Dutch Orange

  • Translated from French J.C.
    Hello everyone! wAAAAAAAAaaahh knows it a phew truff! With my buddy kökö we do not have regulars of this type of orange mix product etc ... Until now the best product for us was the long lasting ... Eh beh there BRAVO, BRAVO, always stronger! Another proof that SHAYANA is a serious and quality site! We say thank you who ??! THANKS shayanashop !!!!!! Tested and approved by: JC and KÖFTE

  • Translated from French Thomas
    Hello everyone, I used to buy barium and long lasting orange dutch for my drink, which are the best products for me, especially when I mix the two ^^ So when I saw the dutch orange extreme I jumped at the opportunity. And not disappointed, it tears serious ^^ another notch above the others I think. Good smoke to all =)

  • Translated from French nicolas
    hi first faith that i order on the internet, product delivered in 1 weeks tip top when the effects ... wow ca deboite grv, I confirm some comments .. go really slowly on the dose ps: I noticed that there is no date ds comments, so I vs said 02/20/2016 shayana remains at the top and reliable

  • Translated from French Axel
    Very good effect. Very powerful indeed. Some friends who thought they were used to it took a slap. To be dosed sparingly.

  • Translated from Samoan Clément
    Already a good delivery (about 8 days for a lost hometown, it's cool!) And the product is insane! I smoke it in a pipe, it's great, it goes up slowly but it shakes a lot! Pay attention to the dosage; p

  • Clément
    Déjà une livraison pas mal (environ 8 jours pour un patelin perdu, c'est cool!) Et le produit est dément! Je le fume en pipe, c'est extra, ça monte assez doucement mais ça secoue pas mal! Attention au dosage ;p

  • Translated from French Morgane
    Excellent product, I highly recommend. I, who am a big smoker at the base, I can assure that this mixture of herbs gives you the same effects as weed. It is very planing, in any case personally I love it! On the other hand, I have a lot of trouble understanding what explains the differences in delivery times (one hit 2 days, another time more than 2 weeks .....) between several orders that contain exactly the same thing. Apart from that, Shayana is a serious site and at the slightest problem the team is very available and responsive, on that side you can order without any fear.

  • Jorge
    Very surprised when I vaped this. Great smell and taste and only about 40 mg within 10 minutes started a high that became a hashish like body feeling. that I remembered from my teen days. Seems weed like this impairs some thinking skills and I get somewhat lazy, so I will try this when in a more party mood with a few beers and with some company.

  • Translated from French Dom
    This morning I got up without having to smoke anything ... for a heavy consumer like me it makes you feel bad. Fortunately I had this little packet of "Extreme" herbs from Orange Dutch ... An effect less persistent and less high than the classic herb but nevertheless relaxing and it directly calmed me the lack. Taste level is better than not good, without being the ball. I prefer the hashish offered here, more powerful, like Pollen or Nepal temple ball.

  • Translated from French Laurent
    fast and compliant delivery. I tasted it .... and the second Kiss cool effect was terrible. The bomb

  • GoodVillage
    Definitely deserves 5 stars it was a very good first impression. Very quick delivery in 5 working days. Nicely packed. The product well managed is worth to the price and by experience of my first order i recommend this shop. Good job guys

  • Translated from French nicolas
    That warm fuzzy feeling I'd been missing since the pompous days of Bliss :) SO HAPPY for this, bless you Shayana!

  • Boris
    produit fort , ne donnes plus envie de fumer le faux chichon habituel! bien servie... inutile d'en mettre trop. petit sticks suffisent. tête en vrac le lendemain, + poche sous les yeux, effet un peu là encore. grosse défonce au bang, grosse chaleur (me fait penser à la mdma)

  • Translated from French Weedman
    After testing a lot of mixtures, for me no doubt, it is really the strongest of all! Even heavy smoker, if you dose a little beefy, do not plan to do much after, it will not be possible :-) but do not worry, no bad trip, just a big slap, like with a very good green, the taste less. A 3x3 offer would be very welcome on this mix, as with the DOLL ... Try it, guaranteed effects§ !!!

  • Translated from Samoan Boris
    strong product, no longer make you want to smoke the usual fake boob! well served ... no need to put too much. small sticks are enough. head loose the next day, + pocket under the eyes, effect a little there again. big bang high, big heat (makes me think of the mdma)

  • Translated from French Féraud
    Congratulations on this mix of Dutch Extreme used to consume, medicinal, effective for chronic arthritis pain either ...... SATISFIED with my orders, humanly no chemical, a disappointing sachet ?? do not disappoint me for the others ...... I AM excited to watch the purchases and others a big thank you marianne

  • Translated from French lolo
    I am insomniac I tested the barium very strong but nightmare for sure, but with the extreme deuch I sleep like a baby but in the morning I am in the gas in terms of the rating 10 out of 10 good product thank you shayana

  • Translated from French Schmit
    So how do you say ...? Great, a try for even regular consumers. For the others, to try too, while being careful all the same ^^. I ordered with suspicion 3 weeks ago, today I am ordering with my eyes closed ("long lasting" test this time) High almost immediate, then rapid and gentle descent, and LEGAL in addition to all that. Shayana +1 for fast and discreet delivery;)

  • Translated from French Kalmah
    Not as extreme as that, personally I prefer the dutch mix which I find closer to the effect of weed and less expensive for once! If you hesitate by thinking that it is mixed with smoking are zero or have no effect you are wrong, go ahead, it is more powerful than weed!

  • Translated from French CHASSEUR-DANIEL
    very strong attention, it however sticks being a big consumer ....... To put really very little or to smoke it in several times ;-)

  • Translated from French van
    a little skeptical at first, I was not disappointed! being a big smoker of Weed, it helps very well in times of scarcity! I highly recommend it!

  • Translated from French PORETTI
    Very good harvest even if I leave the comment 5 years later lol. This kit from mc kennai had worked very well and was well supplied. The sins were monumental I advise them widely. Thank you shayana you are the best.

  • Translated from French Thomas
    Definitely a better product than the original blend, in my opinion anyway. The smell is good without being disgusting, the effect (if we do not put a dose of nag) is perfect; euphoria and extreme relaxation, and a high that I prefer to weed. What is more, the next day we have no head in the ass, perfect if you have to work the next day, or go to class. And the quantity allows a lot of joints to be made (7-12) even if the pipe prefers. Breeeef, dark to get it!

  • Translated from French vegilo
    stronger than the orange mix but similar duration and taste, not my favorite: 16/20 (note with respect to the other products on the site taking into account that they are all powerful apart from one or two exception, I had also more or less strong batches on certain products)

  • Translated from French alucard
    I am a former heavy smoker who appreciates the weed as certain a good wine, but having a job where I have to drive every day I prefer to stop being regular and wait for my holidays to savor this pleasure. and this is where I wanted to test this site that a friend had advised me, after several searches I chose my preference on: Dutch Orange Extreme, Nepal Temple Ball and Dutch Orange Long Lasting for this first order. I read all the comments and I really dosed sparingly but I still took the slap in the middle I had to put it down and it's been 15 mins that it has not moved, strange taste but not unpleasant, a good pasty, light thoughts and delivered in 8 or 9 days perfect.

  • Translated from French naim
    I did not find that it was smoking it looks like spices but for the certe effect it is not unpleasant but I would not recommend

  • Translated from French morattel
    very well, not knowing this kind of substitute products. after testing, I am surprised in good, the effect is powerful, rather high .. the taste is rather pleasant .., the descent soft and without side effects .. the price is a little expensive, but I recommend with pleasure ..

  • Translated from French jullienne
    Frankly the extreme and good dutch, it may and as well as the normal dutch, even smash as much effect. To buy the eyes close, good smoke men.

  • Translated from French Jhon-Jhon
    It is marked on it, it strikes. the strongest with the DOLL Beware of gourmands, if you load like brutes, you end up being stuck tight. Not bad, but "out of order". For this pose after a restless night, C top. No need to make 50, a good one, smoked in several batches, and you're there.

  • Translated from Samoan salcioli
    satisfied! discreet order and good product .... evolving product restful and progressive I love it. thank you for the speed, I would come back very quickly.

  • Translated from French Brétéché
    I am a non-smoker and have never consumed anything, so I give my opinion as an amateur. I was looking for something to relax. I first rolled it with tobacco, zero effect. I then rolled it pure, light effect, head spinning but really a little. Taste level I can not compare, but I did not find it bad

  • Translated from French van
    1st time I use this type of product and I am not disappointed! Very practical in case of shortage!

  • Translated from German Timo
    Shipping: 5 working days incl. Saturday after receipt of payment (8 working days in total). Smell: not obtrusive smells of herbal cuisine. When smoking through the bong, no scratching effect: comes quickly, gradually it gets stronger. CAUTION when dosing, I have a sieve with a diameter of 12 mm, just covered with the herbs and it was too much. I had to lie down after 30 minutes and my heart was racing. All in all I am too strong, but I am happy to have found the legal change here on the site, as it is currently difficult to get dope. Peace!

  • Translated from German Obi
    hey guys, so first of all to the service from shayana, here you have to say you will be given very friendly and courteous advice and will receive prompt answers regarding the order and process. Unfortunately I also have to say that the order acceptance and shipping has been a bit difficult lately: Despite the small problems up to now, I can definitely recommend the shop, shipping usually took about 3 working days after the transfer was found , but is also sometimes at 8 working days, depending on the .. so now to this wonderful product. here you can say: feel it carefully, it can be vaporized smoothly in a bag. the taste: 8/10; effect: 9/10; Duration of action at about 0.2g on a pot about 2 hours with pleasant decay :-) who would like to spend a cozy evening legally is well taken care of with this product.

  • Translated from German Marc
    Consumers: have not smoked cigarettes for about 15 years. Dosage: Homeopatic (minimal) dosage with a slightly shifting awareness, take a break. (First consumer) ~ 1g without a break (cross-border commuters and greetings from Albert Hofmann) old product: xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (i / s differences are reserved by the consumer) new product: xx xx xx xxxxxxx xxx xx xx x xxxxxxx xxx xxxxx x xxxxxxx xxx xxxxx x xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (out of round, incomplete, very strong) Conclusion: Close and yet so far away. In any case, my expectations were far exceeded.

  • Translated from French HENRY
    Without hesitation one of the best alternatives! a soft and nice taste, and very pronounced effects… 2 pinches are enough…. So good value for money! I'm a fan!

  • Translated from French Derly
    Frankly I have almost nothing and the effect is already present being a heavy consumer of cannabis and teuch the product and really excellent I recommend it not disappointed product received in 4 days for a first delivery ????

  • Translated from French Arrizurieta
    It is really a great product..effect guaranteed..i highly recommend ..continue shayana you are on top

  • Translated from French Soleil
    Effect developing the ability to do things I have consumed regularly and the effect and well

  • salcioli
    satisfait ! commande discrète et bon produit.... produit évolutif reposant et progressif j’adore. merci pour la rapidité, je reviendrais très vite.

  • Patrick
    Extrême est son nom, extrême il est. Je suis un bon fumeur de weed et je dois avouer qu'à part le goût, l'effet est très similaire à une bonne beuh, plutôt indica d'ailleurs. La montée se laisse apprécier en douceur sans grande claque et continue un bon moment. Ne prévoit de faire grand chose à côté , à part une sceance netflix . Ça dure deux bons épisodes 😬. La livraison a été rapide depuis les pays bas, par contre l'emballage est plutôt limite. Pour conclure, ami fumeur, vas-y !

  • Isfan
    This is some amazing product...I was flying. Shayana you have a new fan and customer. Highly recommended!

  • Filipal77
    D'après moi, un des meilleurs. Il monte doucement mais peut être traître : attention à ne pas trop avoir la main lourde au début, sinon c'est bad trip. Prévoir de l'eau à proximité car donne la bouche sèche. En tout cas, il a eu sur moi un effet relaxant et hilarant (j'ai le rire facile à la base). Au niveau odeur, c'est très subjectif, donc en ce qui me concerne ça ne me dérange pas tant que ça.

  • Translated from French CHASTANET
    Order not received in the 2nd lost or lost package but shaya offered me a 2nd shipment for having tried almost all psyquédélic in stamps and stimulating xenon Alegria I have never disappointed the taste I ordered all the feliz and I will comment to compare with the old ones never been disappointed with shaya fast and pro customer service thank you josef

  • GF
    Very good product. Very strong. Don't need much quantity, this is real potent . Fast delivery. Thank you so much.

  • Translated from Samoan Filipal77
    In my opinion, one of the best. It rises slowly but can be treacherous: be careful not to have a heavy hand at first, otherwise it's bad trip. Provide water nearby because gives dry mouth. In any case, it had a relaxing and hilarious effect on me (I laugh easy at first). In terms of smell, it's very subjective, so as far as I'm concerned, it doesn't bother me that much.

  • Translated from French Macéo
    tested and approved I received it in a week, it disassembles severe and has to be consumed in moderation, I start to smoke four slats on a big extremity joints, I look at myself in the mirror and I started to see troubles as with a good weed classic and 2 minutes later big climb short I think I had a little too dosed, SHAYANA it's heavy !!

  • Translated from French sigwalt
    c is really ball .. to consume in moderation .. a small pinch and c left for a good moment of relaxation ..

  • Translated from French HUMPHREYS
    she is super good but be careful to put very little because I am a regular smoker and she scocted me ;-)

  • Translated from French Remi
    Hi everyone ! I just received today my first package of Shayana including this famous Orange Dutch. Rest day requires, I just tested the product, I barely finish it. Quite surprising! rather dizzying at first, the body then plunges into a rather pleasant numbness. The effect has already lasted for half an hour. It is important to specify that I had already smoked a little pet of ganga two hours ago. In any case, I am rather satisfied with the product. Thank you Shayana!

  • Translated from Samoan Patrick
    Extreme is its name, extreme it is. I am a good weed smoker and I must admit that apart from the taste, the effect is very similar to a good weed, rather indica by the way. The climb is easy to appreciate without a big slap and continues for a while. Don't plan to do much next door, other than a netflix sceance. It lasts two good episodes ??. Delivery was quick from the Netherlands, however the packaging is rather limited. To conclude, smoking friend, go for it!

  • Translated from French Dadou
    Good product, to be dosed with caution, the effect lasts 1 hour and the descent is cool: I recommend this product received in 4 days :)

  • Translated from French richard
    I find very very very sweet to smoke especially if you no longer smoke but you smoke, suddenly it goes nickel and I think it's stronger than weed, it makes p) read one, year that I order at shayanna I get by for less than 200 € per month and I do the whole month

  • Translated from French Snatch
    Hello hello friends, I'm going to share my badtrip with the Dutch Orange Extreme. I want to clarify that I am used to a lot of prod (including fairly violent tic) One evening like its but already happen from time to time I decide to pour a socket with the Dutch (a good family socket as in like (about 0.25 g). Less than 15 minutes very very big go up not at all pleasant because I understood that its was too much, (puff of heat, cold sweat, trembling, mink one can blur like when you A little drunk) Then my 45 minute after auditory and sensory hallucination (My hand and but foot burn in the literal sense, and I heard deafening explosion in my head). At that time and around 23:30, I'm on a bench in my garden and I throw up but trip in deafening noise and catch fire at the end (really a dirty trip that I never felt with anything else) The temperature was negative and I was in t-shirt outside then I decide to go home but the impossible to walk, nor to call Help me because I couldn't express myself. So I crawl on the ground but it was far too hard for me to reach my room w h ich, however, next to the door and in which there is my laptop (here I am really in a mood that makes me absolutely not tidy and I really wanted to call the fire department). When in doubt I myself but in PLS on the ground that I doze and I did not know if I was going to vomit again. The time goes by (total loss of the notion of time but basically 1 or 2 hours) the redesign is felt and I go back to the phase that I wanted to feel at the base (big poke, relaxed, quiet in my delirium XD) The next day I was totally exhausted. Voila voila, I do not want to lecture because well managed it is a real kiffe the Orange but do not really abuse it. In short, kisses on the petou!

  • Translated from French jessy
    completely awful, disgusting, I never smoke something so bad effect nothing at all taste taste level

  • Translated from French Thomas
    Product order. I tell you more when I was able to test it being a big consumer of barium I hope it will be as strong blend.

Dutch Orange


Dutch Orange EXTREME is the strongest herbal mix you will find from the Dutch Orange collection, Extreme takes the original blend formula to new heights for an intense, pleasurable experience.


Pleasant body high, psychoactive stimulation, sensory enhancement. Effects are best experienced in a positive mood and a comfortable setting.


Dutch Orange contains a special recipe of natural herbs and cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are the active ingredients that occur naturally in the Hemp (Cannabis sativa L) plant.