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Holy Punch

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Holy Punch

Holy Punch is a cross of the classic cannabis strain The Church, which is famous for its outdoor performance and sweet flavor, and a very special Grape strain that adds a spicy taste to this amazing plant.

Holy Punch produces hard golfball sized buds covered in resin. When grown to its full potential, the buds look like they have a coating of blue resin which creates a very attractive appearance to the plant. The smell is very fruity with a bit of spice in the background that may remind you of a haze without the speedy head rush. This is a great strain for all cannabis lovers!


The Church x Grape
30% SATIVA  / 70% INDICA
Feminised Cannabis Seeds
Indoor / Outdoor / Greenhouse
INDOOR: 8-9 weeks, with a production up to 700 g/m2. It can be harvested after 8 weeks but one more week will allow the plant do develop the full flavour and increase resin production. Medium sized plant, grows bushy. Good for SCRoG or LST. Branches need support for the huge buds.

OUTDOOR: Finishes mid October (Northern hemisphere). 
Production can reach 1000 g/plant. Bushy plant, good resistance to mold and pests. Ideal for humid areas. 


Strong indica effect at first that evolves in a very social high later. Very complex flavour, spicy and sweet at the same time. 


Medicinally effective in pain therapy.