Royal T - Herbal LSD

    • MN
      erst eine ... keine wirkung dann die 2. - keine wirkung gut gemeint, aber mit "liquid lsd" hat das ma garnix zutun. kann es leider nicht weiter empfehlen.

    • Kane
      Unfortunately I didn't get any psychedellics. What I was truly hoping for. But the mood and sensation was top notch. Best product on the market for that. I truly appreciate this product as it's what I have looked for.

    • freak
      even the ingredients are not listed as usual..

    Royal T

    Herbal Lsd

    Royal T is a herbal shooter whose effects are very similar to those of LSD.¬


    Depending on the dosage, Royal T has a stimulating effect or a sedative (calming) effect.¬ If you take a low dose, the first is the case.¬ With a high dose you will experience a very relaxed trip, similar to an opioid. A full dosage of Royal T gives you the feeling of breaking free from reality and ending up in a pleasant dream.¬ Keep in mind side effects such as dizziness, nausea and vomiting.¬ No worries, these will pass on their own.


    Shake well. Use one hour after meal. Drink half of the bottle first to check response. Drink a glass of water or juice afterwards.


    ¬Ĺ bottle: stimulating effect?Full bottle: calming effect


    Experience a wonderful trip that can last up to four hours.


    Royal T consists of a pure herbal extract of the Mitragyna speciosa (Kratom).¬ This herb originates in Southeast Asia and has been used for medicinal purposes, especially in Thailand, for centuries to treat ailments and improve mood.¬