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Digital Thermo Hygrometer

  • Béla
    Am Thermometer ansich ist nicht viel auszusetzen, es hält was es verspricht. Das einzige Problem ist dass, das Display nicht richtig funktioniert, es hat einen Wackelkontakt. Das ist schon seit der Lieferung so, jedoch nicht so schlimm da ich das Gerät einfach etwas zusammen drücke und schon gibt es mir die gewünschten Daten.

  • Peter
    Super teil Könnte aber etwas genauer sein Und könnte deutlich billiger sein für die qualität Alles in allem aber zufrieden

  • Translated from Samoan Béla
    There is not much to complain about on the thermometer itself, it does what it promises. The only problem is that the display is not working properly, it has a loose contact. This has been so since the delivery, but not so bad since I simply press the device together a little and it gives me the desired data.

  • Translated from Samoan Peter
    Super part Could be a bit more precise and could be significantly cheaper for the quality All in all, but satisfied

  • Translated from German majk
    shows degree and humidity exactly, 2 months in permanent bed and everything is ok, the battery holds and can be easily replaced standard

  • Translated from German Cihan
    Getting straight works so far but I would still like to know what percentage the exact humidity should be kept to achieve optimal results. Thanks in advance

Digital Thermo Hygrometer

Make it super easy to monitor the temperature and humidity of your magic mushroom growkit environment with this handy digital thermo hygrometer.

Thermometer / Hygrometer:
- Digital LCD Display
- Temperature Accuracy: 1°C
- Humidity Accuracy: +/- 5%
- Batteries are included

Please Note: Sterilize probe before measuring temperature and humidity to avoid contamination of growkits.