Royal Queen


  • Mick
    For a price like that it is really good and they re pretty easy to grow the yield won't be as big as the feminized one but the effects are in my point of view better

  • Translated from French George
    Great mix. I recommend, I have already bought this pack from my grow, top quality plants, I bought it!

  • Translated from German Guidoo
    Good quality, very good germination. Will order again. Thank you Shayana!


If you feel that you need a bit more CBD in your life, and are looking for that ideal THC/CBD balance, then this Medical Mix of CBD-rich strains has a lot to offer. Each and every one of these strains is a legend in their own right, and by having the selection, you can test them all out and find the one that best suits you.

All seeds are feminized.
There are two options available, the 3 seed pack and the 5 seed pack.

The 3 seed pack includes:

Royal Highness: a Sativa dominant queen with a potent punch. She has a CBD content of 12%, combined with a THC content of 14%.

Dance World: designed for the CBD enthusiast that prefers a more uplifting and motivating effect. This Sativa dominant hybrid creates a pleasantly spicy/fruity smoke, and has a CBD content of 11%, with a THC content of 12%.

Medical Mass: for those who prefer the meltingly relaxing effects of an Indica dominant strain. It has a CBD content of 11% and a THC content of 10%.

The 5 seed pack also includes these 2 awesome strains:

Royal Medic: an Indica dominant strain known for its high yields of soothing and relaxing bud. It has a CBD content of 12% and a THC content of 10%.

Pain Killer XL: a Sativa dominant beast that strikes the perfect balance between CBD and THC, allowing for both effective soothing and functionality. The CBD and THC content of Pain Killer XL are both 9%.