Solid Blends

  • Translated from French dadgy
    2nd order arrived as fast as the 1st. pollen produced at the top ... still a good slap. I recommend this really cool site, shayana see you soon !!!!!

  • Translated from French jullienne
    I love the pollen excellent product, I preferred level quality price with the nepal temple, allor man good smoking.

  • Translated from German cookie
    I confirm the other comments, the barium leads my bang very well. spectacular, to try :))

  • Translated from French challer
    Good product, but sometimes more or less strong according to the batches I suppose ... thank you shayana fast discreet service .. long life on the site

  • Frank
    This is one of the best stuff in this segment, I've ever had the pleasure to trie. It comes very clos to the 'real deal'. Very powerful and longlasting. Comes with big Munchies. ;)

  • Translated from French Chriss
    I just received it,, 5 days after the order, normal there was the we belsachet with the plate, I put very little and 3 hits were enough lol TY Shayana !!

  • Translated from French Sébastien
    Bravo already for the seriousness of the service, received in 6 days nickel in the box! !! Otherwise first impressions. . Well it's different, the effect and there in another register. I really dose very little and I am discovering at the same time. On the other hand it gives me a smile. After you have to see in the long term if it is to help out or for an alternative while waiting for our dear legalization, because I don't know about you but it sucks to run the streets to get well. Next to test, the Ball temple.

  • Translated from Samoan Bam
    Very good product, well worth the best traditional shits (for those scared of the price). In addition it is dose very light, I dare not imagine the slap if you put the same dose of a traditional firecracker oO I recommend, thank you shayana.

  • Translated from French PAPAIL
    Fast delivery: ordered on Friday, delivered on Wednesday. Former heavy consumers and lover of many varieties of hash, I was surprised by the smell that reminded me of herbs from Provence and therefore very skeptical about the effects. Big mistakes ... after 3 to 4 puffs I felt myself going far, far away. Psychological effect or big fatigue on my part ?? I tried again the next day with that of the day before that I had not been able to finish. And off we go for a ride. I can only advise you to pay attention to the quantity in the first ones. The texture and taste are nowhere near what I expected but I can't fault the energy in this product. Thank you SHAYANA;

  • Bam
    Très bon produit, qui vaut largement les meilleurs shits traditionnels (pour ceux que le prix effrayent). De plus il se dose très léger, je n'ose imaginer la claque si vous mettez la même dose d'un pétard traditionnel oO Je recommande, merci shayana.

  • Romans
    Peace . I like this product. its reale strong. I say Best. moore thinks i try. But this i like more. thanks for your djob )))))))))))))

  • Translated from French Duprat
    2nd order arrived in 10 days, I am an occasional smoker and I find this product rather consistent in view of the various comments, however, pay attention to the dosage, it is quite strong uphill, so I recommend dosing sparingly.

  • Translated from French Olivier
    For me, this is the best cigarette pleasure I have tasted in my little package with Napal temple ball and Charas. He wins hands down with his big slap :)

  • Karl
    Wow this stuff is awesome!! I wasn't expecting it to be any good but after just a few puffs I couldn't believe it I actually felt stoned !! I had to quit the real stuff after 15 years because of a new job and needed to find a replacement and this stuff is it :)

  • Translated from German Stefan
    Almost exactly like the original, I'm thrilled! But beware

  • Translated from German NARF
    Madness!!! Top everything I've smoked to date: D and have found no one who does not see this! Clear purchase recommendation and smooth support and fast delivery despite the payment method problem. 5/5

  • Translated from French Cools
    Great product but not easy to shatter. delivered in just 3 days. I weigh 2.45 g for a first order, it's great

  • Translated from French Shayana
    Order placed on 06/30 and received on 07/05 so on top of that side! Regarding the product itself, really good! Neutral taste and effects that last long enough (2 hours) but everything will depend on the dose so I recommend dosing in moderation because quite powerful;) I recommend!

  • Translated from German Jordan
    This stuff is awesome! Endless laugh flashes, super good mood. Everything is funny! Don't smoke it in the bong! Throws you around. I can only recommend!!!!!

  • Translated from German obi
    So I have to tell you that you have achieved something very fine :) hat off :) a very high quality product that is in no way inferior to the real one. I ordered 3 different varieties here in the shop and I have to say they are all very, very fine. The shipping was great, after 3 days I have to praise it.

  • Translated from German Michael
    Hello guys I ordered the stuff several times ubd must really say that the quality is always the same. The drawback is that I have been waiting a long time for the stuff to be with me. Otherwise it is a super product. Keep it up. Michael

  • Translated from Portuguese sapinhozzz
    At the top of this little mixture of herbs, a little pinch in the cigarette is enough for a high close to canna. My lab rats loved smoking their cigarettes, they say it tastes like sage. Thank you shayana for your impeccable service and for the payment by credit card. 👍

  • Translated from French Pierrick
    Very good product, I just finished it and it only takes a little to be well relaxed and high enough (for me) I was a regular user of hash and it's really not bad. The effects are especially present the first half hour, and are completely dissipated after two hours (practical for the conso during the day) a strange taste at first and that we appreciate well thereafter (I smoke it with leaves of sativa, a little dry the first few times but you get used to it quickly). Thank you shayana, it's a great product

  • Translated from German Raphael
    Hammer stuff The bong is cleaned with the smallest amounts. It shines extremely about 45 minutes and then very pleasantly until about nine hours later. But the very small amount means that polishing is not a problem. But feel carefully.

  • Translated from French alain
    Good product but particular taste level of quiet effect but a little disappointed quantity just as otherwise good overall

  • Translated from French Francesco
    First order and not disappointed. Payment and dispatch = 5 days maximum. Top product. I will recommend again and I recommend shayanashop.

  • Translated from French Decamp
    What to say other than these bombs. 2 to 3 taf and the rise is felt quite quickly In short I recommend it to the top product

  • Translated from French Anaelle
    I recommend this product it is relaxing and posing ?? I smoke it in four times and I am always so poised. It comes in the form of hash which resembles Afghani

  • Translated from French ESTEBEUZ
    Collis received the popo smells of flowers I find very powerful to dose in small quantities and to share! Thanks to Shayana for this discovery!

  • Translated from German ElBlondo
    Great shop. Shipping faster. Shipping time 8 days (even if it seems like 2 weeks ??) Condition and processing comes very close to the original. I evaporate it with a little herbal mix in a Cloupor solid evaporator on an Evic battery holder. I use it with CBD products because the legal path is still very hurdle-filled and many doctors refuse to go the complicated bureaucratic path with one. BTM pain relievers are still easier to prescribe and "much less dangerous" The first hit of pollen is huge and starts with a few minutes delay, you should have a couch or another nice place at your disposal. So dose carefully and wait 5 minutes before refilling. I have a strong physical reaction first. Warmth and a pleasant rush through the whole body spread. That starts very slap-like. Therefore, first lie or sit better :) For me, the body feeling also affects the libido. Then a very pleasant high spreads. Pain takes a back seat and the head becomes freer, allowing depression and spiraling thoughts to calm down. The prerequisite for this is a good set and setting. I don't want to incite anyone with mental illness to try it. The whole thing could also backfire. If at all, then try out with minimal quantities. Pollen is significantly more potent than the original. I can also report mild psychedelic effects. These are in no way scary and of very short duration. You are always aware of reality. These effects will disappear after a few minutes. The high lasts for a long time and after 3 pipes in the night you can still feel it the next afternoon! So be careful when driving !!!! I tried 5 different solids. Pollen gives me the best high and is now my favorite. With a standard 5x pee test, nothing can be demonstrated.

  • Translated from French alain
    Good product but particular taste level of quiet effect but a little disappointed quantity just as otherwise good overall

  • Translated from French klem
    Quite a good product. Concretely, the taste / smell could be better but in terms of the effect, the slap is there! To be dosed sparingly ^^

  • Translated from French Yzack
    Ordering 6gr received 7.3gr in a dozen days, this is not my first order on shayana (and not the last!). Very good product, with 2 grams, count between 12 and 16 oinj. The appearance of Pollen is as its name suggests very bluffing, little unpleasant smell, good taste and above all, very powerful, 1h / 1h and a half of effect.

  • Translated from German Christian
    Uff ... Greetings from Tyrol. first ^^ As an old pipe smoker I was also rather skeptical --- But ... delusion like the Onschiabt ... Again and again I had to laugh ---- But in the beginning the first wave is perverted like the de schiabt ---- WOW (Pro) tip: less is often more ... Nemmts really little at the beginning! Lg, and above all, have fun! Christian

  • Translated from French Mayouay
    So pollen is by far the best product on the site for me. The crumbling is easy unlike some others, the taste is rather pleasant and the effects come quickly and always put the catch (no bad). This product has been my favorite for several months now and will certainly remain so for some time to come. Jump at the chance with this pollen.

  • Translated from French Dragon
    Pollen is an excellent substitute for cannabis or other drugs. One might think it is similar to the Nepal Temple but its action is not the same. Pollen attacks very quickly (from consumption). We feel very good and we want nothing better than what happens to us! Do not take Pollen to sleep (unlike the Nepal Temple, which is very effective for resting) but rather for walking. The effect lasts less than three quarters of an hour. Pollen often requires doing some physical activity for your legs, such as walking outdoors, for example. Again, unlike Nepal Temple which is still the best substitute for cannabis, it doesn't require you to do some physical arm or brain activity.

  • Translated from German Richard
    Madness. Smoked a bucket, what can I tell you. I went crazy. Honestly. Smoke a joint. No devices.Joint super.Device absolutely amazing. That's what brought me to the border over 20 years ago.

  • Translated from German Thomas
    ************** For testing quite ok but for permanent consumption not my taste effect is quite ok ****************

  • Translated from German Philipp
    Absolute blast! But more for experienced smokers, looks like the original, can also be processed with the flame smoothly, pleasant spicy taste, but bangs a really tasty way, every move a jackpot !! Top packaging, top product, you definitely have to test ... Enjoy with caution, no children's toys !!

  • Translated from French Guillaume
    Hola amigo smoker of good products! I ordered 5g of original orange dutch received in 7 days. In this period of crisis, no way to find anything near my home, I said to myself why not test this kind of product. Well not on it, very similar effect, the taste is frankly not bad! I would recommend quickly;)

  • Translated from French Deleserre
    Too cool this product! After stopping the cigarette and the bedo I started vaping and therefore I put small pieces of pollen on resistance to 0.16 ohm in double coil and frankly great feeling of well being insured .... ??? Great shayana never disappointed

  • Translated from German Steve
    I have to say that I am once again very satisfied, delivery took 6 days to Austria (Tuesday-Monday) that is perfectly fine, I also got my package after only 2 days. It was even a little more than 2 grams and the same last time :) I am very satisfied with you and your products, keep up the good work, Shayana, best regards from Austria;)

  • Translated from French PAILLARD
    Awesome: 4th order made on 10/30/16 and delivered on 11/4/2016. Shayana always on top of reactivity. Always compliant product. THANK YOU !

  • Translated from Spanish Óscar
    This product is impressive, I toughed a lot and for being 2 grams it lasts a long time (I still have 1.5g and I have done 4 petas already). The only thing was the shipping to Spain, which took a long time but the product was impressive.

  • Translated from German Astaroth
    What can I say .. I received a completely neon green product with a strong acid smell .. I had more seeds and weird branches than to smoke .. After, of course I had a good high but, that did not even last not 30min: / I therefore intend to try other products :) Thank you all the same shayanashop!

  • Translated from German Heike
    The best thing I've ever smoked was even better than the original. The only problem was I had put a little too much into it and then it really blew me away, unfortunately with a violent heartbeat. So feel for it less is more. Effect about 1 hour strong then it becomes more pleasant. Taste was neutral, I would definitely go back

  • Translated from German Robert
    Was really pleasantly surprised and therefore recommend it. Pretty potent you need very little. The shipping was also fast and well packed. Thanks to the shop ...

  • Translated from Portuguese Demo
    Avoid it is quite unnecessary. By reading the opinions and comments I said to myself that I was going to give 100g of wild lettuce a chance ... it's not expensive and apparently it has a little effect? NAN Not in the least. And You will not receive dried and crushed "grass" but rather a bag of twig shavings ( Smoked pure, or with a little of tobacco does not change anything: It stings the throat enormously, it does not provide any effect even subtle and the taste is foul. Another unfavorable opinion ... Free for you

  • Translated from French Tastet
    Hello everyone, then to start the pollen is a very good product received three days after ordering I recommend it open the mind, me more particularly it made me very light in short very good product: PS if you stick with the pollen be careful good smoke effect to all

  • Translated from Samoan Marco
    Since I tried the dutch orange mix, I've been shooting more than its. Now I said goodbye to thc because we have all these effects together in dutch. I calmed down more than one who claimed I smoked shit. Yet at the start I was very, very skeptical. And today it's good not to have a cold sweat at every check-up. And then the advantage is the adjustment of the dose which must be very precise depending on the desired effect.

  • Translated from German massimo
    top processing and a spicy taste because you will not forget you have to try it out)

  • Translated from German jona
    10 out of 10 points! For information, rapid urine tests do not work with this product and the effect is great :)

  • andrew
    really good quality stuff,no messing,also i had a messed up order when only half my package arrived.informed shayana and within 3 days the missing pollen was on my doorstep,great service,highly recommended!

  • Lienhart
    Excellent produit je goût ne dérange pas ya comme une odeurs d épice je vous conseille bon produits

  • Translated from French desenne
    Less strong than the Nepal of temple ball, this pollen puts a good slap quickly for a good plateau of an hour and a half. Stirred my creative mind. Reserved for the informed, not to smoke like a big pig, otherwise severe sanction :) Thank you shayana, beware the delay may be random ... fourth order from you and delay five to ten days. Thank you Shaya

  • Translated from German Lars
    Very good product. Only problem, no dosage recommended on the site or on the package. So I will give you my opinion. First of all to introduce myself, I am a very occasional user of weed, but I regularly consume other products like kratom and alcohol. I put 0.1gr in a smoking joint: 1st effects - 10 min after the end of the firecracker. Another 10 minutes later, the heart is racing: measurements made with a small device such as a fitness watch: 162 beats / minute. Very, very unpleasant, feeling of half-suffocation and very very severe fatigue (bad fatigue). It took more than an hour for my heart to return to normal and I could finally enjoy the effects of the products, which are similar to a heavy weed. In conclusion: I will probably try again with a much much lighter dose, like 0.02 - 0.025 gr. Guys / girls don't go crazy with this product, better start very light and increase very slowly I think.

  • Translated from French emilie
    Super product and mm no need to overdo the dose, it has absolutely nothing to do with the fufu from France. I've been a smoker for over 20 years and frankly it's a killer. In socket its going very well also me personally I only type sockets and c a treat.

  • Translated from French Diims
    Nothing to say top product no need to put a large dose or smoke several 1 only is enough relaxation and relaxation assured I recommend it to all smokers who want to feel a can get high :)

  • Translated from Samoan Lienhart
    Excellent product, I don't mind the taste, there's a smell of spice, I recommend good products

  • Translated from French Murat
    Hi everyone, I have just taken 2 mug being a regular consumer It is super smashed ketama frap on the other hand to be dosed sparingly An Efri sufie in socket the taste in mouth and a little strong but by its I highly recommend it j 'in and resumed 6 meug thank you shayana ????????

  • Translated from German Marko
    the product had a weird brown color I expected purple. 3 doses and nothing. I was disappointed with this product

  • Translated from French isabelle
    First order arrived but package empty, after information Shayanna returned the product to me, great service, thank you Shayanna. Good product and rather strong, a few slats are enough. I should point out that I smoke occasionally, on the other hand my friend who smokes often did not find it great… so to see according to your usual consumption. For my part, I prefer this product to temple ball whose effects are less present but the best is to try it to form your own opinion.

  • Translated from French Nicolas
    Received in 5 impeccable day I just tested it I smoked a stick not too heavy effect similar to weed but makes you want to move, To test in socket

  • Shane
    This pollen is amazing better than any hash I’ve smoked before. Packaging was discreet and was delivered in about 10 days. Highly recommend

  • William
    Very happy with this pollen! Fast delivery and strong product, only need a small amount to get nicely stoned Very close to weed just stronger 👌

  • Marco
    Recebi dia 17 de Abril de 2020 muito boa experiência recomendo 😎 sem dúvida quem quer alguma coisa parecido com o oreginal sem dúvidas e isto Quero agradecer a loja pelo compromisso de garantir que este produto era bom Gostei e volta a dizer recomendo

  • Translated from German Ramirez
    First class product it comes very close to real hash and in my opinion the effect is even stronger! I always have food flashes and since all sensations are very high everything tastes 10 times as good: D Also during sex it is divine what gives you a bombastic orgasm but if you had too much you should see that the woman is there you are really heavy in bed: P And when it comes to shipping it pays to take the more expensive insured I got my last package in 2 days from Wednesday to Friday it was already there at noon and you can also follow it live on the map! I can only thank Shayana you are the very best online shop !!! <3 I will definitely remain a customer;)

  • Translated from French Mog
    Really pleasantly surprised. The "slap" effect lasts less than with the classic popo, but it is there! A very slight "chemical" taste that disappears under the aromas of a good beer;)

  • Translated from French THUVENY
    Very good product ordered on 01/04/2018 received on 01/17/2018 its has nothing to do with what the street vendor sells to you is much more powerful and its smell does not have the same even the same taste produced at the top

  • Translated from French Rosaire
    order received in 17 days, very good product. This is my first order on this type of product and effectively c powerful, I put a small stick to test and I only smoked half of it because already well smashed then a little hour after I finished them. conclusion c of the great product I recommend

  • Translated from French Fred
    Frankly nikel order the 12.02 received the 14.02 tip top. And the polen too much of the Ball.Thanks Shayana

  • Translated from French David
    produces much less strong than hash barium despite all the good comments you can read here, I do not recommend it, unless you put a lot of it

  • Kate
    This is the one of the best stuff I have ever tried. When I first saw it on Shayana, I knew it would be something awesome. Even it was new and has no reviews we ordered it asap. It was what we were expected. Even more! We cut two pieces and add it to tobacco. It was so much! We were really high and I started to hallucinate on my own world. But be careful because it can take you anywhere you just thought in one second. I have never been in bad trip before in anything I smoke but this one took me in another way of thinking. Thanks Shayana! We appreciate of what you have!

  • Phrank
    Wow, no way to make the difference between this and the best real incense. Only the smell will let you know it's not but for the rest is exactly the same. Neither your body nor your mind will know is G.Alchemist.

  • Raluca

  • Translated from German Sascha
    As a passionate smoker for 12 years, I definitely appreciate the good stuff. The flash is abnormally good, was not so crowded for ages, definitely worth repeating. Taste is okay 6/10, effect gets 10/10 from me in any case. Have fun trying it :) Greetings

  • Translated from French Quero
    Arrived in 9 days and top of its reputation !! Product to be consumed in moderation and spirituality. Thank you to the whole team for the sending and the quality.

  • RALU

  • andrew
    as good as everyone,s already said,pretty close to the real deal and not too strong,ordered 2g as a tester,gonna order more as soon as able,happy shopper here!

Blond Pollen

Limited Edition

The light golden nectar of Pollen is the next generation solid blend from the Shayana series of high quality products. Following the Moroccan path of the finest blends in the world, this amazing product can be crumbled up and enjoyed just like the real thing. Experience only the finest made from 100% tested active ingredients and enjoy the strength of a powerful blend.
We don't ship this product to:Sweden, France, Austria, Germany