Salvia Divinorum - Leaves

  • Translated from French dcGonzo
    My experience with Salvia started with the single leaf. We slowly get to know this strange world, we get used to the sensations that run along the arms (which gives me the impression more than ever of being IN a body), and it is hot. I then tried the x5 snippets, the first time in an abandoned house on a cliff. So I was in the ruined living room, I pull my x5 socket (after having introduced it with a simple sheet), and when I spit out the can of smoke, PAF !! The living room comes back to life, everything is in place, there are red tapestries everywhere, chandeliers light up the room, the fire in the fireplace, everything… I find it hard to believe it! And then I feel as I walk in this room, a crazy energy that emerges from the ground. I then look at the carpet on which I was walking, and I see that below this carpet, there is a huge snake which circulates quietly below. I watch the scene a little longer, then I remember that there are friends next to me. Abrupt return to reality. In the same evening, I retry several experiments, but alone in a field. There, I first heard a voice that asked me to go to a specific place, to still feel this crazy energy that was emerging. Then, I had the right to the ground which opens under my feet, to see the shallows. The I am in full view, with kinds of vessels all in fractal that fuse in all directions. After this evening, I decide to think before taking it again, and above all I can't think of anything other than this way that I think is the very spirit of Salvia. And then one fine day, I decide to continue the Salvia trip. And I realize that the more I take of this plant, the more I get to know it, and almost be able to talk to it. I am developing a certain sensitivity with Salvia. I start to have visual hallu with the simple sheet. But the most interesting remains with the extract. So I buy X 10 in the hope that the trip will last longer. I shoot an X10 socket after the traditional introduction with the single sheet. But this time, I am well posed, and I have a mask on the eyes (the kind of mask for sleeping on planes). So I pull out my sleeve, put the opaque mask on my eyes, and PAFF! Even stronger, since I have a Total hallu. I am in another world, colors all around me, walls spring from the ground and melt my mouth against the wedging, the bang flows over me, I am almost stunned. The brightly colored walls turn everywhere, and I don't understand a thing. The way welcomes me; she is happy to see me again. I come down from my trip, too eager to want to talk about it. And I realize that I haven't moved a bit, and that the bang is well placed. I go back to new trips. Longer and longer, further and further. A socket brought me to another world, too space, with two children and an adult man, who tried to present their world to me, in their own way. A trip where music (high tone, DUB) materializes. Another very nice trip. Then one day I order the extract x 20. I sincerely think that with Salvia, it is not so much the power of the extract that counts, but the knowledge of the plant that we have through the trips. But I was still curious. To try this x for the first time

  • Translated from Italian Diego
    seems to be in another world !!! soon i will try x5 and x10

  • big
    i I love this stuff when you smoke the leaves you need to take a big hit hold your mouth and nouse and then presseriz.

  • Translated from French nicoco
    I have something to say c the speed of sending 2 days and that's it thank you shayana !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Translated from French flache
    frankly too fair indeed spend cash at X5 even if it is more expensive the leaves do not do much

    excellent!!! salvia perception show us (me and girlfriend ) NATURE NOT MAKE A JOKE !!!

  • Translated from French joseph
    I tested the 10x! it strips well! Instructions for use: Take a bong fill the socket a little bit and above all, use a butane briket (blue flame)! light the socket and pulled like crazy! I called a first socket with pa bcp of leaves and immediately after (like a blairo), I reloaded the socket and smoked directly ..... I saw the smoke coming out of my mouth !!! I immediately fell to the ground! lol! my friends ki been with me my di ke I got up é ke I walked a bit in the apartment, but I don't remember! MDR! if not for the tripe, I saw myself flying over a battlefield with horses! but it didn’t last all along! sometimes I came back to reality, but it lasted ke kelke seconds! the rest is very confused! the trip lasted 2 hours and left as it had come! Advice: Do not take in a mushroom descent

  • Translated from German daggi
    I probably took a little too violent pull of it out of the bong and was suddenly in the company of "bath salt", which have poisoned themselves as B & C croissants! my tears of laughter are still rolling down my face. a shame, in my opinion the two were too short in my trip ....

  • Liz
    These natural leaves of salvia are perfect to test and evaluate your tolerance to Salvinorine. I smoked them directly in my pipe and unlike other users I don't find the taste to be bad or harsh at all. Smoked several bowls of leaves that made feel peaceful and cheerful. Love and respect the plants you smoke people -and remember Lady Sally is the wormhole spinning goddess and a true princess one can't fuck with - :) cheers from france

  • Mush
    very potent, nice earthy taste and what a feeling !!! Be sure to use a torch-lighter to burn it, hold it good, breathe and let go !!! ;)

  • Evil
    Enter the matrix. Salvia is not to be taken to have fun. You take in to explore your consciousness, and have a look behind what you usually see. If you don't want to let go, you won't feel anything. If your mind is open, you'll experience the fastest high of your life. Not for children.

  • Cody
    This was my first time with the pure leaves and let me tell ya, I am never going back to extracts! When smoked the right way, the leaves give a much more positive and insightful experience, yet they are still incredibly powerful. The smoke also tastes way better and it is easier to inhale in my opinion. I believe that the leaves are just as powerful as God intended them to be and making an extract is unnecessary and even disrespectful to the plant which is probably why so many people have negative experiences on salvia.

  • Translated from French tik
    with SALVIA, the soul acts according to our intentions (deep) the plant must be respected like any other form of life, the best spiritual experience, several levels are accessible. go there molo! it takes revenge if we do not respect it, the smoke must be kept until complete dissolution in the lungs, whatever the dose, as long as we indulge in the sacred! acetone extraction from easy sheet x5-x50, but the clearest vision remains the chewing of the leaves> 30 min, there ... the experience is shamanic and without sequel!

  • Translated from German RuLeZ4RaP
    So I tried chewing and swallowing ... the way it says in the description ... tastes disgusting, but the effect is a lot stronger than if you smoke it. but if you really want to clap yourself, you should definitely brew yourself a tea, it tastes just as disgusting, but in any case it gives you an even more blatant trip. mfg me: D

  • Translated from French dada
    I tt smoked ..... from a large socket .... and nothing, well, just very weak sensation; the tt with the x5, can be passed to the x10? so-so !!!

  • Translated from French Elodie
    Very well. Fast and discreet delivery. I got some good trips with these leaves and the smoked X5 extract in bong. But short trips. Only 2-5mins.

  • Translated from French Nicolas
    I love this plant !!!! it's more than magical, but strong anyway, and even the zero stoned me serious in any case for me they have some they need the * 15 but with big zero socket we little skotché like a fly on paper kills flies :) there are trips in 2 dimensions to do serious good and lots of other hallu! I recommend this product to you !!!

  • Translated from French mikl
    Personally I tested and I was less KO than if I had to smoke a cigarrete and yet I am the type to fly at the first late of weed but the salvia had no effect please if a guy is well founded with kilo write how for them guys like me (there are a lot of witnesses saying completely different things that will work better on some?)

  • Translated from French Braga
    Frankly salvia I was expecting something crazy but g smoked two joints and by the taste of cardboard in my mouth I had no effect I am very disappointed!

  • Translated from French Djé
    Hi Shayaneur's! For me first delirium with salvia with this rather quiet mix well frankly not disappointed, personally I put it in a pipe (like a crack pipe, without water) with storm lighter (blue flame for better performance during combustion of the sheet) and well jpeux tell you that it dislodges well for 3/4 minutes !!! I took myself for a peleteuse when cutting a 4 quarter, then I turned into a fan and I went around in circles in the living room but the worst thing is that I was more or less concious but in the impossibility of controlling myself, not to mention giggles or other cries of joy in short a good delirium to try !!! Peace

  • Translated from French Flo
    Little advice for use !!! For a guaranteed trip hit with a socket, and keep the smoke as long as possible in the lungs ... if you ever smoke it in the form of a joint do an Indian ...

  • Translated from French hugo
    I did not get too much because I took Salvia X10 and I made a good socket, I take a huge slat enough to finish half of the socket, after as usual I managed to keep for a minute (on the other hand the thing that scares me is that I spit out more smoke !!) then I hit a huge bar but it does not go any further except that I sweat like a phew so its makes me hot. So I want to know if on a certain person the effects never exceed certain thresholds? Also, you should know that I tried mushrooms in Amsterdam and that I have no illusions ...

  • Translated from French Apok
    Hello ! So I tried the 5x (but on another site) next to the ball, on the other hand, the leaves to chew, it's really despicable, it makes you want to vomit, even soak in water, I really couldn't, spat everything out after 5 minutes the quid

  • Translated from French henchantera
    Frankly not great, the taste is not pleasant and the effects are not there, many other very nice products at Shanaya but not the salvia.

  • Translated from French PetEr-PaN
    frankly well deg, g pri the salvia in socket and nothing just a little posed may nothing more. Unless you are super sensitive, no effect ...

  • Translated from French Barrier
    first of all thank you shayana, order arrived quickly and discreetly! After several tests with salvia without really much effect, I finally found THE right technique to really get off! you actually have to string together several large casings in a row (like bells) and keep the smoke in your lungs as long as possible, and the result is there: I was with a friend sitting on the ground (cross-legged, it's important for the continuation) in his room and him a little further on his bed, I click my sockets and there a whole small world is formed in front of me: I am now sitting on a plate connected to a rail which crosses the room before doing half turn. A little elf / cat is preparing the departure of my plate, there is only one thing missing: that my friend come and sit on the other plate next to me to leave and follow the rail. So I call him: "hey come and sit next to me it's going to be cool". in my mind, telling him that it was going to be cool would prevent him asking me questions that would only delay the departure. So he comes, but there, disaster! he sits down with his legs out, which breaks the rail and stops my trip. I really had the impression of living a waking dream I was convinced that what I saw was real and that we would leave if he sat down next to me !! finally here is all that to say that with this technique we can go far! good trip everyone

  • Translated from French jobard
    these sufficient frankly I do not see the interest of typing extracts these too powerful, take off assured :)

  • Translated from German twista
    The order arrived today must say it makes a really good impact, I can only recommend it to every meal

  • Translated from French FayaBoy
    Excellent, well served, good trip, guaranteed effect.

  • Translated from French keltoi
    so frankly we took 5g for two in a few hours, we were always disappointed and we were disappointed. I do not understand at all according to the statements of this site we were expecting hallucinatory and historical laughter and that neni just a little light high. too much if someone knows how to take full advantage of this plant, please write it down. (we have smoked it in all ways pipes, bongs, shilom, souflettes, classical ... .

  • Translated from German Bass-T
    So the herb, of course, after several "dosage suggestions", brought us pretty much any effect up to the official Triplevel 4. Mööööööööööööööööööööööördergeil ............. :) But really pay attention to a nice environment. I already freaked out on it. And that's pretty violent. So always stay nice SMOOOOOOOOOOTH, peace yo ...

  • Translated from French roro
    the salvia in itself smashes avk in large quantities .... I advise you to test the extracts x5 or x10

  • Benjamin
    I had heard Salvia is very strong, so I started off on the conservative side; smoked a small pinch - nothing, smoked a second pinch - still nothing, then I got more confident and smoked a third deeper and instantly lost coordination. Then a massively powerful female voice - a goddess like one - yelled at me to SIT DOWN!!! So I ran like a child in trouble towards my bed and as I did gravity got stronger and stronger, every step was heavier than the last. I was being pushed to the floor like she was trying to crush me like a bug, I managed to get into bed and then my face was being pulled and ripped from the bone towards the bed. She was trying to make me fuse with the bed. Become one with it. Unfortunately as I'm inexperienced I resisted. It was then she let me go. And all was normal again. Salvia is a powerful thing. Use it with respect. I hope to try it again and trust more in her this time. I will let her guide me.

  • RedDreads
    Man, what a trip! Please respect Salvia, she is not a joke! Took leaf form, smoked it in a bowl. Turned in to a ferris wheel or something to that nature. It was fun and scary, in a good way. There's a twisting sensation, which until you master your high, can be kinda painful. I was told I was screaming like I was afraid,dont recall! Anyway, once I evened out, the colors came and perception was altered. Ladies, careful, it can also make your "personals" tingle. I believe it takes a couple tries to master what your amount will be and in which way you will take it. Once that's correct, you can have the time of your life!!!!!! Much Respect to SALVIA................ had fun

  • Mr
    I enjoyed the effect, tho mild an soothing,,

  • Translated from Portuguese minhoccccca
    nothing better that hehhehehehhe try it and enjoy the experience + hallucinogeñic experience that extinguishes the 6 sense ... and speaks with your unconscious ... zasssssssssssss

  • Translated from German Ben
    You need a few dowels, but overall the price-performance principle is absolutely right here. Must be a hundred characters long, so I'll keep writing here.

  • Translated from French Dumont
    Hello, for cella who says that salvia has not done much to you !! consumed it correctly after we will talk about it again !!!! for me I don't like it !!! I prefer the champie !!!!!!!!!!!!! or microdot!

  • Translated from French V!nC3
    It's a little light effect and not very good taste in addition. Has a slight frankly weird effect the first socket then nothing

  • relami
    Mild for regular weed consumers. #THANKS SHAYANA always shipping very, very , too..I recived my order for 7 days.

  • Translated from German Neotace
    Better take the extract yourself through a pipe and find the effect simply ingenious and easy to control.INFO: The people who complain and have not complained are simply among the 50% for whom Salvinorin A + B does not work, namely only works for just under 50 & of all people

  • Translated from Portuguese MangA
    We tried this scene at the end of the year but as we ordered this and + scenes we are not really sure the kek hit us and dukek didn't hit us. even so axamos k is worth trying but do not delude yourself with the comment associated with salvia is not as powerful as they say.

  • Translated from German peter
    Salvia smokes in a bong (hookah) and heats the herb with a lighter and pulls violently. Beware, you're in a different world right now, you should only consume Salvia with psychadelic experiences.

  • Translated from French MANNEVY
    Laughs galore! And terrible wolf hunger !!

  • Translated from German Janek
    Absolutely great experience, not everyone works but most. It is quite strange and scratchy smoke, but still funny. We tried it for 6th & thought when the 1st had smoked only: "what's going on?" He started laughing hysterically after the second bong head & fell off the chair: DD The same happened to all of us, except 1nem :( he only got a little dizzy - even after 6 heads: / a shame for him. Besides the laugh, there was optical effects that can be compared to strong mushroom-like ones: wave movement of the wall, enlargement of the objects, distorted perception All in all: cool stuff & you should test it :) nice experience. But it stays that way, I tried it but don't order it 1x;)

  • Translated from French Septicaemia
    I have to smoke this attached, 3 pure in a row! in turbo and Indian: no effect! niet! nada! Smoking grass will have the same effect, plus it's disgusting!

  • Translated from French Jfiv3
    Excellent comment from dcGonzo! Before taking it, I would say that one of the only rules of Salvia is to respect it. If you respect her ... :) Technically, or at least personally, the dry leaves, if you take only one or two nozzles, it's like a little stoned Marie Jeane ^ _ ^

  • Translated from German raXility
    To Borsty: You somehow didn't do it right! -> The stuff is really cool! # Take half a gram to a whole gram # Smoke it in one go in a bong and let the smoke, which I don't think will scratch, min. 15sec. in the lungs) (very important: put the bong away) #start laughing (or see what happens) [WICHTIG: Salvia wird nur über die Schleimhäute aufgenommen,daher bring es nix, es zu essen.Wer nicht raucht muss kauen, um etwas zu merken!]

  • Translated from German Yannik
    First a compliment to the super fast delivery time. And now to the effect: It is very comparable to grass, but a lot stronger and with nice looks. Can only be recommended because it is very good and cheap: 10/10 points

  • Translated from French 72skunk
    Its pose but here are the effects are not great. We only lacquered the sockets (in a brad buy on shyana just for the okas!) And almost nothing. I recommend the 20 * it is a little more expensive but its worth the cost.

  • Translated from Spanish GlObErOnEr
    The truth is that since I smoked sage (20x) that is what I drive, hehehe, I've changed a lot of things, one feels comfortable with himself and when you enter the other reality and you see things that not many people see is when you say that the test is privileged. ke is actually something very spiritual ....

  • Translated from German Marcel
    Hello everyone, since I gave up smoking a few months ago, I decided to drink some tea from it. I let about 3 grams of 15min infuse after pouring boiling water over them. I then chewed the leaves and swallowed them down and drank the tea in one go. The effect was not like smoking it, but it was very pleasant. It comes very slowly and stopped with me for about 1 hour. The feeling was rather extatic and I felt very comfortable with a little Goa Trance that sprinkled me. In the end I fell asleep nicely. So I can recommend Salvia. PS: Shayana Shop: Fast shipping and also a few grams more :) Greetings to everyone

  • Translated from French lophophora
    excellent effect we hit the bare but then the laughing bare for 2 grief each has 2 it was great we saw the cops who kicked us out of a site we were laughing to the ground sisi really hanging out for 20 minutes every time we talk about it again we marry again jatend my other order haha

  • Translated from French oi!
    I just spent the evening smoking this stuff (not very good to smoke by the way) and frankly, niet, ke dalle, ct null, so either I do not know how to take it, or it really is a scam!

  • Translated from French Loick
    In addition: Good high as light and relaxing as our good marie-jeanne, taste not so different! En Bang: Good powerful sockets with good taste! And for my part a little adrenaline rush with alcohol, a little exciting mixture, I always wanted to get a new socket, it was very addicting and some friends took part and there it was total euphoria , happy faces everywhere! I plan to test the extracts, although the prices are higher, for a stronger and disproportionate response! Kiss

  • Translated from German Voxill
    You can easily approach the fully effective dose. Was a pyramid in another galaxy. Pleasant experience, don't panic

  • Translated from German Max
    So I have to say that it works! Not as expected but it works ^^ I first tried it in my room with my girlfriend. The effects that occurred immediately after blowing were actually quite pleasant. I felt very stiff almost like an object and I felt me as if someone was pulling me The optics did not change as much as I wished for, but it was quite good, some colors became more intense and so nothing else, the only disadvantage was that I was sweating gossiping wet, I was as wet as if I was just out the shower has come. For this reason, I only smoked it 2 more times and when I sweated again and again, I let it be: D I don't mean that everyone gets it, because my girlfriend didn't have it either. So all in all it was pretty cool, maybe next time I'll smoke 2 or 3 heads and the flash will be more intense, maybe the sweats will also disappear. Thumbs up thank you shayana! You should try it out!

  • Translated from Spanish PeTaRdErO
    The leaves of Salvia Divinorum are really powerful smoked in a hookah, causing physical and psychological sensations NEVER produced by any other existing drug. The bad thing is that the "trip" lasts so short. Well, for more intensity the Extracts x5, x10 and x20 have to leave any Salvionauta satisfied (watch the dose carefully).

  • Translated from German sirsmokealotofpot
    Had smoked these leaves before and it blew in, I ordered 50 gr of them, smoke and smoke nothing ... really disappointed, delivery time great

  • Translated from German Torsten
    At first I thought it wouldn't work. Smoked in a pipe, but then Bang., With a rainbow up the ceiling. The TV was on and somehow the moderators talked to me ... I just thought ... Age what is that ... refueled a short time later ..... I saw some characters in my pipe who were with me spoke to me .... hammer experience .. ..

  • Translated from French mc
    I had a lot of trouble "going up" (badly smoked?) but suddenly with a very light effect it was cool: for a few seconds I thought I was in an old American gas station with a grandpa who looked at me. then 2nd hallu: my door, which is the head of furniture in my house, asked me to assemble an army. finally 3rd mini trip in front of the TV: in fact gt in the series (New York special unit !!) and I looked ... I remained in a sort of impression, like when you are half awake, half in pain and you no longer knows what is real or not ... I love it! on the other hand I still smoked 5gr for these 3 mini hallu (qqs seconds each). I think I smoke it badly, but it's by forging that you become a blacksmith!

  • Translated from French Cheers
    disappointed ... the salvia I received is way too light. After several inconclusive tests I finally got a slight high last night of 10min maxi (I had an approach of the space that surrounded me really weird, I had the impression that everything could be dissociated in triangular paving stones (What is this shape called?) and that it was somewhat 2D since I was cutting out in the same piece of triangle my friend who was 1m away and the wardrobe which was 2m behind him). good to get stoned like that I stuck 3 big well loaded casings (at the last casing I coughed because the taste was really filthy) so in the end salvia it can be nice if you glue big pork casings and that you are just looking for a trip, because smoke salvia every day like you would smoke weed, well you have to really like shit lol

  • Translated from French crouzit
    Super cool, really to test, strange feeling, the body is wandering, but it gave me crazy breaths! But it is a very simple product that I recommend for its price, shipped quickly and super discreet! THANK YOU SHAYANA

  • Translated from French Gaetan
    Hello Shayana; you really are pros thanks for being so quick. I trust more. Professionals I tell you !!

  • Translated from French marti
    Impeccable deadlines, serious site. Regarding salvia: old depinar taste, 1,2,3,4,5 bush and c good! 5d = sheet 2d = xtract

  • Translated from French Quentin
    Frankly the taste is really bad, but after you laugh for 15min, you see a bit of lags in life. C quite gripping.We made in pure casing keeping the smoke as long as possible.Nickel !!!!!

  • Translated from French keeetazzz
    Wé ca fé the effect quickly, g took 15gramm dc voila well disgusted. Otherwise pr the fits of laughter, simply after each socket, c tense I did not appreciate the effect of its duration.

  • Translated from French Mickael
    Good delirium, my friends liked it a lot but the taste when smoking it really bothers me. The effects are felt quickly but unfortunately do not last long. I advise lovers of new sensations to try salvia, which is not too expensive at all.

  • Translated from French 06140

  • Translated from French Mush-Marti
    bravo shayana really dailait 2-3 days. Really good salvia. to consume alone or with good friends calmly with good soft music .. perfect. For me the trip takes place from 5-6 socket but as usual not long enough :( otherwise the psylo its going trankil like dab go good luck and ATTACH YOUR BELTS before TAKING OFF

  • Translated from French Canasmoke
    Tooooooooop ... first time I felt this sensation. Have you ever seen the film inception, I think it represents salvia very well ... I smoke a socket with a bong while retaining the smoking as long as possible ... 1 st socket, immediate laughter. Just Huge with a big E 2nd socket, I had the feeling of being in an unreal my. it was weird but very informative. 1 week delay. top what

  • Translated from Italian Gioele
    a really good product but if you want an immediate high I recommend the extracts, these leaves are excellent for making DIY extractions

  • Translated from French madamepatat
    ehehh !! already thank you shaya for the delivery time, a week after the package was with me! Otherwise, if you just take leaves the only effects that I had (joint, socket and chique) it is a bad taste in the mouth, and nothing else !!!! ehehh, so if you plan to take leaves, don't forget the concentrate that goes with it !!!

  • Translated from French Juh
    So there really, I have not yet tested in socket but I just wanted to put a good point to shayanashop for their seriousness ;-) ordered Saturday evening received Monday morning with a sticker and a toncar book, I am happy I do not m didn't expect so fast ;-)

  • Translated from French Maniak
    Jvient dla receive jlé tested normal ^^ a socket not much a little leveling tomorrow night is the big bang we'll see ske it gives in large quantities ...

  • Translated from French ludo
    the bomb!

  • Translated from French Amer
    This plant should not be underestimated, even dry leaves can be powerful, it all depends on the person. I STRONGLY advise you not to consume salvia alone, you should have a person with whom you feel good watching over you. A lot of people ignore this advice but believe me when I tell you that it is very important.

  • Translated from French xZen
    Shayanashop's salvia is great! The quality is just as good and we have them beautiful and good travel !!! To be taken without thinking. +

  • Translated from Dutch Kj1
    You have to smoke a lot of it to notice something ma if you eat half of it in one go, silk ff well gone: p

  • Translated from French jean
    Hi everyone, I am a canna smoker and after reading the various comments about salvia I took the plunge, purchase and several tests to finally come to the conclusion that it is necessary to take 300mg of leaf, put them in crumb, this to serve as a bong (exclusive), this to serve as a good lighter with a good flame, toast the socket to the maximum, then to swallow the smoke deeply and to keep it at least 30s or more if you can, the effects arrive in the 40s, for me there is not really a SALVIA degree, just a more or less marked effect depending on the quantity consumed, it works every time! the effect and quite short but very strong, the taste is not terrible but goes much better than some hash (at the bang) no straight of all .. I hope to have enlightened what are not convinced ...

  • Translated from French cleripide
    I hit it in the socket, chew it, infuse it ... No effect. Pity

  • Translated from French El
    As it is written above: a large socket + keeps the smoke 20 seconds and hop welcome to space mountainelle is terrible this pleasant plant and not for you to hear ...

  • Translated from French Baba
    Received in 7 days in an impeccable package, a good product that you have to know how to smoke in the right conditions, good trips guaranteed! To order without hesitation! Thank you Shayana

  • Translated from French Arecibo
    The effects are great ... To take without hesitation !!

  • Translated from French Jeremy
    I cannot thank shayanashop enough for their professionalism ^^. Sending cash without problem, received in 4 working days after receipt of payment. I did not know salvia and frankly for this price there is something to stay gaga. In bang, it's perfect, in joint his pass, the effects are delusional. To try at least once. Thank shayanashop

  • Translated from French Gaetan
    I am very satisfied. We should not expect the same effect as our marie jeanne but I am satisfied with no problems. At the beginning, I smoked it badly or rather I did not know how to appreciate the effect because I did not recognize it. By recognizing the effect one can realize its action and the power of the action. Don't get any visions but I'm dizzy and off balance which is fun. So, don't expect the same effect as Marie Jeanne and you will surely like it anyway. Special effect and never felt. Take off and escape from ourselves; we escape. HERE'S HOW TO LEARN LA SALVIA: I can take it in a socket or smoke it in a joint, both are fine with me. In the socket the effect rises much faster and in the joint the effect is also pleasant (Very pleasant). In addition, the effect does not wear off too quickly. THINK OF KEEPING THE SMOKE IN THE LUNGS THAT'S WHAT IS IMPORTANT !! I ordered an extract x10 !! and even with the extract I can't get too much vision, but if I would know the plant better and well I would surely get there. And a case tears the lungs apart and for me a joint of salvia is enough. The effect is quite long (there I feel it) and pleasant for me. SHAYANA I love you. I received my order neatly packaged and in 6 days !! not bad at all. There I placed a second order and I will come back to confirm the confidence I have in shayana. On the other hand I ordered philosopher's stones to go into a trance quite simply .... And I hope that the order will go well. Cigarettes go badly with salvia because their taste has a lot of character and leaves a good taste that cigarettes spoil. In short, a tranquilizer at a good price (Continue like that shayana) and it is your dealer who will not be happy. LOL So you can take it slow and especially keep a good hit in the lungs and the effect is instantaneous like it goes up in three seconds. Make yourself good salvialized firecrackers almost pure like that more violent. Simple salvia is enough for me and the first time I took it I felt that I had to prepare my body, as if I was going to be introduced to someone (Ms. salvia?) And suddenly I had to look good to it !! ! LOL

  • Translated from French Veedjee
    Aaahaha, they are phew these leaves! With a friend, we made several nozzles, well filled with the leaves chopped at the mill. Each time, completely uncontrollable fits of laughter, and the impression of not controlling anything at all with trips to matter and space ... Too good, but unfortunately (much) too short. No joint effect. Pull hard and keep the smoke for a long time.

  • Translated from French ivanhoedu45
    Sensation of blood rush to the head, hot flashes, dizziness ... the hole what. And that always special feeling of the triptych: you / the place you are in / "someone" who has authority over you. It is this "someone" who is disturbing. Why? - I am at home and I have the impression that someone is watching / yelling at me so much that I have the feeling that I am no longer at home - sitting in my car, with the feeling that someone observes me and laughs at me, telling me that I have nothing to do here. Strange salvia, as always ... ps: very fast, 5-10 min for me. And completely aware too!

  • Translated from French momo51
    Frankly you have to know the smoke because at the beginning I have nothing u but in fact you have to make good big bowl of salvia the cast and kept the smoke 10 sec and +. you need about 3, 4 before having the 1st effects but it really works I recommend it c too the trippp good smokes to all

  • Translated from French Makaveli
    Real shit !!! I smoked 5 grams in 1 hour and nothing .... no feeling, no hallu! and the worst in all that a despicable taste ..... for pt players and again! a joint to quote is NIRVANA and ARMAGEDDON Mushrooms !!!

  • Translated from French kjigjiggol
    it's too much of the ball it's magiccccccccc

  • Translated from French cgui
    after a drunken evening, a socket and let's go ... time to turn the bong and shoo it's off for a ride .......... too terrible ...... recommend !!!

  • Translated from French canaweed
    I do not recommend the savia in leaf! Unless you are hyper sensitive and do not have the habit of smoking, it has no effect. Me, I got confused by buying 60 g at once (on another site) and g was very very disappointed ... I use it for flavoring in my dishes when I cook ... So a tip: GO DIRECTLY AU 10x. On this good smoke ;-)

  • Translated from German trust
    buy Salvia 60x (that's the strength) then stuff your hat with about 0.2 grams (plus a bit of tobacco) then pull slowly ... that must glow nice! ... then inhale fully and leave it in the lungs for as long as possible !!! then wait about a minute and if possible try to get up ... yes then get it RIGHT in;) ... so be careful !!! for me it was too violent, in addition to that I did not know what the stuff was doing to me (-> panic) ps .: there are people who do not respond to Salvia Divinorum

  • Dominik
    I did not receive the package or response to any of my emails and I have sent a few. I do not recommend this vendor.

  • RedDreads
    AW MAN!, what an experience. I tried the leaf form, smoked in a bowl. Very freaky, trippy, and scary, in a good way. Beautiful colors appear, u go into a dream state, each trip is different and Ladies....., it makes your "personals" tingle! Highly recommended!!!!!!!!!!

  • Translated from Portuguese kiko
    pah, honestly I don't know ok, you saw this product ... I rough the extract to match your comments, porke the leaves didn't hit anything ... and try it on the shroud, the pipe and the bong and nepias ... I did it like that instructions and nothing ... = (

  • Translated from Italian FRANCESCO
    The only effect I have had is to seem to be being pushed backwards. at least it made an impact, however

  • Remka
    Very nice for your first Salvia-trip.I loved them a lot and yet ordered some 5xextract to help me getting some further.Honestly: thumbs up!

  • Matt
    I ordered awhile back, but didn't have much time to send a review on this product. I figured I'd get to it now. I don't know if it was just a bad batch of leaves or if I'm particularly tolerant and would need to smoke more than a bit. I didn't find the Salvia leaves to give any of the effects listed, though. I got a very, very slight buzz, but that was about it. It didn't last much more than 20 minutes or so. I personally wouldn't recommend this product. I much prefer something stronger to toke on.

Salvia Divinorum


Salvia Divinorum leaves have intense hallucinogenic properties. They are traditionally used in divinatory rituals, but their availability and use has been been expanding recently. Some of the more common effects that may be induced are: uncontrollable hysterical laughter; a loss of one’s sense of self; a feeling that one exist in numerous times and places simultaneously; and strange physical sensations.


1) Uncontrollable hysterical laughter. 2) Becoming objects (candle, chair, vegetable,…) 3) Overlapping realities. Being in several locations at once. 4) Loss of the body or identity. 5) Entering a 2-dimensional world. 6) Revisiting places from the past. 7) Weird physical sensations, being pulled or twisted.


Traditionally, Salvia is consumed by chewing the leaves for a long time and then swallowing them, or by drinking it as tea. Both methods aren’t very appetizing and you need to consume a large number of leaves. Nowadays, the most common way to take Salvia is to smoke it in a joint or (water-) pipe. If you’re not a regular smoker, then the water-pipe may be the best option.