Trufas Mágicas

Psilocybe Tampanensis - Philosophers Stones

    • Joe
      A light strength truffle that will make you feel really high and giggly. If you're expecting to really trip from these then they probably aren't the best ones for you. I would recommend these to a beginner more than anything. Taste is really bad so just have some mouthwash or minty chewing gums handy while you're consuming them. 3/5 from me.

    • Translation_Li-La-Launebärin_de
      Hello everybody. For me as a relative mushroom novice a very pleasant experience. The effects were subtle and came in waves as mentioned in the description. I thought about an hour after consuming the first 7 grams, nothing happened, but then I realized that I was sharply aware of things I was focusing on, as if you were focusing on a camera. I then took the remaining 8 grams and while playing colorful browser games, I occasionally saw faces of dwarfs and Indian deities in the patterns, and later on kneading an owl at the Magic Sand. The size perception also seemed to have changed slightly, but I noticed that later. ("Yikes, did not that look much smaller yesterday?") Thoughts could not digress as much as I would have wished, but that was probably due to my own constitution. After about 2 hours I then ate a pizza (the truffles taste unfortunately not exactly appetizing and the aftertaste continued) and all of a sudden made a deep relaxation. I then played Danheim's album "Herja", leaning back and just chilling out and ending the evening. All in all, very relaxed. Package arrived after just over a week and the packaging was discreet and small.

    • Translation_Sami_de
      Hey guys, wanted to say something to these truffles ... So I'm not going to tell you anything biblical or the same. I take truffles because I have various traumas and have been depressed for almost 20 years. As I have seen various reports, a trip can repair the brain and relieve depression. Have I, as you can imagine, started throwing truffles at me ... Ok enough of me I just wanted to say that, if someone has the same motivations as me .... When I throw truffles my body shows me fast that I should get tired and close my eyes (no idea it really is like this) As long as my eyes are open, I'm getting more and more tired until I finally close my eyes and finally leave my ego for the rest of my life. Then I realize again that everything is of no importance. My ego, my fears .... nothing matters anymore and I can just be and I'm Energy. And I'm firmly convinced that just that stage is my brain sorted and defragmented again. So I gave myself 9 grams and my body or ego has allowed itself to let go that I just after 30 min. had handed me over. At first I just thought, ok now you are gef.ckt and that was the last time ... I'm on the couch and could not move. I was in another galaxy right now and I could not get out of it, so I just enjoyed it. I'm fine and the trip was still nice and had a lot of insight for me. All I can say is that these truffles really kick in quickly and that was really unfamiliar to me. Only one thing was really. They really taste bad old! Conclusion: are really good but just hit in quickly. All the best for you on your travels.

    • Pierre-Yves
      It was a really good experience. You have to be patient but at the end, you finally got the point. Everything in the room was in perfect harmony. I really enjoy my trip took 15 grammes a time but don't recommend to newbie to take as much as I have taken. It could be difficult for a beginner (some strips can be very painful, for other things I saw people that were really desperate) , every trip is particular so be careful, and don't forget to have a nanny.

    • Wilson
      Very nice experience for beginners, remember your set and setting and you are bound to have an amazing experience.

    • margot
      A good trip. It opened my depressed mind a bit, let me feel how it was to have long trains of thoughts before the sickness. Peaceful and interesting experience.

    • Translation_Thomas
      It was not bad for me, even if I did wrong, short, that's my experience: I was at a friend's house, a good tea in hand while waiting for the fields to infuse, and the first minutes after drinking this ... Soup? I felt extremely tired. I went to bed and quickly fell asleep, and ouuuuhhh boy it was weird what happened after; Dreams (at least I think it was), extremely clear, and even a year later I remember! They were very colorful and happy, Inca temples (or aztecs, no idea), floating in the air on platforms / islands, I could move in, and it was magical! In short, to do again, but better, because it has not lasted centuries what ... But it was nice!

    Psilocybe Tampanensis

    Philosophers Stones

    Take yourself on a deep trip with these natural magical wonders! Psilocybe Tampanensis are popularly known as Philosopher’s Stones or Magic Truffles. It should be no surprise they have become famous for divine psychedelic trips, producing deep thoughts and very pleasant insights. This is a medium strong truffle, great for escapes in nature and gatherings with the best of friends.


    Effects begin 30 to 45 minutes after truffles are consumed. Experience an overwhelming feeling of euphoria, closeness, empathy and creativity. It is also very common to experience strong visual hallucinations, a pleasant body high and fits of laughter.


    6 grams
    9 grams
    10-15 grams


    4-6 hours when taken orally. The trip comes in waves with a smooth comedown.


    Eat them raw, on an empty stomach and clear head. For the best mushroom experience, please make sure that you’re in a safe environment where you feel comfortable and that you take the correct dose.


    Fresh truffles should be stored in the fridge between 2 to 3 weeks maximum. If you want to keep them longer you have to dry them. After you dry your truffles you can keep them for up to 6 months, kept in a closed box/bag in a cool dry place.