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Pura Vida - CBD Oil For Pets - 10%

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Pura Vida

Cbd Oil For Pets

Trusted by health conscience pet owners everywhere and backed by the wisdom of ancient herbal remedies, this organic CBD hemp oil will help your pets maintain a naturally balanced, healthy lifestyle.


Benefits for your Pet may include:
• Improved behaviour and general comfort
• Reduced anxiety and over excitement
• Encouraged rest and relaxation
• Strengthened immune system
• Faster recovery from sickness or injury
• Promoteshealthy, lustrous fur
• 100% Natural Organic Hemp Seed Oil (THC-Free)


Just like us, our mammal pets have an endocannibinoid system, which is a network of receptors located throughout the body, endocannibinoids are synthesized by the body on demand to maintain homeostais (balance within the body).


Pura Vida CBD for Pets comes in an easy to use bottle and pipette dropper. We recommend adding the drops to your pets food for easy consumption.