Diplopterys cabrerana

  • Translated from German Marcel
    Hello everyone, At first I didn't know which drawer you could put this plant into because of its effects. I only prepared 2 leaves as tea and quickly had an effect. It was like I had a veil in front of my eyes. You can imagine it as the Northern Lights roam the sky. Just not quite as intense in color. It was definitely pleasant and next time I'll prepare more leaves. I can recommend it to everyone.

  • Translated from French Nicolas
    Order received on time but the date is exceeded by more than 1 year on the pouch so there is more to test the product!

Diplopterys cabrerana

This scant liana is only found in the Amazonian basin. It is a long vine that rarely produces flowers. Often confused with Banisteriopsis caapi, and first named as Banisteria rusbyana, its classification was clarified around 1982. The leaves are used by different native people for shamanistic rituals.


Altered states of consciousness.