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Feel the heavenly sensations - of exhilaration, good mood, and a sprinkle of superhuman senses - all trapped in a bottle of liquid magic. VERMILLION is the answer to all your mood swings, anxiety, and chronic laziness. VOYAJ has developed this special formula to help your brain release sweet serotonin, leaving you in an excellent mood and happy all day long, so you can focus on the bright side and enjoy life!


Energy boost, sensory stimulation, enhanced appreciation for music and nature, social and physical disinhibition, empathy, affection, urge to dance, physical euphoria


The effects are greatly enhanced when experienced in a positive mood and comfortable environment.


Light dosage: 1 bottle
Normal dosage: 2 bottles


If experiencing VOYAJ for the first time, a light dose (one bottle) is recommended.


Onset: 30 - 60 minutes
Come up: 1 - 2 hours
Peak: 2 - 4 hours
Come down: 1½ - 3 hours
Duration: 5 - 8 hours


5-MAPB + 4-FMA