take out the pills and we take a moist each engulfed over the 3rd glass of vodka. I knew that we had to wait for digestion and that after 3/4 of an hour it was going to leave. It was. Little heat rise, my friends the same, but me, big heat stroke, bad stomach that I must evacuate by the normal exit on the throne. But the in the toilets with the white light and the twisted bid .... big crazy climb! Wow !!! that rocks! MD-like hearing effects, touched too, but I don't feel well at all, dizziness, I pass my face underwater and tell myself that it will pass. I'm joining my friends in the living room who were both talking at the same time. I don't understand anything. I'm triquard, I squeeze to death, it shows up in my face and I tell them that I really have to get some fresh air. These are going very well. Good I arrive at the window, I open it, to my god that it feels good, I know that to) will pass, I hope. they bring me some water, it's better, but damn the vision is very blurry ... 5 to 7 minutes later, bing! it's better! Phew. I join them it happened. And there it is good, the sound is good, I take colors, we laugh, it's pretty cool. They want to redrop 2 hours apart, I will be fine .... Lying without any difficulty around 3am. I write this the next day and it's okay, a little gassy but we got a hint of vodka overhead and saw the night before, I consider that there is not really a descent after a half cachet, but then damn! the Rise of phew that I had !!! So there you go, I recommend half a cachet for those who feel good, but if you are in good shape, good atmosphere and you know this kind of prod, you can go there for a whole cachet. Of course, there are small caveats too: The jaw which is used a little, the pupils !!! oh damn eyes !!!!! do not meet the cops or your parents and even the next morning! me with blue eyes ba, there was almost more blue ... and it is a manageable but long pole .. So, enjoy and remember that we do not embark on an adventure without being a minimum prepare

  • Translated from German Sarah-Carina
    horny parts! works just as you would expect from good xtc pills, just great. my friend nailed me for over 6 hours so that i have sore muscles all over my body the morning after. thanks shayana;)

  • Translated from German Kornelia
    Pooh .... that was good ... starts with a half to clean the bong. I used a whole one and that was awesome. Eye flicker, optics, sweating as it used to be and extremely difficult to keep me under control. Total Laberflash .... but best at party .... alone at home .... does not work ..... would be too good for. If someone else also cleans his bong, it's a great feeling ..... I cleaned 14 hours ... but you should rest the next day. Great, Shayana.

  • Translated from French AMORY
    Something crazy! it's been 2 times that I take it with my girlfriend before making a hug ..... and the one let go completely taken for 4 hours .... too want to eat us raw !!!! too good a sacred experience. she told me it's a magic pill !!! yes yes for her !! but also for me !!! super delirious but frankly strong as an experience! 1 pill is enough !!!! you have to be stimulated otherwise you fall asleep so you are good with being even !! I recommend !!!!!

  • David
    that is I think definitely the best product in this section. Works quite well, pretty close to MD. 1 pill quite strong. I usually take one then half a few hours later. Quite long to kick in ( around 1 hour), then you're good for 4-6hours with one pill. No so energetic, but definitely very very empathetic. great sex too.

  • Translated from German PePPolino
    I ordered this product and am very excited about the cleaning ;-) can someone tell me about the dosage of this product? : /

  • Aurel
    First half : Good feeling, full of energy, but a little tense and hard to stay focused. Second half : Strong clenching, even more energetic feeling. No comedown and/or aftereffect the next day

  • Translated from French sam
    Super great, effect 100 000 000% guaranteed, from the bomb, take 1 whole thing the climb makes super sweat and after listening to you a good sound that tears it is assured happiness, mercishayana I trust you, you are right to beware before undoing pleasure, but seriously this Bliss is indescribably the super bonnhzeur, drink lots of water if not achtung with cramps, but still a thousand thanks shayana ... By the way I did not have my gift with the promo code, think about it next time, thank you ... However beware very powerful rise, after that it passes but it is guaranteed for a super powerful delirium which allows to bring out that the best of oneself,

  • Translated from French cornelius
    It's exactly what I was looking for to clean my bong with an innovative product !!!! ^^ almost no difference with traditional cleansing pills. good night. Zoubi

  • Ryan
    Well, we're talking about an exceptional and very clean product here. I have been a hard working, hard partying guy for a long time. This is one of the best cleaners of the "chi" I've ever come across. Highly recommend.

  • Translated from French Lio
    Gentle cleaning, opening of chattkras, temperature setting of belines and sharing of connection! Simply effective!

  • Translated from German Stony
    High serotonin effect. Weak dopamine effect. So don't take too much just because you're racing. Then the serotonin number is already completely overdosed. 1/4 tab is actually enough and also gives you a very nice experience. Remains reflected and clean. A high that you don't know about is for the cat!

  • Blake
    By far my favorite bong cleaner. My wife and I feel as if our relationship has started all over again. Definitely beneficial for couples. Ordering more tomorrow!!!!

  • jeane
    WOW, even better than MD. You swallow it, drink some water, and you don't feel the bitter taste of MD that makes you want to throw up, at all. Swallow one pill and wait for about half an hour to forty minutes (depends on your metabolism), then booom! Be patient and consume the second pill only when you feel you have to. Even one pill lasts long. We took it at 10pm and it lasted until 6am. This pill makes you really happy!

  • Morten
    This is absolut the Best x in the World....... But i Think they miss a bongbastic mark!!!! That Wood be so cool <3

  • Velada
    Fast shipping, good service, and amazing product! Had a blast with Bliss. Bit on the pricey side but it was definitely worth it for me.

  • Translated from German Valadera
    We were 4 and cleaned the bong with it. I can tell you THAT PUNED IN. Tried a lot, but this mixture was awesome. We started with one and an hour and a half later. But that doesn't mean that everything was over after an hour. It really started. Another tip, don't go to work the next day. :) The next order has already been placed.

  • Translated from German Janine
    Hi, after experimental teenage I said to myself before I was thirty; and that's next month, I have to do it again to remember what it was like. Didn't think it would work was skeptical ... But folks !!! Wow. It's like before, it's horny and clattering like in the good old days. If you want to shoot yourself up, that's just the right thing. It works and I'm just happy. As others have written in the reviews, only a half and not topping up !! The real blast came after two hours. Give it a try, you won't regret it !!! So and now for the parents' day !! Haha, life is beautiful. GLG Janine Dare you

  • Translated from French Djude
    Nice little molecule which takes its ease to assemble (+/- 1h) but which you can really feel when you sell it predicting a nice moment. With 1 you already feel well perched and it's nice to see such an effect with a legal molecule (Close to MD with eyes that betray less still: D I will recommend for sure. <3 SHAYANA <3

  • Translated from French Nicolas
    Frankly very effective these small pills. Easily last all evening and not bad for dancing in a club. I recommend it direct.

  • Translated from French Julien
    Today was the first time I tested this product, after a good experience of MDMA. Well, I must say that I didn't see much difference, except that we are much less hot than with MD. Total euphoria of course, sense of touch overdrive (I touched my face and hair for 4 hours, impossible to do otherwise: p), and a strong desire to move and dance. In short an excellent product that I highly recommend. For my part I started to feel the effects 50 minutes after a para and a big dish of pasta, no alcohol, I really wanted to test the product alone. It's been 4 hours now and I'm only starting to feel that the effects are fading, but very gently which is very pleasant. At first I absolutely had to listen to music on the move, but after a few hours I no longer needed relaxing music. Well there is always the problem of the jaw creaking, but some chewing gum should do the trick ... I liked it so much that I recommended it straight away !!

  • Translated from German teben
    Seems to really drive up the serotonin. Even in light doses, it gives me serenity and satisfaction. I do not know the original role model at all, and I can only say that this material makes me more comfortable for society. One wonders what's going on in me and I say: 5-MAPB! : DI thinks it's nice.

  • Translated from German TigerundKatze
    Very strong stuff. I, m 83kg, together with my girlfriend, w 51kg, took one at a festival at 11:30 p.m. Our first time in that direction. The effect started after about 45 minutes and peaked after 2-3 hours and went 7-8 hours in total. Music (techno / harstyle) gets hotter, you fly really well, you are always in a good mood and have endless energy, the tiredness goes away. Have drunk a lot of water and chewed gum, the jaw grinding was quite strong. Pupils grew very large. Strong sympathy with other people, fun talking. My girlfriend was very strong, sometimes even slightly absent because only jamming and with eyes wide open information / impressions on "sucking up". We noticed that it was a little too much when she got a generalized seizure at about 6 a.m. when using the strobe light. Ie fearful staring into the light, then turning the pupils upwards, pushing through the back and limbs and then the cramp stops. Off to the Sannis, in the ambulance and to the hospital. Diagnosis: not a previous illness but triggering the cramp due to the light, the bliss and fatigue. (Such a cramp can theoretically happen to every sober person and is not that bad in itself, rather the danger of falling down etc.) Btw, drug test provides evidence for: Amphetamine (Speed), Methamphetamine (Crystal) and Methylenedioxymethamphitamin (MDMA). The conclusion: very nice, but strong and to be enjoyed with caution, that's not to be trifled with. Will now me for me at max. Keep 0.75 pills for me and 0.5 for them. (The memory was not so 100% clear anymore)

  • Translated from German TS
    Guys, don't make the mistake of trying an entire one! Unfortunately I made the mistake and I regretted it, I had a trip of which I knew almost nothing. The next day I thought what was that? It didn't even let me around with the original XTC pills! But somehow it was awesome. Lasted all night long. Since then I've always taken 1/2 of it, not a whole one! And that is definitely enough, you no longer need to add more. You can feel it very gently, how it starts easily and increases and in the same way it goes away, gently. After about 1 hour you will feel it and the duration of half a pill lasts for at least 4 hours! From Laberflash, sociable, cheerfulness to niceness, everything is included! I noticed nothing negative, only the stomach should be empty (4 hours after eating) due to nausea. Top product, definitely recommended! Worth it... ;-)

  • Translated from Italian Cagliostro
    Long enough to kick in (about 1 hour), then you're good for 4-6 hours with a pill. Not so energetic, but certainly very very empathetic. too much sex!

  • Translated from German Maximilian
    In one word .. Incredible !!! I honestly have to say this little pill saved friendship with my best friend. It definitely has a therapeutic purpose and we could just talk about everything and that made us real brothers !!

  • Translated from German Pinocchio
    Today the blue fairy came and made me a real person. Less is more.

  • Translated from German JB
    absolutely great ... looks like the original ... just a shame that no larger packs are offered if you want to order more ^^

  • Translated from German Dieter
    Incredibly intense cleaning. Everything that made up the 90s comes out here. Dancing, contacts, flying, thoughts that take you further and develop you. Shulgin, RIP, would be happy to see such good cleaning agents spread. Cleaning can also take place in a concealed manner without other people noticing. Control is very good. It is also interesting that this product is not a sprinter, but rather a medium-range cleaner. It takes a while for the effect to develop fully (it may take 2 hours). Runs in waves, the heights of the waves slowly ebbing away.

  • Translated from French danis
    Do not be afraid to take a direct it is excellent. We feel it settle slowly in 20 minutes and then waves will take you away. By cons not to abuse it creates muscle contractions. I took the 4 over 48 hours I had a great time identical to the extras except that it is that the body that takes waves not in the head. That a desire to lie down to kifer well being Thank you shayana.

  • Translated from French Sébastien
    I re-thank the team for the speed of my order !!! and I was happy because tonight I will be able to spend a good evening !! I knew the molecule so yes I remain reasonable;))

  • Translated from German MN
    adorable !! even the "real" stuff is not really better. have already ordered it, have ordered it again and will order it again! You can argue about the price ... but hey - quickly, by post, legally - what more could you want? top product!

  • Translated from French Catheline
    first try, no effect except numbness, the second time, I took half a tablet, and euphoric effect cool but I reproach the descent which is hard, not to take alone, and especially not to stay alone the next day :)

  • Translated from French Will
    Order received within 3 days nothing to say! It was 10 p.m. when I swallowed 1 pill I had been fasting for more than 6 hours. And around 10:30 pm a big climb similar to good md takes hold of me for 1h pfffoouu ... Then 4h tray too good, a kiff !! Well-being of a madman, a desire to move, dialogued with others becomes a wonder and the music is simply MAGIC everything is there !!! If this is your first time (advice) swallowed 1 half pill at the start and wait to know the effects, its may surprise the first time !!! Attention also large clamping of jaw provide chewing gun. Otherwise the next day your teeth will remind you;)

  • Translated from French blatzer
    Hello a crucial advice before taking for novices to take it before eating if not dead no effect or minimum effect then eat nothing before and it is valid for all the stuff. I hope my com will be useful to you biz

  • Translated from German Patrik
    People who want to celebrate techno as before are well advised with Bliss ... Such a rich bass;)) Top product ..

  • Translated from German maik
    Have tested degrees and am now good at it ma something else would have to be combined with fast ones so believe it at home then it will get even better

  • Translated from French Gilles
    How can you be sure it is not dangerous? I have the pill in my hand and I don't dare to swallow it… I already took mdma and I liked it but here I hesitate…

  • T
    Before 4egs and ham - then I took 1/2 pill. After a half hour - light kick (energy,good mood,music sounds good) After one hour - kick #2 (energy++ ; music is very good ; still i can to concentrate :) ; i like s e x :) After 2 hours - still good mood , active and happy ; training :) After 3 hours - first food (banana with cream) ; music is fine During all day - good mood and social + Next time i TOOK 1 PILL and post review !

  • Translated from German Olli
    Thrown in the parts with my wife ... it was awesome! Will order again, although we still had sore muscles after 3 days of nailing :)))))) Can recommend everyone to eat something beforehand. It takes a little longer for the effect to set in, but after about 45 minutes. there is no stopping, grin * fucking for world peace, yes one

  • Translated from German Jaykay
    Old moth the Schebbert, only a quarter after an hour and then a quarter and then paff .. We feel the original one on one only quite pressure-heavy for that it wasn't even a whole and then half of it was really hard

  • Ramoutcho
    J'ai eu gouté Bliss et c'est un très bon produit que je recommande vivement! Moi et mes potes avons kiffé!!! Je dirai même que Bliss est mieux qu'une pilule de md.

  • Translated from German Tommy
    Holy sh * t, the parts rock! can be wonderfully cleaned and the cleaning process is very, very pleasant! Thumbs up shayana and many thanks for this wonderful cleaning option :)

  • Translated from German fragezeichen
    Good end .. Effect, as you are used to good parts .. you need Ned more to say .. Top purchase recommendation! Laberflash, druff, flicker - ENERGY - Unfortunately there is something missing from the euphoric touch, something is there but it could also be better .. it does not get sentimental ^^

  • vasseur
    Produits excellent, 2 pilules et ma compagne et moi rêvions l amour à 100%,au top au lit un de meilleur produit de la gamme un peu cher mais 48h de bonheur en prendre 2 de un coup, si vous voulez être zen. Commande de.2 pilule et reçu 4, ça permet de durer 48h. Tranquillement merci shana

  • marnie
    great product, comes quite close to the original, won't hit you too hard also no hard come down. lasts about 4-6 hrs feeling fit on the next day. had it several times now, try it as long as you can!

  • Sertigo
    I really loved this cleaner! Ordered it the second time four months ago and now i will order it again, so i xan roll with it in the new year!

  • aGOODfriend
    this thing is really good. for the first times, just take a half. however, if you take the whole pill, be prepared for some wild hours ahead!!!

  • M-happy
    Finally! Praise the lord ! welcome back , thanks Shayana Very sad to say but this product has saved our relationship ;-)

  • Vladislav
    Nice one - alot of energy and for a long time. gonna buy more 1 pill is enough for medium to big person.

  • Rasmus
    What a great bong cleaner! My friends and i tried this. None of us have ever had felt such a great feeling for a bong cleaner. Only took one each and we were dancing, jumping and hugging all night. Apart from a great afterglow there wasn't a big comedown afterwards. 5/5

  • Translated from French delhomel
    Hello everyone! Here is my women (connoisseur of pills) wanted me to discover this new world !!! knowing that I can trust this site, I started !!! and frankly not above at all !! this happens in three stages; 1 waiting to climb that is to say approximately 20 to 30 minutes 2 gentle climb and big positive conversation! 3 go back down to bed and very well apart from insomnia so do not work the next day (personal advice): very pleasant and good coat, always taken at home !! inconvenient: dilated pupil and sometimes tight grips !! TO RECOMMEND

  • Translated from Samoan Ramoutcho
    I tasted Bliss and it is a very good product that I highly recommend! Me and my friends enjoyed it !!! I would even say that Bliss is better than an MD pill.

  • Translated from French Jaims
    Order delivered in 5 days as usual and product still largely up to par !! for me the best of the site, much better than the blast version and the alegrias.

  • Translated from German Sola
    Awesome! You will really be transported back to the 90s. Half is enough! Really seem to be mdma, chrystal and pep in it .... Pine disco, eye roll and grin flash are programmed ... I fly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !! !!!!!!!!!! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Oh it's good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! only recommended to clean the bong with it. .....

  • Translated from German corchill
    Great, brilliant chill feeling. Works really well. Fully chilled and always happy. Super shop

  • Translated from Samoan vasseur
    Excellent products, 2 pills and my partner and I dreamed of 100% love, at the top in bed one of the best product in the range a little expensive but 48 hours of happiness take 2 at once, if you want to be Zen. Order of 2 pills and receipt 4, it lasts for 48 hours. Quietly thank you shana

  • Translated from Italian Balotelli
    Kick in after just 20 minutes and the complete effect that lasted for hours! Tight teeth, nervous eye sight and full bulrushes !! Amazing evening and even better sex with her friend under this!

  • Translated from German Sarah
    Very professional and excellent customer care support. Answers are quick and a solution to customer satisfaction is always found. The cleaners are of the highest quality and are shipped very discreetly and quickly.

  • Translated from Spanish Alain
    Really very good pill !!! you feel very loving and calm, wanting to laugh. The effect is soft and very close to MDMA, you can take the 2 pills calmly, effect between 4 and 6 hours but I slept very well afterwards and the next day it was perfect !!! I will buy them again !!

  • Translated from French Nyr
    A little stacking at the beginning, lie down do not move too much, that's okay, very good introverted trip at home, I still prefer the LSA, because the smeared side is boring!

  • Translated from French Grudenik
    A little disappointed, especially since I'm not used to drugs, I wanted to try and I took 50 mg and it just put me in a good mood and at times a few giggles that's all

  • Translated from French BENITEZ
    with the XENON it's two nice products ... I SPECIFY: er I haven't tried them together it must be too rushed

  • Translated from French Doucet
    Small live commentary under the effects of this wonderful little 💊 1/2 pills taken 6 hours ago, 4 friends, one who let go directly in the arms of morphée And the other three continued it is now 8:30 am we hear the birds sing because we live in a forest. Unfortunately, it has been several days since we have heard from Rio, our pet peacock who really liked to eat curly. If anyone sees it bring it back to the city. Also know that in our caravan there is: a stove, an oven, a Gaziniere, ub water bed, a steering wheel, a dog, a hanger, a flute, a gigolo, a string, a fork, ube log, a bottle, doliprane, cell phone, weed, cigarette, frzmboise labello, goblet, curtains, john, parquet and poppers ?!

  • Translated from German Mike
    Awesome, so run a bong cleaning. Half gave a shuuuuuuuubbbbb of more than 8 hours. my sweetheart and I celebrated the St. Grinsemann 4 hours and fucked 4 times what it took. These things are really worth it.

  • Translated from French PsykoTik
    I loved the Bliss !!!! I had test last year and frankly I tell you it really works! I really liked it !!! I highly recommend!

  • Translated from French leon
    re received in 5 days cool :) I just took a half the long enough mounted slowly puts surely on the contrary very good v take the other half not at all disappointed for the moment I recommend it with a little zon petard with nickel thank you shayana

  • Translated from French PsyKoTek23
    Kiffant this Bliss !!! Guaranteed effects! I highly recommend it! After having an evening with a friend, a friend has Bliss and it's really fun !!!!

  • Translated from German Phillip
    Krass this bong cleaner can really keep up with the original but easily 1 tab and about 1 h 30 min later half a dozen and the bong wants to embrace the whole world :)

  • Translated from Samoan Mike
    Yeeeeeaaaarrrr the absolute Ober Burner ?? more is not really horny parts for years nothing so horny handled more !!!!! Keep it up Shajana you the best! Would be nice if you sometimes offer a lot of discount

  • Translated from German yvonne
    Reçu en 7 jours dans un colis impeccable, un bon produit qu'il faut savoir fumer dans les bonnes conditions, des bons trip garanties! À commander sans hésiter! Merci Shayana

  • Translated from German Marie
    Quite cool, a nice clear high, you are concentrated happy and pleasantly neutral in bad situations :) BUT! ATTENTION! I took 0.5 tablets without alcohol, everything was great. The second time I drank on the side and added 0.25 ... I fell over. Under no circumstances should you take people with low blood pressure unsupervised, not even small, light people, you can overdose (especially in connection with alcohol) quickly!

  • Translated from French franck
    excellent prod! really very close to md, half is more than enough for a nice pole, however I had to wait 2 weeks to receive these magic pills (I thought I would never receive them) big thanks to Shayana

  • Translated from German yvonne
    Shipping even faster this time .... the parts are definitely worth it. With a half you clean everything right through .... my was more than clean xD Thanks shayana. Communication is also great with your team.

  • Translated from German Patrice
    We were convinced by the reviews here to order this product. Cleaned our bong with a friend. Everyone used a part for cleaning directly. We were in a good mood for about 3-4 hours and communicative. However, we had hoped for more due to the reviews and the high price. Possibly. this batch was weaker than before. Somehow we both could not imagine that all these reviews can come from the same cleaners with the same strength as we had. We're not very experienced now or anything. My friend later used a load of magic mushrooms for further cleaning :) Because our bongs weren't quite clean yet. I can't get the magic mushrooms down, unfortunately, and I didn't have a complete cleaning. Unfortunately we didn't have the other two bliss cleaners that we still have with us. Since we thought it wasn't necessary. But we were annoyed. We will probably give the next batch another chance. Hoping they'll clean the bong properly.

  • Translated from French Annelise
    Top product! The effects are really there However the product took a long time to be received (almost 3 weeks)

  • Translated from Dutch Ghostshell
    OMG, how I like the feeling. Riding in your own body. Your eyes are slightly faster than your brain. Super warm feeling. And that of half a pill. Super !!!

  • Translated from French Benjamin
    Thank you very much shayana fast delivery, I spent an excellent evening I took 1 stamp for a superb effect of 7/8 hours easy with very nice mounting. I will recommend it for sure. I advise all revelers to order them too :) Thank you again for your fast and efficient service.

  • Translated from German HELLO
    Phenomenal! Maybe I overdid it ... How can I clean my bong from just one blue tablet? So after 30 minutes I threw the second tablet. It was definitely worth it and just reordered!

  • Translated from Samoan Melanie
    Wahooooooo it's just a crazy thing this thing !! Be careful with the dosage because it smacks of phew and yet I am a heavy smoker of weed !! But this is just a sick thing. Thank you shanaya this product is amazing

  • Translated from Dutch dessy
    This has been very disappointing. No effect at all. Even did it on an empty stomach. I will never buy this again.

  • Translated from Italian Tito
    Fast shipping, good service, and amazing product! We had a lot of fun with Bliss. Little expensive, but it was worth it for me.

  • Translated from German Marcel
    just awesome cleaner .. very relaxed as it used to be in the 90s ... just tried half and felt very good and relaxed, can only recommend it

  • Translated from French guillaume
    Even if it is the lightest of the range and when I say range it is different. Nothing to have at any level and even a little bad it goes much smoother than the others is sometimes calculated to a single hit. 2 totally different controls and 2 intensities. The most surprising thing is all the aspect / quantity and not easy to ride given the amount to put which counts for 2/3 of the ride. This is the perfect thing for those who want an original thing where wonders and seeks the variety of that damn magic straw. 2 purchases, 2 intensities but rather similar in effect. PERFECT also for those who would appreciate a little extra something for the price and here the small hybrid which is definitely my favorite because much less aggressive than the W in general so those who like when it hits, it's not for you and even in in terms of appearance it's more complicated to roll -> IDEAL since in addition to being rather damp when opening, let it dry for as long as you want, it's just easier to handle ;-)

  • Translated from German Anita
    Shipping is getting faster and we don't need to talk about the effect, just perfect !!!!!

  • Translated from German Oliver
    Hammer, definitely start with a half. Had started with a whole. Violently good cleaning power. I can only recommend ???? Shayan - top service and top quality. I can only report good things. The hooligan

  • Translated from French Doucet
    Once again, never disappointed .. The products are just phew. I, who am a heavy smoker of weed, and believe me that this weed is definitely better than a weed! For my part, I only order from Shayana, especially in this period of confinement, nothing like it .. I stopped buying weed and I save 500 euros per month thanks to this herb. thank you thank you thank you thank you

  • Translated from Italian Francesco
    Powerful and surprising even half. Half every hour 4 times in 4 hours. Empathetic, relaxing, meditative rather than energetic, a bit difficult to dance more beautiful listening to music and talking. Delivery on time by registered mail, I do not recommend simple mail. Great.

  • Translated from French Romain
    Hello everyone, Good so that my opinion is relevant I tell you that it is currently 2:03 am and that I am .. well better than good. So personally I was skeptical and I crossed the course. For me it was incredible J 'ADOR E. The effect begins and only begins after an hour (taking time 10:30 and awesome from midnight. Good I am 1m96 and 100kg .. and eaten a little before too Go ahead, it's really great.

  • Translated from French David
    Powerful product, purified from the negative effects of its illegal version (personal less desire to stack, arduous descent but less difficult the next day). Take half, trust the product that will go up no matter what (no too early recovery). The climb can cause a little stress for novices, in this case, stay in a quiet place for 30min, it always passes. Take the second half 3 or 4 hours later, perch guaranteed overnight. PS: strange effect but can be very personal, this product always made me euphoric, very talkative, but also aggressive! explosive mix

  • Translated from Spanish Eliseu
    One of the best products in the category. It is active at lower amounts than advertised, with 20mg, change of mood and some euphoria. very good to combine with other substances

  • Translated from Spanish eliseu
    much more empathogenic than the original M, although somewhat less euphoric, with one tablet it is more than enough for 5 hours

  • Translated from French Mr
    Good product its price is a little too high to my great regret but we quickly understand why it is so expensive a liver to have started digestion of the first half. There is no lie on the part of Shayana on this product.

  • Translated from Samoan Nico
    A nice little pills, cleans super well, It must be really good in a group. I recommend this product to who wants to have the effects close to mr Md Thank you shayna!

  • Translated from French Ekko
    A friend had me test it. Very good product. 1/2 pills was enough for a good cleaning. Put 1 complete pill for more efficiency but be careful not to damage the bong.

  • Translated from French Dunion
    Excellent took half a pill with my girlfriend during a festival The effects were felt fairly quickly without any particular ride then taken half a pill 2 hours later great sensation really excellent products I never tried MD but what the 'I was told about it, it's really identical with a descent that is really almost absent. I recommend it directly and I recommend it without hesitation !!

  • Translated from French dyfre
    frankly I was quite resounding, and frankly, these of the craziness: p only problem one of the two received broken: / but otherwise nikel

  • Translated from French nous
    thank you shayana you are at the top I recommend, serious site, reactive in case of problem. shipments on time we have never been disappointed septic at the start but to try it is to adopt it thank you for the product go there eyes closed perfect for a good evening in two takes in the evening not too speed not too smoth and in addition you can sleep which is not the case with natrium for example. to finish like all good things do not abuse

  • Translated from French ESCUDE
    A big thank you shyana produce arrives in 10 days and very effective it says not to be a novice because very strong product

  • Translated from French Mat
    This is indeed a product sending you in symbiosis with music, which will make you stomp your feet and chatter your teeth. Remember to hydrate yourself.

  • Translated from Samoan jerome
    great product to hold the jaw that tightens slightly but no more all night long I recommend

  • Translated from French Lrz
    really very good surprise. Energy and well-being to spend a great evening. Gradual rise and constant maintenance. Smooth descent. definitely try again.

  • Translated from French fabre
    Just the little lint that goes well Ascent which heats up well for an hour plateau from 2h30 to 3h and descent in snowplow! Redrop if you want it to last longer A nice alternative, lighter than the real ones ...

  • Translated from French jony
    Hello, I tested this product with 4 friends last weekend. I was a little apprehensive because it was the first time that I tested a new synthetic cleaner (I am however a confirmed user of the old traditional cleaners M or C). In terms of dosage, we had 5 bongs to clean with just 2 pills. (i.e. 0.4 pills per bong). Well, that was more than enough. Very discreet climb but guaranteed effect. Lots of energy, great desire to talk, drink and smoke. No more saliva and very long effect (taken at 10 p.m., lying down at 10 a.m.). Good product overall less violent than M cleaners.

  • Translated from French manzmanzdu26
    getting bang cleaner is just huge !!!! to take with good song the top for a little Q plan evening !!! ;-)

  • Translated from French lecocq
    I'm trying radon soon, but for now, the Bliss is the best bong cleaner you sell. I hope that the stock will be refilled soon ... thank you shayana

  • Translated from French alex
    just the best molecule I have tasted in the last 15 years! I'm talking about sensations / stone / well being / love ...... everything is harmonious! of course you must not be greedy as I can see on some comments! :) just 1/2 pills for a good 4h00 evening. the climb is done in 30 to 40 min, watch in hand, and then c 2 h00 fabulous climbs and excitement, then 2 hrs cooler but still in effect. now everyone is different! do not abuse it too much, c chemical! :)

  • Translated from French anonyme
    good potato and good time, but too short for my bong (about 2 hours of very good rush the rest is downhill) ultra fast delivery for me (2 to 3 days) ... only downside> the price .. shayana is quite expensive but the quality is there as well as the speed of delivery (in general eh;))

  • Translated from French aytec
    Even if I expected a little better so then, based on the comments I stayed reasonable. I took only half and I just eat. I thought I was going to feel nothing. of 2 good hours, I felt the 1st effects. I suspected that I had to start with an integer. Suddenly it went up faster so for me it was All right, life is roses. next to me a person who has focus on his jaw, I tried to do what I could because we are lucid with this product. Anyway, if we do the things we like and that we done thoroughly, this problem should not happen.I took my headphones, I put only music and it was only happiness., I dance until the next day.I must drink a lot of water. Lasts a long time, no hangover after sleep

  • Translated from French Bonbons
    Received in three days, impeccable always on top thank you shayanashop the bong is so clean that I fell in love

  • Translated from French FTF
    After hesitating for a long time, after a lot of research everywhere, I ended up falling for this bang cleaner. Verdict: Very good cleaning, in depth, favor a single pill for the first gentle passage, then the second after an hour, and let's go! I recommend it to all those who hesitate. PS: the day after nickel cleaning, provide green to gently accompany the return to reality. Peace, and thank you again Shayana.

  • Translated from French lionel
    Uh ... very good product but beware it grows very very strong ... Half is already damn effective! Expensive, but you get what you pay for !!

  • Translated from French Djowchev
    Very good product, to order with eyes closed and recommend for good times. Fast delivery and stripper effects ...... I advise

  • Translated from French Mr
    I loved it, my wife and I took half to test, 45 minutes after it was gone. good energy, well relaxed want to talk to love each other to get tons of hugs all night .... Decent beautifully sweet and just as enjoyable as the mounted. Magic your desire towards your partner will be amplified if you decide, to you in profit. Shayana is not ashamed to sell this product, nothing to envy what we can buy in the evening or on the street, and with the advantage of being certain not to swallow a tata stuffed with death close to the ground or other chemical shit that pits your stomach before you eat your brain and leave you with irreversible consequences. You can order with impeccable after-sales service, a product of very good quality. A big thank you to SHAYANA ......

  • Translated from French Stephane
    Super prod! Really very surprising. A single seal taken with a few seals. Good discussion interspersed with villainous hugs. Great evening at the apartment with good sound (Solar Fields ... DJ psytrance ...). Very nice taz / MD effect and quiet descent.

  • Noname
    Mild visual but tons of energy !!! felt in my bong for 2 days, but considerably weaker on the second day. Full on rush i never experienced in others pills, Molly is truly unique, recommend take only half a pill for first timer, peace .

  • Vladislav
    pure energy, no euphoria, good for party, must have a gum pack, im 29 year old , weight 95, 1 pill did the job for 4-5 hours. great stuff!, dont try a half its waste of product!

  • jerome
    super produit pour tenir toute la nuit la mâchoire qui serre légèrement mais sans plus je recommande

  • Patty
    What a night! Into the next morning with a smile. Shayana we've had such a fantastic night, thank you! hope that many will follow

  • Francaois
    Bliss formerly known as Mollium, we are so happy that it can be ordered again, please indicate and send reminder early if it is out of stock ...

  • Mice
    After half an hour you'll feel it starting to tingle and after an hour you're guaranteed to peak for 4 hours. no hangover next day!

  • Antonio
    Over 10 years of ordering from Shayana and this is my new favorite!! :)))) Keep the good vibes coming, the world can definitely use it right now!

  • Melanie
    Super produit, super site bref allez y les yeux fermés si vous etes habitué a aimer les bonnes choses !! Parfait

  • Klaus
    One pill has 400µg of this stuff. Fucking awesome but extreme long periode and a bad headache afterwards. Better crack one pill down to a half. Is better.

  • Hamish
    Extremely fast shipping! Great product and surprisingly intense. Not as good as original in terms of euphoria and from the shayana catalogue I personally prefer Xenon (4FMP ) which gives you a more euphoric and empathy filled experience. The main selling point for this one for me is that 1 pill will last you ALL night. It wares off very slowly and comfortably leaving you feeling fine the next day. Perhaps a little tired due to lack of sleep but that's all.

  • Nico
    Une petite pills bien sympathique, nettoie super bien, Ça doit vraiment bien en groupe. Je recommande ce produit à qui veut avoir les effets proche de mr Md Merci shayna !

  • alexzen
    Its a very nice product. Even with 1/2 an inexperienced user will clean his bong like a pro! For more constat users 1 pill will do the job, it is not necessary to exceed this limit. It is much better than the regular md, a clear sense of what it is suppose to be. You can feel it! :) Thanks Shayana.

  • Mike
    Yeeeeeaaaarrrr der absulute Ober Burner👍 mehr geht nich das sind richtig geile teile seit Jahren nich so was geiles mehr gehhabt !!!!! Weiter so Shajana ihr seit die besten! Wäre schön wenn ihr mal nen mengen rabatt anbietet

  • Translated from German The
    So I really have to say that I did not expect such a blatant effect. Vllt isses really better to take a half first, I would say at least in hindsight so ^^ Super fast delivery! only recommendable

  • Translated from German sunshine
    I tested half a day yesterday. I felt the first flood after 45 min. The main effect was there after 1½ hours. Slight eye flickering, color changes, smells and music became more intense. The effect lasted for almost 4 hours. It was a nice easy trip. Only the euphoric was missing, something was there, but unfortunately not enough. Next time will test 0.75. So far I still like Bliss Blast the best? You should have tried. Top shipping!

  • Thierry
    Very good product, amazing for sex (with a little help for my friend^^) but two things to avoid -First : the vomiting reflex after a while (fortunatly not a drop out but woof) Drink a lot -Second Have a clock in sight or you could loose your time speaking about how good it is which was great too but less than what we did before ;) A great cleaner, couple friendly!

  • Maurice
    Last Batch with the 4 Pills, of which one equals 1/2 of the 2 Pills Batch, was not so good imho. I hope the new Batch will be better again. Still the best Product on this site :-)

  • Translated from German Phillip
    Krass this bong cleaner can really keep up with the original but easily 1 tab and about 1 h 30 min later half a dozen and the bong wants to embrace the whole world :)

  • Translated from German Joseph
    Simply incredibly good. A good friend and I gave it to us three days ago. Around half past seven every half. Since I had not eaten for a long time, I immediately noticed when it started up - just like xtc and mega pleasant. Unfortunately, it didn't work for my friend, he had eaten shortly before and after about an hour we both treated ourselves to the other half. Then it really went off. Have zero difference to the original, it was just awesome. We talked and talked and frankly we didn't do anything else than talk and listen to music and be happy and walk around for 6 or 7 hours. We probably talked as much as we did in our complete friendship: D Since we assumed that it would be difficult to fall asleep, we smoked another one around 2 a.m. (when the main effect started to wear off about an hour ago). We assumed that we would be really finished then, but the opposite happened. Suddenly we even got a couple of nice looks and experienced something incredibly funny. For the next three hours, our complete short-term memory was fucked. No matter what one of us said, we forgot it a second later. Sometimes there was a shred and you tried to hold on to it, but it would be slowly absorbed. We even forgot what we wanted to talk about in the middle of the sentence and then we also forgot the sentence we had just started. In the beginning and now afterwards it was really a mega fun and indescribable experience but at some point it was really annoying because we couldn't speak more than two words. In addition, after the joint our jaws rattled off like anything else. But that was actually funny, because we couldn't talk anymore because of all the kicks in the jaw (which wasn't bad since we forgot everything anyway) and we always had to grit our teeth during these attacks and tried to survive somehow haha. After a few minutes it went away again and again and again came in between. All in all it was a great night and we are totally convinced of the things. Ordered directly and are super satisfied with the effect and all the trimmings. Would be nice if there were also volume discounts like the other Bongbastic products, otherwise price / performance justified. I can really recommend it a thousand times! Happy druppen!

  • Translated from German Mike
    Hammer cool, so a bong cleaning should run. Half gave a shuuuuuuuubbbbb of more than 8 hours. my sweetheart and I celebrated the St. Grinsemann 4 hours and fucked 4 times what it took. These things are really worth it.

  • Translated from Italian uroboros
    certainly the best product in this section. It works quite well, close enough to MDMA. 1 rather strong pill. Usually I take one half a few hours later.

  • Translated from German Mario
    ?????????? Arrived today ?? Super fast shipping you have to say that? Thank you Shayana ... Then unpacked and looked at things with a big grin? & look really well pressed and deliciously thick ?? ... The anticipation is really great and I'm looking forward to a nice weekend like a small child and will tackle the matter with fun, games and excitement ?? ... More then from me ?? LetSRock ?????

  • Rujipas
    Such a amazing product i have ever used. fast eyes, very focus, quickly, fresh make it count !!

  • Translated from French Sarah
    Second experience for me who started with the Hawaiinium and who had never tested anything before. I highly recommend it for a mega good delirium. So for this one, same scenario, we take with my companion 1 half around 8:30 pm, after an hour, nothing, we take the second half and as for the Hawaiinium, nice climb in less than an hour. Light spray and it heats up a bit, but otherwise it's fine. Afterwards, it's very strange, alternating between the desire to cuddle and cocoon and the images and ideas jostling in the head. It really started around 11 p.m. and impossible to sleep until 9 a.m. Impossible to drink or eat, but this time I force myself to drink a little, horrible, exacerbated taste, too strange! This time I find that it is mainly the touch and the taste that are + active, ditto for hearing, incredible !! In the end want to speak speak speak, what we did all night with phases of cocooning, ideas burst, the desire to indulge and with a super nice truth serum effect, suddenly frank discussions and without taking of head. We both really enjoyed it and yet he doesn't like to talk too much in normal times: p Frankly we loved it and we will test in other circumstances to see the difference but it was really great !!

  • Translated from French zeuzeu
    It was really great. Euphoria, want to talk and dance with anyone, and the effects last a long time! By cons ATTENTION, I advise you to eat before and especially not to have drunk too much! (because of that I had 3 hours of blackout during which my friends told me that I was delirious to death, so I think it's too violent with alcohol, and I woke up with bruises everywhere) But otherwise it's been more than 10 hours since I took it and I'm still a little euphoric :)

  • Translated from French Maxence
    Hello everyone, Excellent product, especially in the evening! Several hours of good vib and the urge to move. Peace n love

  • Translated from French Dailly
    great product, I recommend taking half then 45 min later the other half, its will avoid stacking lol. Peace & drug

  • Translated from French fouquet
    I ordered without much motivation and I must say that I am on the ass !!! I didn't expect it to be a bomb at all !!!! That's truly impressive ! in the evening you will have fun I find all the extra effects I highly recommend !!!!

  • Translated from French Sébastien
    I am very happy taken 1 hour ago at sunrise and powerful like a good ta-ta before I will recommend it !!! thank you to the team

  • Translated from Italian Jeff
    Incredibly good and clean! I literally couldn't tell the difference between this and a real pill!

  • Translated from French esperanto
    Lover !! my bong has never been so clean in my life !! beware of the trap anyway: / but otherwise a wonder !! thank you shayana (;

  • Translated from French EmieLL
    I was very skeptical after an experience with partypills of a different brand. The experience is completely different, what a surprise! I will order a large quantity before they are all sold or illegal by law ;-) Greetings from France

  • Translated from French licciardi
    a little comment on those produced. go there it is a pure product a very good titi even better than certain pills that we find today our world today. here is my little experience taken in the early afternoon with my darling we did not eat for lunch. to take with a fruit juice of water or whatever the liquid as long as you swallow it is the main. I took it with coffee I recommend it for people who like strong sensatioins lol. we decide to go do just three races before the titi takes effect we thought to go home in time and enjoy waiting for the ride of this pill. but no !!!! barely 20 min after taking in the super market I had an unforgettable climb a very strong climb so much so that my companions had to resume the role to finish the races. the climb lasted 5 good minutes so be mentally strong because it is really very strong as a product my companions take off a few minutes after me once arriving at the checkout. we came back and it was gone right in the peak of the joyful high euphoric high speed at the same time enormously as a good titi of amphet and md both at the top of the top. I recommend taking it with his or her partner. it's very cerebral. so expect to confide in chatting dancing for hours to really find out who your partner is. we had the impression that our brains were connected and we were one we had the same thoughts the same envi it was magic yet we have known each other for a long time but with Bliss it is totally different at level connection between couple you really connect in the outside world and you do not want to return to the current world mdr at the time spent you at least two days I assure you the climb lasts only 5 minutes but very powerful and more 20h of dinguerie to mount amphet then after we started the md ask us and we redid the world and op it went back to mount amphet and so on it was great. we no longer controlled our body it is for her that I recommend you man or woman to take Bliss with your partner you will live unforgettable moments in terms of sex, its never stops with you men and the same for women you envy everything the weather was all night you never know how to stop several times and the next day it was gone. the next day we were going downhill so as I told you devoted two days for you story to get back down the high hard for a while so for the little minds who begin and who want to taste a new sensation I recommend just half of this pill . we were septic at the beginning but in real expect a big surprise !!!! not at all disappointed I repeat it enormously !!!! we are going to recommend some very good mollécule thank you shayana very quickly

  • Translated from German Benjamin
    Received the product today I'm overly satisfied with the service of this shop, thank you very much! Detergent looks clean and tightly squeezed at the weekend.

  • Translated from French Psykoshark
    Good product, energizing, exciting, hot After 30 to 40 minutes I play a fps and I feel like I'm doing crazy things when not actually. I'm hot and I want to have all my friends near me and always talk about talking about lots of things. and I serve my teeth like a psychopath, but it doesn't matter ^^ To buy with my eyes closed;)

  • Translated from French Dam's
    To start this journey (as it was the case a few days ago) the professionalism of shayana and at the appointment !! 6 working days from payment accepted therefore serious punctual ^^ Surprise, gift of 11 instead of 5 canna-seeds so once again the seriousness was there, even if I do not intend to use it (an elected official thank you, not what!) Otherwise very skeptical at the end of the comments because too rewarding it was for me and ask me precisely .. Why ?? The why ? Everything is there !! Ride strong and gently without the disturbing effects of this big sister known to the festive world !! A minus .. Not really. It has all the less disturbing effects !! So c top <3 Level stim a little less like love but everything is really there !!! A half can be enough and the connoisseurs a lager does what it has to do !!! Really no bizzare effect I felt a counselor for the guys of the night even the novice (a hub c well to start below it happens nothing) Kisses and thank you shayana !!!

  • Translated from French manzoni
    Durand the first 20 minutes, my love begins to feel the rise, his heart begins to accelerate a little badly bided the first 45 minutes, 10min later the same for me without bad belly. My heart is getting tight against I reassure her that everything is normal. The result that good papouye hug, we laugh, dance. in gro an unforgettable evening. I can not wait for my order to arrive I come in may mission time I have a gro need to decompressed.thank you shayana :-)

  • Translated from French soulhol
    The best product I have ever tasted on this site. the effect is almost similar to md of what to spend a very good evening

  • Translated from French Yannick
    Bjr tlm. Today will give my opinion molinium ... But please read my course which is explained on the 10 consumed per evening ... (cde of times 6 xenon and 4 molinium) .... already I gobble 2 xenon of a blow ac orange juice and qd i took ts xenon i finish ac molinium is done I find longer but not more powerful effects just revitalized ... My opinion for beginners cde 6 molinium and ac 4 molinium taken should be enough for you but 2 more can be taken well zen one evening at home ?? ... But SVP consumed as usual but did not take my ex me consumed 6-7 taz mini for small evening in a club but for festival like BOREALIS in Montpellier added a 200 panel or even microtip ... Am certainly not an example to follow these just my comparative experience ... Yannick ... Next opinion natrium 2g in 2h. The 0.8g by the nose tears off but just bad nose after I finished 1.2g tjr same nostril but more almost badly but nothing nada felt not even a speed effect of I ordered a bong ac of salvia * 10 vs say the difference here was my opinion on my exo a vs to do yours but be careful to learn to walk before running it is qd strong and chemical molecules ... Yannick ...

  • Translated from French Juju
    A half is enough for a 5 h trip with teeth clenching big desire to move, others feeling a little weird but in the end it was a pleasant moment.

  • Translated from French lapoutre
    Great lover of "Candy Fleep", I added Bliss (5-mapb) to HAWAIUM (4-aco-dmt); and there, oulala !!! I took very dear! I am an old man and rather skeptical about RC but I admit I was surprised. But I think that the dosage that I sent myself is for something (I will not say how many mg for fear that I am taken for a suicidal!) To return to Bliss, the effects are similar to a good taz but a little less love. I recommend taking 1 pill, then a half every 45 minutes. In this way, cleaning can take around 7 hours. On the other hand, watch out for the jaw that ruminates !!! For me, this is the best prod in the range. Go there cheerfully but gently! Trance in peace.

  • Translated from French louise
    Thank you shayana for this excellent cleaner !! We highly recommend! I took 20 minutes to clean mine, almost 1 hour for my girlfriend ... We will soon make our rack, this cleaner will be of great use !!!!

  • Translated from French Enjoymarkito
    >> ATTENTION << Very nice climb with a cachet (quite long to come, I waited more than an hour before having the first effects), but it was excellent, full of tenderness, love and at the same time an incredible fishing to dance on electro for 4 good hours. The jaw was badly attacked (remember to have chewing gum on you !!). The next day was another story, I lost my balance, it was not easy to stand without pitching. And I had memory lapses, I found piss in my kitchen while I was alone at home with the door locked !! So I would have done sleepwalking (which has never happened to me so far ...). I have a lot of lapses of memory for the day that followed this intake of product and, I specify that I rarely take products of this kind ... So, be careful, especially do not take the 2 tablets ( only one will already be very good you will see), drink lots of water and do not abuse this product, it is good, maaaais there is a big setback after !!

  • Translated from French adrien
    I took a half I waited 1/2 hour nothing I told myself that I should have taken a whole pill and no I'm new and its enough I lived an excellent experience and I bought it 4 the next day watch out toothache not a big thing but a bad

  • Translated from French blatzer
    just waw good ride no bad trip with good tech and it's gone lol I recommend thank you to you for c good delirium super deadly site basically

  • Translated from French Djude
    Frankly after ordering this molecule a few times I am still amazed at the effect it does: D Yesterday received my package in which I also had 2 xenon and natrium. The evening was nice but ajd I still have 1 xenon and 1 Bliss and well I don't understand much in life anymore: p Big climb like a real pills without forgetting the jaw and the eyes that go wrong: D The best molecule all confused of this THANK YOU Shayana website

  • Translated from French Ju
    I love this molecule quansi like a good MD too much. I am more of pleasure and well being without counting my bang which is very clean. Next order, a small Bliss - Xenon, Radon & Natrium mix to savor in a small festival :-) Even by far better than some other illegal molecules. Thank you SHAYANA for this impeccable quality which you always look good !!! : D

  • Translated from French Happy
    Xcellent product to try, in moderation for novices (and considering the price, better to taste). gradual ascent (in 1 / 2h the 1st effects are felt, desire to move while remaining happy & communicative) and long (6h min before taking 1 ... otherwise beware of teeth clenching!) gently descend. ..Thank you Shaya;)

  • Translated from French erwan
    Excellent !!! with a pils I went very far, the music was enjoyable, have felt happy as ever and a feeling of well being ... :) I strongly advise you to at least make an experience you did not go regret !!!! i will recommend direct ^^

  • Translated from French sam
    Super great, effect 100 000 000% guaranteed, from the bomb, take 1 whole thing the climb makes super sweat and after listening to you a good sound that tears it is assured happiness, mercishayana I trust you, you are right to beware before undoing pleasure, but seriously this Bliss is indescribably the super bonnhzeur, drink lots of water if not achtung with cramps, but still a thousand thanks shayana ... By the way I did not have my gift with the promo code, think about it next time, thank you ... However beware very powerful rise, after that it passes but it is guaranteed for a super powerful delirium which allows to bring out that the best of oneself,

  • Translated from French Colin
    Madness! We were several to test the same evening, we still have to hang on when the pistachio arrives, after that it's freewheeling! I have a friend who vomited, while finishing the evening well, another who was a little transparent for 1 hour, for my part it went very well, all until around 11 am! Thank you Shayana, I recommend this product +++!

  • Translated from French tournier
    Great product, a pills and c left for takeoff ... as always speed and seriousness are by appointment. I recommend...

  • Translated from French Ted
    Hello ! We were 3 for 2 stack! One would have thought that it was not enough but it is false !!! We were watching a movie and we were chatting and my girlfriend started to get hot and be good !!! The TV had doubled in volume and at more than midnight she wanted to go outside !!! While we guys nothing it took 30 min for it to go up but once there !!! It was great especially with less than a half each !!! Everything moved quickly and slowly at the same time !!! We went to bed at 7am but the evening felt like an hour !! Music has taken us to a different world !!! The rain on us was a terrible feeling !!! Evening to be redone with a battery each !!!

  • Malle
    Uuuum... what was I just going to saaaay? Uuuum... Oh well, I got it: DON´T MESS WITH MUM! 1/4 unit on empty bong is the upper edge I´d say. Using more is just a waste of resources in all respects.

  • Translated from French tinant
    Frankly and pleasantly surprised ... Slow and progressive effect of an hour, which is good. Then, six hours of euphoria, tenderness, good will, original ideas, the desire to talk about love, physical and sexual form! I have recommended elsewhere! G.

  • Translated from French Tommisboob
    Very good product, it is the second time that I order it, and the delivery times as the quality of these bombs are just impeccable. I recommend it to all those who want a good pole for a whole night .. On top shayana ??

  • Martin
    Usually I don’t write reviews, but this product is just amazing! Tried BB Bliss with some friends, and it was so much like ‘real’ molly they couldn’t believe it was a legal product! *Best new party product out there.*

  • Juzepe
    Got Bliss via 24h holidays special (thanks guys). This took me on a healing cruise of deep platonic love and contemplation.

We don't ship this product to: Canada, China, United Kingdom, Germany, United States of America, Austria
Experience a pure lust for life like you never have before. The most pleasurable sensations are brought to life as the weight of the world is lifted off your shoulders.

Prepare to love, breathe and dance with a smile for hours with that unforgettable feeling that can only be described as BLiSS.

Limited stock, enjoy it while it lasts!


Waves of love and energy, extreme euphoria, greatly enhanced touch and bodily sensations, increased empathy and appreciation for the joy of life.


The effects are enhanced when experienced with a positive mood, good music and a comfortable environment.


½ capsule
1 capsule
1½ capsules


Onset: 40 - 60 minutes
Peak: 2 - 5 hours
Duration: 5 - 8 hours


5-MAPB (90 mg per capsule)