• Caleb
    I was fed up with the side effects of Lexapro so I thought i would give 5-HTP a try! It helped get rid of my anxiety right away! My doctor once attributed my increasing blood pressure to 5-HTP but her suspicions proved to be wrong when my BP remained the same even after I stopped taking 5-HTP! So, now I am back to taking 5-HTP regularly!

  • Translated from German Seimon
    Hello people 5-HTP is a very good product and can possibly even save you a trip to the doctor! With listlessness and lack of drive, 5-HTP is just the right thing to lighten the mood! Power and zest for life!

  • Translated from French Chanta
    Hi shayanautes. For the 5htp this miraculous prod for the descents and everyday life, we sleep better we eat better we feel better undoubtedly, the griffonia is natural thank God. Shayana on top as usual

  • Translated from French Nicolas
    Very useful for descents of serotonergic prods, too bad there is not also tyrosine (the equivalent for dopa) on this site!

  • Shadow
    Since taking this I have slept longer (mostly a full night) without waking up during the night. It has also had the effect to stop a migraine attack. It works faster then normal medication.

  • Translated from French grower6
    Order not received in the 2nd lost or lost package but shaya offered me a 2nd shipment for having tried almost all psyquédélic in stamps and stimulating xenon Alegria I have never disappointed the taste I ordered all the feliz and I will comment to compare with the old ones never been disappointed with shaya fast and pro customer service thank you josef

  • Bunsen
    5-htp has helped me with many problems, particularly anxiety problems i experience.

  • Translated from French Gérald
    A good product to recover after a "heavy" night, but also to sleep better and feel rested every day. I highly recommend for the anxious and the insomniac!

5-HTP - Mood and Sleep enhancer

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5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan), also known as oxitriptan, is a natural amino acid and effective mood and sleep enhancer. Derived from the Griffonia herb, this extraordinary food supplement increases the level of serotonin in the brain and stabilizes your mood to a pleasant level. It also improves sleep and helps you recover from a long night of fun.


For the improvement of your mood, in case of a hangover or to neutralize other after-effects.


• Natural antidepressant
• Relieves insomnia and anxiety
• Relieves headache symptoms
• Help you recover faster from partying
• Appetite suppressant


A good starting dose of 5-HTP for sleeping problems is 10 to 30 milligrams. At doses between 50 to 100 milligrams, 5-HTP lessens your appetite. If taken 30 minutes before meals, people should not take more than 100 milligrams, since it often causes nausea. In some cases, small side effects such as sleepiness or flatulence can occur. Should this happen, it is advised to lower the dose.


Each bottle contains 30 capsules. Each 5-HTP capsule is completely of vegetable origin and contains Griffonia herb, Californian poppy, Rice starch and Calcium Stearate.