• JoyC
    I became very giggly, everything was funny!!!! But I got very nauseous afterwards.

  • Translated from French Shiva
    During a night out with friends, I take two HaPpY caps around 7:30 p.m., then two more an hour apart. Time passes ... Around 10 p.m. I start to surf on a wave of happiness. Everything is fluid, everything is beautiful :) Around midnight, everything becomes MgïQüe $ °! The feeling of entering the music, of understanding everything. I start thinking about too many things at the same time and no longer knowing what I really want. I go to bed around 1 or 2, and there, it becomes downright mind-blowing, I absolutely no longer feel my body. I have the impression of being very small, inside myself and that my body is still. Yet I can speak or even make a few gestures, but I don't feel anything physically. At one point, I even think I was dead lol. With my body and mind unresponsive in Hawaii, I think about it until 7 am, without being able to sleep. I get up for a drink and there, I notice that the living room floor is undulating. In fact, everything is moving slightly! I finally manage, after having glued to the beauty of the shadow of the light bulb in the bedroom, to fall asleep :) In conclusion, do not underestimate this psychedelic. To be taken in good conditions in good company :)

  • Translated from Italian Plur
    I felt like living in a night's dream, thinking that I had to entertain him ± instant ecstasy, good!

  • color13
    Amazing!! The time stopped or seriously slowed down. I was "one with the universe" really :) !!WORTH but the day after is horrible (great tiredness)

  • Translated from French memess
    I took 4 Space trip pills and 4 Tripe pills in the evening, at the beginning I was in the same state as under MD, I was in harmony with the music and I loved everyone !!! By account afterwards it became crazy, I asked myself, I made trips in my past and I had the greatest introspection of my life !! I saw the time slow down, seriously I believed while I was dead because I was in an endless loop in my head! On the other hand, the HBW should not be underestimated, because during a moment of the evening I left the atmosphere !! Good descent the next day, no depression like with other productions, on the contrary I had the impression of starting a new life :)

  • Translated from French ivanhoedu45
    In the middle of the night with a friend, we decided to take two capsules each. For about 2 hours, nothing. Then, the atmosphere helping (fart, alcohol, fields), all of a sudden the effect arrives. I find myself alone, without knowing why. I then decide to move, and to take a little air on the plain (small clarification on the context, I was at a rave-party, therefore place neither known nor necessarily safe). From fatigue, I lie down in the grass and there ... an intense, indescribable well-being, beside which being in his bath is nothing! A big retrospection then, on all these small gestures of the past, of the school, of the canteen, which one thought to have "forgotten" while growing up. The brain is really a very strange thing! I don't know how long I stayed there in the night on this plain, but still, by getting up to try to find my tent (hard, duuuur I tell you!), I was lost! But I finally managed to get back to my sleeping bag! In short, about 6 hours of good trip. As for my friend, I only saw him when I went to bed (he was also quite tired when he took his capsules ... and nothing else besides a beer!). He went to bed straight away but could not sleep: fevers, hallus, inability to stand / walk straight and head spinning. In short, a big bad for him. Personally I would resume!

  • Translated from French Benoit
    2 caps in the cars before arriving in the evening. medium effect, feeling of heaviness, not great. And after a big stomach ache ... I wouldn't recommend it. Everyone is different when it comes to the effect, but my colleague who took the other two didn't really like it. It was a discovery.

  • Translated from Italian Stefano
    I'm really ok bong super clean, the only flaw you have to be fasting and starts to rise about after 50 minutes the maximum peak about after 2 hours, first time 2, after 3.30 hours having taken it I was at the maximum (similar to lsd slightly lighter the next day less physically and mentally devastating) a hello and thank you from steak

  • hair
    (shipping took 3 days) I took these because i dont like the taste of the HBWR.. So I took 3 of them on an empty stomach. The nausea was arduous and lasted about one hour. After that I felt great. Structures became really interesting and people's faces looked like caricatures. After two hours the walls started to breathe and the hair of the guys in TV was growing in seconds. I felt like living in the dream of one sleeping, thinking that i had to entertain him. The tiredness the day after was okay and the trip was fun

  • Translated from Italian Mescalito
    I became very giggly, everything was fun !!!! But I was very sick afterwards .. but I mixed this with weed and speed ..

  • Translated from Spanish EZ
    Take 1 and it was enough to have a feeling of well-being and inner peace. You channel very well with your creativity.

  • Translated from German Raphael
    Absolutely nothing noticed, even though I took them all at once ... Then you'd better be real;) but there are enough other options here!

  • Translated from French Lars
    I swallow the 4 capsules at once, otherwise it has no interest. We find the effects of HBwoodrose, but really lighter. To really try, anyway, if only to test its sensitivity, if you do not know the HBwoodrose. "Mild" and pleasant psychedelic stimulation. If there is nausea for some, frankly it is ridiculous (take an anti-emetic, if nausea is really a problem for you). For novices or to test your sensitivity to LSA, TrIp-E is a good buy. For a finished product, grinded and put in capsules, the price remains really reasonable. Afterwards, if you really appreciate the effects of trip-e, you can just as easily prepare the seeds of HBwoodrose, the effects are much more powerful and enjoyable. Vegetable LSA is safe for health, and well prepared. , it's like chemical LSD, but without psychedelics visual effects. To learn how to prepare seeds properly, go to the erowid site, there are simple examples of preparation, but I was really disappointed with the HBwoodrose seeds sold at shayanashop. Madagascar HBwoodroses are the best and have the highest concentration of LSA per seed (you don't need more than 4 or 5 seeds for a regular trip, and no more than 8 or 9 seeds to be totally disconnected from reality. ordinary, 8 or 9 seeds, it's hot, really as far as I'm concerned it's my ultimate dosage, more it's not possible ..... too violent) We can find, if we want, these seeds on other well-known sites. But hopefully Shayana will make the effort soon to offer better quality HBwoodrose seeds for sale. Coming back to TrIp-E, buy no problem. Especially for a first experience and / or to familiarize yourself with the effects of LSA. You can also mix Trip-e with other psychedelics to boost the effects.

  • Translated from French pidieu
    order of 2 box of tripe one of bc2 and one of heuforie received 5 days after order thank you shayana on the other hand I have not received my mushrooms especially be careful not to take too much when you wait for the effects for me I was with my best friend kevin we went to a friend and we started with 4 tripe each but considering that one hour of no climb we made 5 bc2 each and 2 euforie an hour after and the 4h after a big climb of all days' felt like I was an integral part of the sofa I saw flowers in my eyes waves on the ground with pyramids growing and a mega feeling of love that made several friends called to tell them that I love them in short Again 6 hours later with feelings of infinite comatage my friend on the other hand remained on the sofa 2 hours too hard to get up so good he was and 2 hours later he quiched on a friend's car when leaving and badgered the rest of the evening at home too torn in short this product is very nice but do not abuse it before having tested the e ffects

  • Translated from Samoan HOARAU
    Hi, Diese Boxen sind absolut empfehlenswert! War mein erster Versuch. Habe bis jetzt nur eine Box im Gebrauch, die andere lagert noch im Kühlschrank. Der erste Flush ergab 148 nass ... was meiner Meinung nach sehr passabel ist. Bin genau nach der Anleitung auf der Website vorgegangen. 14 Tage vom Anfang bis zum ersten Flush. THX an shayanashop!

  • azi
    i like it nothing more to's nice.eazy smile!

    Utilisé en 2 prises espacées de 24h de 2 gélules, seul au calme (allongé) dans une pièce tamisée avec ambiance sereine. Je n'avais aucune expérience en substance psychoactive à part le cannabis occasionellement et la truffe magique essayée la veille. Après une sensation un peu désagréable pendant la première heure (un peu comme au début d'une grippe) j'ai décidé le premier jour de prendre une douche puis de manger au bout de deux heures après ingestion (sucre lent et rapide) et c'est là que les effets sympas ont démarré : beaucoup d'attrait pour les textures, sentiment d'euphorie, grosse détente... J'ai apprécié et vécu beaucoup plus qu'habituellement la musique que j'écoutais (du pink floyd puis d'autre du même genre)... J'ai fini par me matter des clips avec une sensibilité accruepour le symbolisme qu'il pouvait y avoir. 24h plus tard, je décide alors de refaire l'expérience avec la même dose de 2 gélules mais cette fois-ci avec du protoxyde d'azote en plus (environ une 50 aines de douilles uilisée 2 à 3 h après la prise quand les effets positifs des gélules étaient au plus haut) et alors là se fut une introspectif. Je ne regrette absoluement pas.. À noter que lors de la deuxième prise j'étais à deux doigts d'avoir des crampes quand je me levais. J'avais lu des avis défavorables dessus et je comprends parfaitement que certains puissent avoir mal vécu leur prise car d'en d'autres conditions (avec d'autres personnes, dehors, si on est obligé de bouger, focalisé sur les effets "grippaux" du début et les sensations de début de crampe) je pense que je n'aurai pas autant apprécié... Mais dans un context zen et bien dosé je recommande :)

  • Translated from Italian rodolfo
    funny euphoric with friends we laughed all night. taking 1 cup. it is not a demanding trip. recommended for everyone. even for those who have never experienced psychedelics. GOOD

  • Translated from French kilian
    after a drunken evening, a socket and let's go ... time to turn the bong and shoo it's off for a ride .......... too terrible ...... .... to recommend! !!

  • Translated from French RaggaMuffin
    delivery speed at the top barely 5 days !! and we can say that it's really good as they say no bad surprise !! so I recommend everyone to have a good time and therefore I re-order !! good christmas to all !!

  • Translated from French tophe
    cc to all !!! The effect is bizarre !!! after 2 seeds and well 1h30 of waiting a stomach ache not possible and a nosée of sick !!! But from 2 hours a climb but a climb lol completely elsewhere !!! the impression of having drunk a bottle of complete vodka !!! do not mix with apricot juice the mixture is too hard on the stomach lol !!! finally good the product is simple but not powerful enough finally I think !!! Bye !!!

  • Translated from Portuguese Diogo
    I loved this new experience it was too much to laugh at the powere as they say the name says it all I spent a different night

  • Translated from French Romain
    Tried just once, but found no particular effect ... I saw other much better things on Shayana.

  • Translated from French trippy
    I took 2, nice effect, happiness, lightness, ... I tried 4 caps again, super good delirium, small start of hallucinations ... my girlfriend took 2 on the other hand and bad sensations, even the next day; depression etc .. for experienced users therefore, it is similar to mushrooms but lighter.heavy on the stomach on the other hand, even if it is better to have an empty stomach for better results. still try 2 pills in a safe environment before trying the 4. really great trip. to raise, burn j ***

  • 51ckt0uch
    My girlfriend and I drank 1 of those with a glass of milk, after an hour and half we still did not noticed any effects so we decided to take 1 more. Effects started to kick in, vision disorder and a little of nausea. Some part were like with blurr effect and others were sharpened. We had such a great night together watching sunset.

  • Translated from Samoan 51ckt0uch
    Product of good quality and which has its effect, of course it should not be loaded too much otherwise slap assured.

  • Translated from French THIRIAN
    no but LOOOL !!!! For my part no psychic trip but rather close to MDMA (which I prefer) and no bad or stupid descent ... I took 2 caps. In fact this product should have been called "Euphori E" because closer to the description of the latter.

  • Translated from Italian Nomad
    ! very fast, ahhhhhi! I took these because I don't like the taste of the md .. So I took 3 of them on an empty stomach and have no regrets! ) I love you-all of you hahahh))

  • Translated from French Simon
    It's pretty cool, if I can give some advice: eat nothing or almost nothing before taking them, and wait for the effects if you plan to sleep after 2-3 hours, because otherwise in the morning you will have a funny wake-up call. everything that comes in your face ^^ Otherwise it's still light, a pill for the first time just to see his reaction to the thing, otherwise you need at least two to start laughing;)

  • Translated from French Remaud
    A horror ! Took just one pill around 4 p.m. No effect, until hell began 3 hours later. Cold sweats, diarrhea, vomiting, numbness, incoherent thoughts and gestures and above all an abysmal and irrational anguish at the idea of never taking off again. A very bad bad trip! After verification, it is almost impossible that I could "poison myself" with anything else. I will therefore advise to swallow them with caution and in good company.

  • Translated from French Renaud
    OH MY GOD !! One evening with some friends we decided to take caps except that I like a Mongolian I take 8 caps around 8 p.m. The effect did not go up too much, I was just very heavy .. So I went down to take 8 other in all 16 caps in the belly. 1 hour later I did not realize it but it started to climb strangely. Everything was shaking around me, my pupils were worse than dilated. After that black hole I don't remember anything until I wake up. I learned from friends that I turn into a hen and try to lay eggs. I saw lightning falling on me so I dodged them. I rang people and stole their live boxes to call Area 51 in America And the funniest thing in the story is that in the morning I found out that I had been in my garage and that I 'had filled my washing machine with sand there was a big sand tag in front of the machine and in front of my house a wheelbarrow and a shovel which are of course not mine !!!!! All my friends told me that he will remember all of their views of this evening. So I want to say very very very powerful product, it's almost dangerous. I would take it back with great pleasure but maximum 4 !!!

  • Andrew
    For new users or light trippers: Take 1 with a half serving of magic truffles (7.5g) For experienced trippers: Take 2 with a full 15g serving of magic truffles

  • Akesna
    Took 2 on an empty stomach and had an awesome trip (4-5 hours). I felt quite nauseous and tired afterward and the day after, though.

  • iceman
    We tried this on an empty stomach: 1 pill each, plus half a bag of Atlantis truffles. We ate 30min later, and the nausea was indeed very intense. I threw up 1h after taking it, and my girlfriend at t+2h30, and another time at t+3h, and t+3h30… not very pleasant. The high was mild, even combining with the truffles… not many psychedelic stuff. Sensation of weirdness, like a body high but also mental, but everything mild. Maybe I threw up too soon because the effect on the girlfriend was much more intense than on me. The next day, I took the two remaining pills myself, to see whether the high would be better, and hoping I wouldn't throw up this time. Maybe it was the combination with the truffles? It wasn't. I threw up again, 1h after taking, like clockwork… Well, I hadn't eaten anything, so I basically retched, but I felt something come up even if I didn't see more than spit. It seemed to be enough, though, since it stopped the retching. Maybe part of the diluted pills? After that, I started feeling an intense body high that almost got too intense at times, like when you're feeling too high on weed, with some subsiding nausea. Not the best high, I prefer weed. This stopped around t+2h However, when this was gone, and for the next 2h (so t+2h to t+4h), there was some intense euphoria and creativity. Lots of laughing. I really liked this part! Then I came down progressively. Still some residual euphoria at t+5h. Everything was gone by t+6h. Not sure it's worth the vomiting, and I certainly hope to find better, but it was an interesting experience.

  • Jaco
    Trip-e is a nice/very affordable/very mild hallucinogen. Not mind blowing stuff, but great for some animation/cartoons.

  • Translated from French MICHEL
    During an evening with my girlfriend, we start by taking one capsule each, after an hour and a half not many effects we decide to take a second. The effects are long to arrive but after a while big rise which lasted a very long time (I thought that it will never stop rising lol). At first it is stunning, impossible to move and very visual trip (contrary to what I could hear on the LSA), everything seemed to come alive / breathe / shine. Then we went for a walk and the trip was much more mental. Everything must depend on what you do during the trip and in what state of mind you are before taking it (set and setting) To sum up a good experience even if it was a little "special", much less festive than what I'm used to, very spiritual and mystical. For my part to avoid taking in places with a lot of people, stay put in a reassuring place and discover this very special world which opens up to you while remaining careful of course! not to be underestimated !!! :)

  • Translated from French poglio
    Arrived quickly and well packaged. (6 working days) Good taste, no particular effects. Do I need a specific electronic cigarette for its use? Thank you Shayana

  • Translated from French Zbruh
    My opinion: 1- The first time you are stun, go to your bed and you will feel reduced to nothing compared to the universe 2- it prevents sleep so do not take in the evening 3- The following times you have to wait 1 or 2 months to give the body time to forget about this substance to have 100% effect. Otherwise not bad

  • Translated from French Gotte
    Hello, Pay attention, some slightly erroneous comment ... this product is fantastically strong, have a good trip ... close to Hoffmann !! Do not confuse the product during your evening ... xD Pleasantly surprised, brilliant product, great value for money !! Have a good trip friends: D

  • Translated from French le-xot
    took the 4 all at once, go up the same, may well after a great stomach ache !!!

  • Translated from French brunox
    with 2 caps the effect comes 2 hours later and lasts a good 2 hours ... a few waves of well-being

  • Translated from French teddy
    Any drug should be taken with a positive mindset. Psychology plays a lot. I wake up, I receive at home. My little bag will wrap well after a few days. I have just swallowed a pill and am watching what will happen to me. I just test. I've been swallowing them for 5 minutes, so I'm patient at the moment. (I am a novice). I feel really good very clear in my mind. A booster. I start to feel the effects after a few minutes after a short walk. I recommend this product. Too cool I type on my keyboard is an effect this produces when I write to you.

  • Translated from French Pierre
    Top delivery! Ordered 3 sachets on Monday received on Thursday :). As soon as the pills arrived at home, I tested two. After a few hours, I start to feel a slight rise, similar to LSD which makes me very euphoric during "good" highs. The descent gave me the shit. At the beginning of the week, I go for a weekend to Rome where I took two at the airport. Big climb on the plane followed by a huge tug of the bar that made me fall into a good sleep. The descent was not felt this time around (possibly the absence of alcohol). I have just taken 4 pills at once, and I feel a pleasant physical effect but still slightly smeared and quite knocked out. If later I feel much more I will keep you posted. But that promises to be pleasant! :)

  • Translated from French Laly
    Good experience for me with a climb after an hour on the other hand longer and less intense for my love ... A little tired the next day Good product overall I'm waiting to try the rest of my order ??

  • Translated from French roots
    Knowing the pink baby woods well, I let myself be tempted, for the moment with 2 capsules, I have a fairly light effect, roughly equivalent to a few dozen seeds, less stomach aches and atrocious taste ,, the next 2 haven't changed much, but it is better to leave them a little time anyway before taking more. Like rose baby woods, a big catch for a big trip (5-6 capsules or even 8 for gourmets, but after the guarana pushes the heart to the limit) the easy solution when you do not want to prepare 150 seeds for friends!

  • Translated from French brice
    at 2 we started with 7.5g of truffles each with Mexican mushrooms in a lozenge (1.5 each) with a lot of alcohol, seeing that the effects were a bit limited, 1 hour later we took two tripe each and 1 hour after effect of well-being intense, no hallu but very good delirium until I released the salvia 10x standard and a big take off I started in a world parallel to ours, I thought I was going to get stuck like that for life. beware of the mixture especially with the salvia which made me go very far, I left running in the street I mm believed that the person who was with me (he hadn't taken anything, my other friends with whom I took the trip -was too badly and came back before salvia) was real I even touched it to be sure. be careful not to abuse these products I advise them may be careful with the dosage. and for salvia, I advise to do not take anything else before because otherwise it will multiply. thank you shayana, delivery within 4 working days, the products are of very good quality, do not underestimate.

  • Translated from French tansel
    tony bon delire stay home or cool place if first time 1 caps after you see for me have a good time in the evening

  • Translated from German Antonio
    the great spirit spoke through me! thank you for the natural ingredients again.

  • Translated from French Alexandre
    Hi everyone, Trip E is a product that I wanted to test for a long time that's why 2 of us took it to properly measure its short / long term effects. I don't know if this is the case for you but on our side, we had a stomach ache, vomited, my friend was at the end of his life and yet we are good connoisseurs. Bad pick or just bad product? I am disappointed but hey, there are other things to fly on shayana :)

  • Translated from French Groult
    Do not hesitate on this product. The beginning is difficult. I took two capsules (with water). After 30 minutes, I don't feel any effect. So I decide to take another pill. And there, like 20 minutes later, a big feeling of heaviness, impossible to move my legs, so difficult to make the slightest movement. In the midst of a feeling of discomfort, my girlfriend forced me to move and there, I had the impression of growing, that my legs were growing, of walking on clouds. I felt invincible, the impression of being able to do everything, speak with anyone, I was in a big delirium. So I took another 2 pills including a half with my girlfriend, so I was at a total of 4 and a half pills, including one with alcohol (despe). In the evening, a great feeling of derealization until the morning. My girlfriend left in bad with 3 capsules, be careful not to put all hands! :)

  • Translated from French Duncan
    Wow, so there I completely underestimated this product! Sunday at the beginning of the afternoon I take 8 all at once and 2h30 later I took off and I was perched all evening and all night! I completely abused, but it's better since this morning! To advise but not to exceed the prescribed dose indeed, this thing is MDMA my word. I will gladly take it back.

  • Translated from French fernand
    I took two caps when I was a bit tired, good climb but then general fatigue, impossible to smoke or drink even a beer. Unpleasant descent with psychic sensation of existential damnation. I tried again a cap in a glass of golden teacher's downhill port. This shot is very good sleeping pill but the tongue burnt.

  • Translated from German Tom
    En pleine nuit avec un ami, nous décidâmes de prendre deux gélules chacun. Pendant 2h environ, rien. Puis, l'ambiance aidant (pet's, alcool, champs), tout d'un coup l'effet arrive. Je me retrouve seul, sans savoir pourquoi. Je décide alors de bouger, et d'aller prendre un peu l'air sur la plaine (petite précision sur le contexte, je me trouvais à une rave-party, donc endroit ni connu, ni forcément sûr). De fatigue, je me couche dans l'herbe et là ... un bien-être intense, indescriptible, à-côté duquel se trouver dans son bain n'est rien! A large rétrospection ensuite, sur tous ces petits gestes du passé, de l'école, de la cantine, que l'on pensait avoir "oublié" en grandissant. The cerveau est vraiment une chose très étrange! Je ne sais combien de temps je suis resté là dans la nuit sur cette plaine mais toujours est-il qu'en me relevant pour tenter de retrouver ma tente (dur, duuuur je vous le dis!), J'étais perdu! Mais j'ai finalement réussi à revenir à mon duvet! Bref, environ 6h de bon trip. Quand à mon pote, je ne l'ai revu qu'au moment de me coucher (il était aussi pas mal fatigué lorsqu'il a pris ses gélules ... et rien d'autre à côté à part une bière!). Il est parti se coucher direct mais n'a pas réussi à dormir: fièvres, hallus, impossibilité de se tenir debout / marcher droit et tête qui tourne. Bref, a big bad pour lui. Perso j'en reprendrais!

  • Translated from French Babi
    Not to underestimate the effects, not visually at all but extremely mentally ... not the desired effect !!

  • Translated from French françoise
    VERY Very GOOD product. Pleasant to smoke. 1 good joint and you feel euphoric, relaxed, still active despite everything. I will order again without hesitation. Order arrived in barely a week

  • Translated from French konoha420
    Pleasantly surprised by these caps, at first dubious after having each taken one with a friend, we take another one an hour later and the magic operates the hour after! A gentle but slightly trying climb, magnificent sensations in front of the colors of the sunset, big giggles and a very good trippy side, thank you shayana!

  • Translated from French marliere
    I took some pretty crazy stuff in my life and I'm tough enough but I took the 2 + 2 caps at 1 hour intervals and I had the biggest high of my life; next to the tripium it's for babies; bleuffant for the price; digestive system overturned; duration of the effect 14 h including 9 full; be very careful not to underestimate; very fast delivery; thank you shayana;

  • Translated from French Mélanie
    First an effect of serenity then a crazy energy I started cleaning my whole house faster than an xD arrow (it was around 2 o'clock in the morning) my sister had taken shrooms she was laughing to death We were like in a trance doing housework , the colors were more intense like hypnotic, its duration 2h30-3h00 and the descent was brilliant the bliss all smooth but powerful, advice to take several for a more intense effect.

  • Translated from French alizé
    Huge! 3 capsules per person, without having eaten or drunk. 1h later, big climb. Rise a little hard, sensations of tingling of the legs and arms, nausea; but afterwards, brilliant! There were three of us who took it and the three of us had a great trip. The atmosphere could also be a lot: damian marley concert at marie galante! for three hours a smile impossible to regulate, standing, hard to manage, but hello, old, eyes cleared, another world! While walking, feeling light, all sense was increased tenfold. To do again! on the other hand, more cool than euphoric, to take while listening to good music stretched out and there departure for another world. By cons in my opinion not to exceed 3 capsules if not drunk and not eaten.

  • Translated from French Quentin
    Once again (never disappointed so far with Shayana) a product that is up to the task. Be careful, on the other hand, not to eat: I ate while waiting for the effects and I threw up shortly after, but, then, very good trip! An incredible feeling of well-being (same effects as for the "Jolly Trippies") and a very calm descent as well. The next day, no feeling of discomfort, as if the product continued to work. I strongly recommend and encourage you not to eat especially during the climb.

  • Translated from French Nicolas
    I tested from delivery 1 caps to see what it gave and to my surprise it is more powerful than what I expected we can feel the "trip" feeling a bit like mushrooms ... except that its puts you a lot more prom than mushrooms in short it's much better than a taz and it's 10 € the 4 caps so do you plaiz and dare to test ... Good after that's for sure it is armored more light compared to a box but hey I test the other 3 in a row this weekend and I would tell you what ... Otherwise no stomach ache (compared to other comments on the site) it is not more acid than of the mdma or amphet.

  • Translated from Spanish Tomas
    Within the group I could say that it is the most serene trip that I have tried, that no more lazy simper eye but more conscious, which allows you to do some quite long and intense meditation sessions open all the mental planes that you imagine and fly ...

  • Translated from French Antoine
    collis received in 1 week. thank you shaya! I took 1 caps because I am a beginner in psyche prodding and frankly I was not expecting that! after 1h30 the climb begins and the trip lasts 5-6 hours. good first experience but careful all the same

  • Translated from French Ben
    2 caps; my 2 friends took only one; after 2 hours no effect so I go home to sleep; I fall asleep 20 minutes and the trip arrives; finally trip is a big word: want to vomit, headache, impossible to sleep during the whole night, I was in an endless paranoid delirium. So advice: do not take it when you are already tired; did not try to sleep; and especially stay with your friends. Personally, I have already tested the Thai mushrooms and I had a better feeling. But of course it is worth feeling safe otherwise it turns into a nightmare ... CAUTION

  • Translated from German CheezyBoy
    Absolutely amazing! Didn't feel anything like the first time here. Only at the FOURTH time! (3 capsules each) But it was definitely worth it! I have never used MDMA, but I recognize the parallels to this substance from the stories of friends. 1. Incredible tingling and feelings of happiness 2. Love for everything We didn't notice a visual component, but our pupils were huge, which in turn speaks for an mdma-like high, because with hallucinogenic substances like lsd or mushrooms my pupils become tiny. All in all, very, very cool and we will be dropping again at a festival soon, but really fucking that you need so many attempts to feel the effect.

  • Translated from French Thomas
    Vapor at the top with the Dutch liquid mounted quickly we control the stoned using pure nickel! the Dutch mix has another liquid its also happening delivery always on top despite a slight misunderstanding on the order .... thank you Shayana! Peace

  • Translated from French Jason
    Good morning all! I tested these pills yesterday, took one to see what it felt like, and a second an hour later. Concretely we can easily overcome the nausea state, it is quite unpleasant but passable. On the other hand, we have the sensation of feeling sick for a while. Everyone reacts differently to this product (LSA) but as far as I'm concerned, I didn't realize it directly When I went to bed, I couldn't fall asleep because I spent several hours in talking to myself, it was pretty cool because we don't give a damn about other people, well, that's what happened to me ^^. Finally, concerning the visual effects, there were not many, just the intensity of the lights which was amplified. If you like weird stuff and feel up to countering the amorphous state we're in at the start, go for it! Do not eat before because it is a blow to all regurgitate. Come on, have a good trip!

  • Translated from French tansel
    I advise him to stay at home for a good delirium hang 2 caps to start

  • Translated from German Andreas
    With 2 capd per application violent mind trip. 1P Lsd I like edible paper but the stuff here makes pear really mushy. - On the first try, hardly any visuals and so violently hit in the head that I didn't know who I was anymore. Hardly any stomach problems or nausea. - On the second try, more visuals and a not so blatant head fuck. But more problems with stomachs and nausea. The warnings should not be taken lightly, the dosage instructions should also be taken first. LSA works differently for everyone, but if it hits you right, it can quickly get nauseous. The delivery was quick and easy. Have fun with it and don't take the stuff at a party, it will definitely not be funny;)

  • Translated from French dim
    good product but difficult to climb (big nausea. cold) but then took by 4 it's magic to buy eyes close

  • Translated from French MarynHill
    Ordered on a Sunday morning, delivered the following Saturday right for the party, perfect. I took two capsules and about 40 minutes after the effects took me by surprise. Indeed, more effect than I imagined, the top, good aluminum, good trip on the sound chug, it made me say anything, see anything lol and it mostly did everyone laugh. I advise you to esseiller but beware of the descent .. I baded for two hours and I ended up throwing up (I had only drunk water all night so it was not alcohol.)

  • Translated from French eddy
    experience to be redone, package arrives fairly quickly despite the small problem of the first order, strongly that I recommend, well perched

  • Translated from French FABRON
    Steppe rhombus all the best trip generation or amplifier accustomed amount of Schroms and wait until the effect comes then sip powder about 3g (very bitter, and active in black light, promotes mind reading skills em patie and so pigs horny

  • Translated from French DARGON
    Wahouuuuu! I can't say anything about the product alone since I only tested it in combination with shrooms, and only once ... But I had a magical evening. It was really fantastic, everything was beautiful, I felt in communion with nature - trip outdoors, in the forest. I saw the road sway, thousands of mushrooms that seemed to dance in a field, I spoke with my unconscious ... It was a unique experience. Thank you Shayana, and thank you to nature who knew how to create wonders.

  • Translated from German Jan
    So I think the pills are not good I took a 1h before a chilled round in the garden house with chilled music and except that everything felt a bit blurry about 15min was no effect

  • Translated from German Alexander
    I don't have to have bought it to know what it is and how it works ... From my experience with psychedelics, I can say that this analogue of acidic substances varies greatly in terms of its effects. It didn't work for me at first (I bought the effective ones from the hardware store), but when I came into contact with amphetamines more often, it looked psychedelic, but without any hallucinogenic effects. Since I have often used highly optically potent lysergic acid derivatives, this has also had a slightly optical effect.

  • Translated from French Erwan
    Small, very funny capsule, during a party a friend of mine swallowed 3 capsules at 30-minute intervals (between 8 and 9:30 p.m.). During the whole evening I was bitch because this friend told me to feel no effect. But the next day when I saw her she told me about her "end" of the evening alone xD. The small capsules finally took effect, but the downside was that it was 4am. Throughout the morning in full xD trip. Phew I was afraid of having wasted money for nothing x)

  • Translated from German dwa
    Absolute waste of money, I took them all at once and the effect was 0.

  • Jesper
    First i took one pill, waited an hour, so I took one more, and waited, after one more hour, still nothing, so then i just took the last to pills, still nothing. (beside those 4 Trip-e pills, I also eat 3 x 20 grams of magic mushroom, later i took 2 pills of Euphori E, the evening thru i also smoked some jay´s with salvia. This might sound like im an heavy addick, but not at all im 41, and have never tryed anything but hash in my hole life...

  • Translated from French jimmy
    super cool I ate the 4 rap at the beginning a little badly during the mounted small nosé just if you smoke a cigarette otherwise it's fine after a real small blotter without the D of LSD a trip without complex the colors are bright .. . in short his pete pourten his oration could be better because I was not in the best condition recommended for all the cardboard eater kissou loulou

  • Translated from French nan
    I do not advise anyone to take 2 because it is mdma in a parachute and it is not cool. Take 1 if you want but not 2

  • Translated from French Cyril
    this stuff is a terrible shit medoc it gives stomach ache and prevented from sleeping we are two to have tested several times if we just take two nothing happens three the stomach aches begin and four I advise against it because you will pass your night at the toilet voilou Good diaré

  • Translated from Italian X-Dream
    incredible !! Time has stopped or seriously slowed down. I was "one with the universe" really :) of drugs it is always legal !! Good good good !!!

  • Translated from German Bifi
    Didn't notice that much because we each munched one gram of Hawaiian mush's and everyone still got 5 Dionysos plus everyone packed these 2 e-caps. But left badly! nice nice! ps: the tips were like straw and the grain bottle leaked;>


The Trip-E caps lead to a waving body sensation and produce pleasurable visual changes. The active compounds are Hawaiian baby woodrose and sida cordifolia.

Hawaiian baby woodrose is known for its milder, but LSD like effects and sida cordifolia is a well-known replacement for ephedra. Give it a try and get Trip-E !


Mood lift, euphoria, giggling and laughing, pleasurable visual changes


1 caps


5-8 hours


Hawaiian baby woodrose, sida cordifolia