Micro 1cp

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Micro 1cp

Micro 1cp is the microdosing miracle that will open the door to your imagination. Microdosing will allow you to get the benefits of the substance, while still being able to function and keep up with your daily tasks, on the way to achieving a flow state which will release your creativity and elevate your mood and focus.


Ability to focus better and for longer, enhanced creativity, mental clarity and general sense of well being, conceptual thinking and mood enhancement. Microdosing equates to integrating a sub-perceptual amount of psychedelics into your monthly routine. This means that the effects are subtle and will not cause any deviations from reality.


Micro 1cp includes 5 stamps, each one with 20µg (micrograms). The stamp should be divided in half to microdose since 1 microdose is 10µg. Take 1 microdose (½ stamp) every third day. The half-stamp should be swallowed with water. You should maintain your routine and not change anything else. It can be useful to take notes of your experience to compare flow states from the past.


1cp-LSD - 20µg per stamp (2 microdoses)


Take 1 microdose (½ stamp) every third day.