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HempCare RAW 5% CBD

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HempCare RAW 5% CBD

HempCare RAW 5% CBD is rich in hemp extract in which both Cannabidiol (CBD) and Cannabidiol acid (CBDA) are strongly present. 

The oil contains four different extractions which are free of purification and filtering. This way, the important cannabinoids are not lost.

10ml - 500mg CBD
30ml - 1500mg CBD

About HempCare:
Only the best that nature has to offer us: that is the main motive for HempCare. This philosophy can be seen in the HempCare products. The CBD oils are full-spectrum oils in which all important properties of the hemp plant have been preserved. HempCare products are composed with the utmost care and offer the best quality as nature intended: 100% natural ingredients from the hemp plant.