Cola Nitida extract - Kolanut

  • Translated from French SDK-Scorpion
    Super cool the taste, peppery smell with a large cup of milk I put a teaspoon and it goes like whey on the other hand heat the milk well before and mix well because we smell a little powder but otherwise super satisfied to try :)

  • Translated from French skyzotrope
    nice to boost you cool threw smile even while celebrating may race in auchan 1 saturday aprem lol that's saying

  • Translated from French Greg
    Really happy! mix like 2 tablespoons in a glass of milk, taste level is not great, the powder will even have trouble diluting. But then, throughout the day a good mood and energy will be felt! I recommend this product because despite the not great taste, this powder really made me feel good!

  • Luís
    Not bad, gives a kind of boost energetic drink. I prefere guarana for the same purpose. I think the best of the plants is to know how to join the right ones in heathy drinks and infusions,, can help us a lot. Unfortunally can´t buy them all as my money's not enough. i´ll Keep on trying the ones I can. This one is a good load of caffeine, I've put too much in a drink this morning, still can't sleep today.. :-)

  • Translated from French christ
    Bomb must be loaded with coffee; a good peppery taste a little full-bodied but good being cafeinadic for 15 years follower of black pitcher in sugar I like; finally especially the effect. Perfect for sports or to engage in a joyful conversation sort of controlled alcohol and the brain to a potential multitasking type.

  • Translated from French BRUNNER
    Upon receipt of the parcel letter, I was afraid because when I barely opened the letter full of powder came out, however having a scale, I weighed and the account was there.

  • Translated from French le
    very good product for me 5 hours of pure speed cool and everything but at 3 tablespoons its still expensive ps: I love the taste and the smell

  • Translated from Portuguese Mariana
    It's really cool, it's worth a try. To have more energy at work, this is the 1st time, later I will tell my experience .....;) *

  • Translated from French Lina
    I will give 2/5 to this product. Curious about this energizing product that I did not know, I ordered it. For the dosage I generally followed the comments: 1-2 teaspoons in milk and after having drunk my cup, as well as my friends, and well we all pull a face: Taste foul because bitter. On a night out, it keeps you awake in the long term but no euphoric effects or anything at all! I haven't even finished the bag. So at this price, you might as well drink coffee and / or drink an energy drink.

Cola Nitida Extract


Cola Nitida Extract

Cola Nidita or Cola Nut did not only find its way into the softdrink called "Cola". It has been in use for over hundreds or even thousands of years on the African continent.

Apart from its stimulating properties, it can also prove useful against diarrhea, nausea and hangover effects from alcohol or other drugs.

Apart from its leaves, other parts of the plant were used for a variety of purposes. Its roots, for instance, were used as an early form of tooth paste. The nuts were given as presents on special occasions as a token of congratulations or invitation.


Physical stimulation, sharpened senses and the desire to engage in conversations


Mix with milk or coffee and drink


Light Medium Strong
1 teaspoon
2 teaspoons
3 teaspoons


4-8 hours


Cola Nidiata, Caffeine