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HempCare RUBY 10% CBD

  • Translated from German Heinrich
    Since I have already tried several different CBD oils, I was very excited about the effect of this oil. First of all, the taste: Mostly, CBD oils are very "getting used to", so I was very pleased with the mild taste. The effect is more intense than with the usual oils. Probably because hemp extract is added. The carrier oil is also hemp oil, which rounds off the whole. At this price, I give a clear buy recommendation because lower-quality oils cost the same.

HempCare RUBY 10% CBD

HempCare RUBY 10% CBD has several special properties making it a unique CBD oil. This oil is distinguished by a characteristic pure red color and a high CBD content of 10%. In addition to CBD, this oil contains significant amounts of other cannabinoids such as CBG and CBN. 

HempCare RUBY 10% CBD is also rich in terpenes in addition to a wide range of cannabinoids. Terpenes are mostly found in plants and herbs and have been used for centuries for medical and therapeutic purposes.

10ml - 1000mg CBD
30ml - 3000mg CBD

About HempCare:
Only the best that nature has to offer us: that is the main motive for HempCare. This philosophy can be seen in the HempCare products. The CBD oils are full-spectrum oils in which all important properties of the hemp plant have been preserved. HempCare products are composed with the utmost care and offer the best quality as nature intended: 100% natural ingredients from the hemp plant.


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