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Cloud Walker

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Introduced to the world on Cannabis Day 2020, this new, exciting cannabis strain is unlike any other we’ve tasted before. The surging uplifting effects, alongside her sweet and fruity flavour, make it perfect for a daytime smoke. All it takes is a few puffs and you’ll be walking on air! Both the aroma and taste are highly complex with tones of vanilla, pineapple, caramel and earthy notes that will delight your tastebuds and stimulate your senses.

Cloud Walker crosses the tropical, psychedelic strain Punta Roja (Red Tip) from Colombia with a special selection of the Californian Mendo Breath which has the genetics of the classic Purple Punch. A very resinous strain which is more suited for the experienced grower, expect to see a beautiful display of colours towards the end of flowering, especially outdoors, with red and purple shades. An absolute delight for the cannabis connoisseur!


Powerful, uplifting effect which gradually evolves into a more body-relaxed stone over time.


The plant grows tall and needs support, it will stretch and easily double or triple in size during flowering. The buds are compact and covered in resin and will express amazing coloration, especially during the end of flowering.

Product information

Genetics: Punta Roja x Mendo Breath (Purple Punch)

Phenotype: Indica / Sativa Hybrid

Cultivation difficulty: Moderate

Indoor grow: Flowering cycle of 63 to 70 days.
Yield: Medium to High

Outdoor grow: Late October
Average Height: 170 - 200 cm
Yield: 600 grams per plant