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EZTest Bath Salts

  • Translated from French karl
    it is very important to know although it is that in consumption, the risks related to health are not to be ignored, a good and clean product in law not to have the effects harmful on the physical and mental health, donk test your products before to consume them, this not stupid !!!!! without saying that it is more difficult for people who have fun to cut to the dilluer, products with additives sometimes harmful to toxic for our system, the one who consumes it blindly, is not someone who really appreciates that is that it consumes,!

EZTest Bath Salts

A quick and simple test for the identification of mephedrone, methylone and MDPV traded under names such as Bath Salts, Plant food, Odorizer and other terms that are primarily used to disguise their use.

Despite their quasi-legal names and indicated uses, you will never know for sure what it contains. These substances are being marketed by people who consider you as the guinea pig for these ‘research chemicals’. Buyer Beware!

We made a test for these things to reduce the risks involved in ingesting ‘Bath Salts’.