• JoyC
    I became very giggly, everything was funny!!!! But I got very nauseous afterwards.

  • color13
    Amazing!! The time stopped or seriously slowed down. I was "one with the universe" really :) !!WORTH but the day after is horrible (great tiredness)

  • hair
    (shipping took 3 days) I took these because i dont like the taste of the HBWR.. So I took 3 of them on an empty stomach. The nausea was arduous and lasted about one hour. After that I felt great. Structures became really interesting and people's faces looked like caricatures. After two hours the walls started to breathe and the hair of the guys in TV was growing in seconds. I felt like living in the dream of one sleeping, thinking that i had to entertain him. The tiredness the day after was okay and the trip was fun

  • azi
    i like it nothing more to's nice.eazy smile!

    Utilisé en 2 prises espacées de 24h de 2 gélules, seul au calme (allongé) dans une pièce tamisée avec ambiance sereine. Je n'avais aucune expérience en substance psychoactive à part le cannabis occasionellement et la truffe magique essayée la veille. Après une sensation un peu désagréable pendant la première heure (un peu comme au début d'une grippe) j'ai décidé le premier jour de prendre une douche puis de manger au bout de deux heures après ingestion (sucre lent et rapide) et c'est là que les effets sympas ont démarré : beaucoup d'attrait pour les textures, sentiment d'euphorie, grosse détente... J'ai apprécié et vécu beaucoup plus qu'habituellement la musique que j'écoutais (du pink floyd puis d'autre du même genre)... J'ai fini par me matter des clips avec une sensibilité accrue pour le symbolisme qu'il pouvait y avoir. 24h plus tard, je décide alors de refaire l'expérience avec la même dose de 2 gélules mais cette fois-ci avec du protoxyde d'azote en plus (environ une 50 aines de douilles uilisée 2 à 3 h après la prise quand les effets positifs des gélules étaient au plus haut) et alors là se fut une introspectif. Je ne regrette absoluement pas.. À noter que lors de la deuxième prise j'étais à deux doigts d'avoir des crampes quand je me levais. J'avais lu des avis défavorables dessus et je comprends parfaitement que certains puissent avoir mal vécu leur prise car d'en d'autres conditions (avec d'autres personnes, dehors, si on est obligé de bouger, focalisé sur les effets "grippaux" du début et les sensations de début de crampe) je pense que je n'aurai pas autant apprécié... Mais dans un context zen et bien dosé je recommande :)

  • 51ckt0uch
    My girlfriend and I drank 1 of those with a glass of milk, after an hour and half we still did not noticed any effects so we decided to take 1 more. Effects started to kick in, vision disorder and a little of nausea. Some part were like with blurr effect and others were sharpened. We had such a great night together watching sunset.

  • Andrew
    For new users or light trippers: Take 1 with a half serving of magic truffles (7.5g) For experienced trippers: Take 2 with a full 15g serving of magic truffles

  • Akesna
    Took 2 on an empty stomach and had an awesome trip (4-5 hours). I felt quite nauseous and tired afterward and the day after, though.

  • iceman
    We tried this on an empty stomach: 1 pill each, plus half a bag of Atlantis truffles. We ate 30min later, and the nausea was indeed very intense. I threw up 1h after taking it, and my girlfriend at t+2h30, and another time at t+3h, and t+3h30… not very pleasant. The high was mild, even combining with the truffles… not many psychedelic stuff. Sensation of weirdness, like a body high but also mental, but everything mild. Maybe I threw up too soon because the effect on the girlfriend was much more intense than on me. The next day, I took the two remaining pills myself, to see whether the high would be better, and hoping I wouldn't throw up this time. Maybe it was the combination with the truffles? It wasn't. I threw up again, 1h after taking, like clockwork… Well, I hadn't eaten anything, so I basically retched, but I felt something come up even if I didn't see more than spit. It seemed to be enough, though, since it stopped the retching. Maybe part of the diluted pills? After that, I started feeling an intense body high that almost got too intense at times, like when you're feeling too high on weed, with some subsiding nausea. Not the best high, I prefer weed. This stopped around t+2h However, when this was gone, and for the next 2h (so t+2h to t+4h), there was some intense euphoria and creativity. Lots of laughing. I really liked this part! Then I came down progressively. Still some residual euphoria at t+5h. Everything was gone by t+6h. Not sure it's worth the vomiting, and I certainly hope to find better, but it was an interesting experience.

  • Jaco
    Trip-e is a nice/very affordable/very mild hallucinogen. Not mind blowing stuff, but great for some animation/cartoons.

  • Jesper
    First i took one pill, waited an hour, so I took one more, and waited, after one more hour, still nothing, so then i just took the last to pills, still nothing. (beside those 4 Trip-e pills, I also eat 3 x 20 grams of magic mushroom, later i took 2 pills of Euphori E, the evening thru i also smoked some jay´s with salvia. This might sound like im an heavy addick, but not at all im 41, and have never tryed anything but hash in my hole life...


The Trip-E caps lead to a waving body sensation and produce pleasurable visual changes. The active compounds are Hawaiian baby woodrose and sida cordifolia.

Hawaiian baby woodrose is known for its milder, but LSD like effects and sida cordifolia is a well-known replacement for ephedra. Give it a try and get Trip-E !


Mood lift, euphoria, giggling and laughing, pleasurable visual changes


1 caps


5-8 hours


Hawaiian baby woodrose, sida cordifolia