Mimosa Hostilis - Jurema Preta

  • Tavares
    If you never take Mimosa... be sure you are imao full ihnibited and take just 4g of mimosa, if you take 8g mimosa you will be fighting your ego so much that you will pray for coming back while the travel just begin... be well inforemed before taking Mimosa... this is a open door for other dimension and it isn't a party "droug", this is real all your life will pass in front of your eyes... Great Stuff!

  • Translated from French Clémaya
    But I don't understand you guys trying crazy things without knowing anything about the product !! You do anything trying to snort jurema !! it's just impossible !! a dose of DMT to snuff to feel the effects would be equivalent to taking at least 25 grams of bark powder in your nose in less than 2 minutes..it's stupid..the only way to snort or smoke DMT if it is is not Yopo it is to extract it from the plant that's all. The DMT is distributed over too many plant materials to try anything ... The only way to take it naturally is coupled with the MAO inhibitor which is for prolonged but also precisely increased the DMT tenfold ... That said in by the way, I really don't recommend it to anyone, we don't take it because we want a little "exoticism" and above all we NEVER take it to "get high", it is to be taken instead holy and safe, with great respect for the plant, preferably accompanied in an experimental and non-festive way..But already I recommend it that for the true initiates to psychedelics ... we don't take that if we haven't already took at least ten times psilos! it's my humble opinion..i even advise between the 2 to try the psilos under MAOI a kind of psilohuasca since it's still a tryptamine, to test the waters .. (and smoke the DMT alone between the 2 c even better but very inaccessible ..) So instead of leaving comments that are irrelevant and that devalues a plant, GET INFORMED about the thing before doing, there is everything you need on the internet! ! With that .. peace on you and open your 3rd eye!

  • Translated from German Peter
    Everything great, the taste is of course a big disadvantage and keeping all the stuff in the stomach is not easy either, but if you have done it all, you will be quickly rewarded for it;-) very strong visual trip, guarantees nothing for Beginner! Of course, only in combination with a MAO inhibitor, I recommend a 1: 1 mixture

  • Miya
    I /really/ wouldn't reccomend snorting, especially not when already under the influence of some other kind of drug. It can make you very sick for several hours. Extracted and/or smoked has much better effects, especially in combination with some types of seeds.

  • Translated from French DMT
    It's okay I made a good half gram of pure dmt with the 50 grams of mimo but for the price it's still a bit expensive for 50 gram I think I advise not to smoke it any way you forget the bong or the basic pipe or attached ^^ inform you well before wasting everything for nothing the best method and smoking it with the machine or the vaporgenie the basic does not burn the dmt it is very important !!! otherwise you would have a quarter of an effect ... tryptamine style ... for the breaktrough.dose from 40mg see 60 mg the doses cited are very strong so caution otherwise around 20 25 mg you would already have a first glimpse of the molecule :) DO NOT BURN DMT !!!

  • Translated from French deidda
    the mimosa hostilis that I received was of good quality because I was able to make 6 extractions per sachet. The DMT did its job and therefore was of good quality. between 10 and 25 mg of DMT and off you go! geometric shape and colors, bird and pyramid vision; but above all an appeasement, the feeling of touching the divine. loss of language and my chakra at the level of the solar plexus; in the firmament !. Everyone will have HIS personal experience I think ... have a good trip to those who know how to extract this DMT

  • Translated from Spanish Juan
    It is clear that if you do not combine it with an inhibitor (imao), it does not tickle you, you do not buy it alone because it is not worth anything, it will not have any effect.

  • Translated from Portuguese ana
    It's cool and I recommend it to everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1

  • Translated from Portuguese junore
    I expressed it in every possible way except in tea, as it is supposed to be with hand inhibitor ... but smoked didn’t hit ... even in the bottle, like dmt ... a friend of mine even sniffed and ingested..LOL just managed to stay bleeding from the nose..lol without being in tea and without a hand inhibitor how does this beat ???? give there a shayanashop help .... in compensation the mushrooms and the salvia are too much !!!!!! MTO BONS MM!

  • Darren
    Great medicine but not to be played with it can be extremely intense were you feel and believe your dying and about to meet god,i have seen shiva the hindu god on it just respect it and do some home work on it make sure your prepaired for it mentaly and don't forget to enjoy.

  • Tassos
    As always fast delivery around 10 days for greece... and I get half a g we of dee almost from 50 grams of this mhrb thaaanks

  • Translated from Samoan Tassos
    At the top thank you for this return of 5 mapb after the Bliss STOP stop. Good climb, with a good sounding probe. We love life with it and allow for my part to release the pressure and to re-think your daily life from another angle ... 1 sachet a little strong to take again. But the second time the whole sachet goes well.

  • Translated from French white mage
    Wahoooouuuu !! Ready to take off !!! But really understand nothing Let infuse 5 grams of Peganum harmala seeds in a little hot water. Do the same with 15 grams of mimosa hostilis and add a little lime or lemon juice. Drink Peganum harmala extract after sifting it. 15 minutes later drink the mixture of mimosa hostilis. Attention trip very nasty !!! it's about like 4 ^ marbles and 2 mex champos ..... grrrrr terrific (or terrifying for some;))

  • Sorella
    Great quality. thanks!

  • Translated from French youp
    No effect and be careful not to take this shit, you will never have so much pain in your nose in your life ....

  • Hum
    im am VERY satisfied with this product,ayahuasca truly holds healing power,i got rid on unbelievable amount of shit and i have never felt better.highly recommended! when you tune in,dont be afraid to ask about shamanistic healing,you wont regret ;)

Mimosa Hostilis

Jurema Preta

Mimosa is native to Central America, southern Mexico, Venezuela and Brazil. Mimosa is a bushy tree that can grow as tall as 8 meters and produces white flowers. For centuries it has been used by natives in ritual ceremonies to induce shamanic states of consciousness.


Altered states of consciousness