Yopo - Anadenanthera Colubrina

    I smoked -/+ 0.5 g of prepaired YOPO mixed with PSYCHOTRIA VIRIDRIS (CHACRUNA) in my bong and I only have to say...try it yourself. it´s intense, it´s pure and I can notice that my body doesn´t reject the substance, as in other kinds of psichotropics. note of advice: it´s best to be confortably sited and in silence PEACE

  • Translated from German Henrik
    Thanks Shayana for making this possible! Thank you Yopo for this extremely helpful lesson. A true, good and somewhere beautiful teacher!

  • Translated from German Mantiooo
    Smoked a few of them in a joint, very pleasantly enhances the cannabis effect, also tastes pleasant. I will definitely order the seeds again and then smoke in the bong! Warning: I can't recommend sniffing, unbelievable pain that can only be removed with controlled breathing: / Even after 12 hours the palate is still irritated and feels disgusting when swallowed. in this sense. you do what you can't leave:]

  • mikael
    yopo from shayanashop was an highquality beans, the diagonal of one bean was about 1cm. oftenhapens that selfgrown or northern cohoba beans are 3-5mm from an diagonal. an clean product which was not suffered from smuggling, smuggled product you often have to clean with sonar washing machine, ultravoice machine, to kill bachterians and virusses, but there still might be heavymetalatoms in them, magnetisme. the usage experience was soft tripping, depending what you ate, chili or peppered food boosts an heat at usage, piperdine cooler. i used it with ayahuasca, with viridis leafs and becanum harmala seeds. i like to eat yopo, chew it as cocaleafs, even thou its very green taste, just as strong lettuce, but the eated trip is more lasting and deeper. good product, with cacaooil.

  • Translated from French tintin
    The worst thing to type but the most phew hallus you have to type 5 seeds min in the socket (it makes your race puke) and stay skotcher in front of psychedelic images ... like a big flag with ohms everywhere and small clouds !!!

  • Translated from French polo
    I ground this product after heating it in a closed saucepan, it gave me a greenish mash. I smoked it in a socket (bang) bof not too much of an effect then curious, I sniffed a very very large milk. short heat and numb limbs. a too big rise as if I were drunk and I tasted while vomiting the yopo.bref this product made me SICK LIKE A DOG

  • Translated from French Vincent
    Good product, intense effect if well prepared. Provide a bucket nearby before consuming (it gives you nausea) Received in 15 days.

  • hum
    preparing the yopo for snorting right is very important,after roasting and grinding the seeds base must be added to turn dmt:s in their freebase form,so they can enter bloodstream better.natives used ashes and chalk for this.i used baking soda with good results 3 part yopo to 1 parts soda.

  • hum
    very expensive these seeds are,comparing to prices of other vendors,but so far only ones i have obtained that really work well.Good 5-meo-dmt experience with small amount!I highly recommend taking and MAOi before snorting/smoking.

  • Peter
    wauw! toast one until it pops and smoke the green inside. strong weird smoke with heavy (but short) effect!

  • Translated from French Magicien
    I tried with a few beans ... I crushed and typed a cetra ... I had pain in Zen and nothing ... I hesitate to start over with what I have left ...

  • Translated from French buddy
    Really blah! you piss yourself off crushing it, its tearing your nose apart, it's disgusting to smoke and there isn't a single effect

  • Translated from Portuguese Gandy
    they were smoked 6/7 grs in 4 hours, total stone, lasted more than 7 hours

  • Translated from Portuguese Mike
    Yopo (Rapé dos Deuses) It could be very strong for those looking for a simple cheap ... pure hallucination.

  • Translated from French lama
    apart from the wreath, it didn't save us much

  • Translated from French Mojo
    of the bullet bomb !!! All skeu ga say, the bullet bomb!

  • Translated from French la
    to try if only once .. a little hard to snuff because of the large grains ;; nice qd mm and nice also in D

  • Translated from French lars
    Yopo, cebil, anadanthera colubrina, anadanthera peregrina have 3 of the most powerful molecules in the world: 1: Bufotenin (5-H0-DMT); 2: N, N-DMT (DMT) and 3: 5-MeO-DMT. It is easy to transform the Yopo seed (s) into a dry & powdery substance, in order to smoker it in a simple pipe (so no need to ruin your nostrils or sinuses). To prepare a smokable extract, you need "edible Lime" (calcium hydroxide) - it's easy to find, a microwave oven and a little bit water. Proper preparation is quite quick to perform: one sentence - check or other sites more unofficial. Look for and you will find the manipulations to execute ... In any case, the psycho-sensory effects obtained by inhalation are indescribable and unforgettable. Open the Doors of Perceptions !!!!


Anadenanthera Colubrina

Yopo is a psychedelic made from yopo tree seeds. The effects of this South-American tree have since centuries been known to native tribes who used it in snuffs or smoking mixes. Like the plants in Ayahuasca, Yopo seeds contain DMT, 5-MeO-DMT and similar compounds.


Like a classic DMT experience. As yopo is smoked or sniffed, effects do not last as long as orally taken DMT. The DMT does not pass through the liver and can directly enter the bloodstream, so no MAO-inhibitor is needed. DMT leads to a very strong and extraordinary psychedelic experience, unlike any other psychedelic. The peak lasts only seconds, the overall experience only a few minutes.


First, the seeds are roasted and pulverized. The powder is mixed with ashes and chalk to prepare the sniff. The seeds can also be roasted, crushed and smoked with tobacco or other herbs.