Morning Glory seeds - Ipomea Violacea

  • skorucuoglu
    I ate 10 grams but I couldn't get any effect

  • Matthieu
    Processing Methodology: If using treated seeds wash thoroughly in detergent and cold water first. Grind seeds to powder in coffee grinder Place powder in jar with a "healthy" qty of petroleum ether. (~360-500 ml/500 seeds (can't use too much, can use too little)) Put lid on jar and shake it vigorously for a while. Let stand 20 minutes (you can shake it more if you like) Shake jar, remove lid, and pour suspension into filter (with filter paper in place). Use second jar to catch the petroleum ether than comes through the filter paper. (Windows should be open or do this outside otherwise you will get prematurely in a non-canonical fashion). If some seed powder clings to the side of the jar, rinse it out with some of the filtered ether. When finished, you will have slightly discolored petroleum ether in a jar and the powder on the filter paper. *** DO NOT DRINK THE PETROLEUM ETHER ***. Put the lid on that jar and save it to reuse next time (you can get at least five processing cycles out of it). Dry the seed powder THOROUGHLY. Wash and dry the empty jar. When powder is thoroughly dry, place it back in the jar and add alcohol. The amount of alcohol is critical, since you will be drinking it later, and will vary according to your propensities, tolerances, and the intended intensity of your proposed voyage. For light, recreational use, assuming reasonable alcohol tolerance use 1 oz. of alcohol per 30-50 seeds. For intense meditation use 1 /250 seeds. If you use a high seed/alcohol ratio you will want to prepare a large number of seeds at a time otherwise you will be working with micro-quantities and it gets more tedious (unless you like that sort of thing). Soak the seed powder in the alcohol, shaking frequently, for three days. Filter again, as before. Discard the seed powder (unless you wish to make 'soap'). Keep the alcohol for use. Drink the alcohol to achieve desired effect. Found on erowid, this method works so well and the best part is that the effect are coming very very quickly

  • Translated from French swat
    To avoid drugs I did some research on the net ... Well I hesitated a lot, I ended up buying Salvia and 250 MG seeds. These are MA-GNI-FIQUES !!! It's Liquid Beauty, this stuff is just AMAZING! 250 seeds to chew well for 10 minutes to release the LSA, an anti-emetic and to make sure that we have no obligation to fill either the same day or the next day ... Because there, I have rather pain calculated my shot and I paid the price ... XD In a calm and reassuring place, for example in the middle of nature, we enter a state of blissful contemplation of everything that surrounds us. The colors are intensified, the slightest curve takes on an idyllic appearance. We no longer feel the fatigue we have the impression of floating 2cm above the ground. I lit a cigarette and I was able to "write" with it, tracing my smoke letters in the void ... They seemed to come to life before my eyes! o_o I had the impression of dissolving myself and becoming one with the magnificent landscapes ... In a more agitated context (a classroom in my case xD), you have to be more careful: if you you even feel very slightly anxious, it is important not to use it in such a context at the risk of turning into a bad trip. Me, it went rather well: deformations of the teachers' faces, with a pig's nose for one, completely deformed eyes for the other ... An irresistible desire to burst out laughing, the feeling that all conversations concern us and a feeling (nevertheless false) of hyper-lucidity. The walls also seem to liquefy and melt before your eyes !!! Frankly excellent, just by swallowing a handful of little seeds ... Woaow. A slight hangover to declare after the trip, accompanied for my par of cramps but which did not last more than an hour. RECOMMENDS RECOMMENDS AND RE-RECOMMENDS !!!!!

  • Translated from Portuguese KeiMadUraS
    MorrrrrrrrnIng GlorYyyyYy do mElhOr Ppl !!! PurAS MiKroS !!!

  • Translated from Dutch Dennis
    DO NOT USE TOO MUCH !!! A while ago I bought LSA containing capsules (not from shayana) and took 3. I also gave a friend of mine 3 and forgot that he was 3x as skinny as I should actually take much less. After some time I had a very relaxed feeling and saw colored honeycombs everywhere. Shortly afterwards I suffered from severe vomiting and went out 3 to 4 times to vomit. When I lay down on the bed and watched a movie, I was annoyed with everything and didn't know what to do. Mark (that friend) who was completely exhausted lying on the bed while I sat down at the computer. Ten minutes later I also heard him vomit .... At one point he lay down on the bed and without realizing it he was puking all over his bed. I had to watch all night and the morning after that he wouldn't choke on his own excess tissue. It was close to hair if I should have taken him to the hospital. I don't know what the amount of morning glory seeds were in a capsule (it could have been Hawaiian Baby Woodrose) but it certainly contained LSA. YOU ARE SO WARNED !!! It can be a very nice natural LSD replacement, but be careful.

  • Translated from Portuguese PsychologicalShop
    I didn't feel anything !!!!! I also ordered Jurema and the moka was the same !!! nothing !!! I don't know what kind of trips you are used to? !! Maybe the problem was mine !! I should have pulled more for the creativity !! Ps: advice to the site-change the name to PsychologicalShop !!!

  • Translated from French Jean
    hard to swallow, no real effects whatsoever, excruciating stomach ache ^^ 'in short, go your way friends of good trips;)

  • Translated from French Jean
    Good morning all! The only thing these slits gave me was stomach cramps, dizziness and the urge to vomit: / I do not recommend ...

  • Translated from French keith
    Frankly not bad! You just have to prepare them well (I personally macerated for 24 hours in water to easily remove the skin, dry and reduce to powder). I had started with 120 seeds. the next day we just feel a little paranoia, nothing too serious ^^

  • Translated from German springwater
    I once consumed it with around 750 mg of good speed! The trip came really well with horny hallus. Turn on, tune in, drop out!

  • Translated from French Dolu
    at 1am G took 15gram of seed to mix and mix with a soda by very good May I did not sleep juska 9h kan I closed the yx I did "wake up" from 2h to 9h no real sleep c well may have several around 19h I think

  • Translated from French matt
    Vapor at the top with the Dutch liquid mounted quickly we control the stoned using pure nickel! the Dutch mix has another liquid its also happening delivery always on top despite a slight misunderstanding on the order .... thank you Shayana! Peace

  • Translated from French Micael
    Very very good psychedelic, these seeds are magic, there is a whole ritual of nausea to go through, but with the help of weed, music, and a big sofa it's bearable ... As soon as the nausea is gone ......... everything begins, visual trip not very intense but very interesting, the perception of the senses changes but what is really cool is that you understand the meaning of the word: to think ... in short - -> to try

  • Translated from Dutch psychic
    yes ... want to say that next time you have to think before you use something, and not because it is just "drugs" e, because otherwise lsa also has a good hallucinatory effect ... if you use it wisely

  • Translated from French WEASEL
    Very good trip !! I mixed the seeds and I put them in empty capsules. I took about ten pills with a little alc..l, all before going to the club .. I only have one thing to say ... TERRRRRRIBLE !!

  • Toni
    I ate 10g and get trip of my life =)))

  • GreenJAM
    I posted my order form on monday and these babies got to me on Friday, just in time for the weekend. I've had them before and they are great. If your taking them make sure you are in a relaxing enviornment. Also make sure your tummy is empty(at least 4 hrs from a light meal) THANKS SHANASHOP!!!

  • wilyo
    Shit I had some bad dreams last night...But I´m not sure was I awake or not.Though, I made some tea and drank it and waited..About 12 g´s of these.Nothing happened for two hours, only some nausea.Then when it started it really kicked ass. Only bad thing was that I had to go to school next morning, that is today. I have never been so messed up in my life!I guess the only bad thing was that I knew i had to get some sleep but falling asleep was impossible..

  • dabo
    It's been some years since doing a tea of pearly gates, but I brewed around eighty pods into a most wonderful blend, with mint from my garden, and it was quite exceptional. It was close to an hour before the effects were evident, but when it started, BOY!! Both pearly gates and heavenly blue are the better M.G.'s as far as I am concerned.

  • roby
    i dont know if i prepped them wrong or what but no effect with 10g.... good delevery though i trust this site.

    these are great, Chewed 250 into a paste and waited it took 5 hours but the visuals were great, Make sure ur stomach is empty

  • Translated from French yvan
    tro a shit, g eat 250 seed and preske nothing like effect, just put, c all!

  • Morning Glory Seeds

    Ipomea Violacea

    In Oaxaca, in Southern Mexico, Morning Glory seeds are esteemed as one of the principal hallucinogens for use in divination as well as magico-religious and curing rituals. This variable species ranges through western and southern Mexico and Guatemala and in the West Indies. It can be found as well in tropical South America.


    The effects are similar to LSD and other hallucinogens, but more tranquil. Some people experience nausea during the first hour, large doses are not recommended (the bigger the dose the bigger the side effects). After the major effects have worn off, one usually feels very soft and relaxed.