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White Widow Auto

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White Widow Auto

White Widow is a legendary hybrid strain with global popularity that can easily be found at any Amsterdam coffee shop. This strain holds a balanced 40:40 Sativa/Indica ratio that provides a cognitive driven high with a relaxing undertone.

Genetics: White Widow x Ruderalis
Type Feminized Autoflowering
Grow: Indoor - Outdoor - Greenhouse
INDOOR:7 weeks flowering time with a yield up to 600 gr/m2.
Can be flowered at 18 or 12 hours photoperiod. 9 weeks total crop time.
OUTDOOR: 7 weeks flowering time with a production up to 70-80 gr/plant. Very short plant, short branching. 70-80 cm total height.
Can flower any time of the year provided temperature stays above 10°C.


Complex body stone followed by a clear cerebral high.
Fast hitter, long lasting.


White Widow is perfect if you’re seeking a strain that allows you to unwind and relax while still maintaining a sense of mental awareness.