Dutch Orange

  • Translated from French Winterstein
    Hello So for all those who say that shayana are thieves and never send the packages. I just received my package today on 03/22/19. Regarding the product not yet tried I do not know the dosage.

  • Translated from French laurent
    the best and strongest of the range, better than rotten hash, and it smashes even more than good weed, to recommend

  • Translated from French Cyril
    Ordered Monday, received Wednesday (so very fast). The product is excellent, effect guaranteed. I recommend ! Thank you Shayana

Dutch Orange


Developed for the experienced admirer of Dutch Orange blends, the Supreme herbal mix welcomes the next level of potency and flavour for your smoking pleasure.


Pleasant body high, psychoactive stimulation, sensory enhancement. Effects are best experienced in a positive mood and a comfortable setting.


Dutch Orange contains a special recipe of natural herbs and cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are the active ingredients that occur naturally in the Hemp (Cannabis sativa L) plant.