• Translated from French =))
    psychedelik product ... there were 3 of us to test it, one sank 3 casings ..effects: grooo mad laughing tells anything, drools over the next one sank 2 ..effects: gone into those dreams, and inability to sit "damn shit I can not sit down" and then me .. only one was enough to take me very far! I had a loss of identity, impossible to remember who I was, or I was and who were these strange people around me who stammer incomprehensible things, then a feeling of well-being invades me! I let you imagine the scene, at midnight in a public garden, a madman who drooling over, a convict who tries many position to try to sit down and a madwoman who rolls on the ground! [+ un qui tapé chépa quoi .. sous l'émpriz de l'alcool]

  • Translated from French Sylvain
    well after a long wait I received one of my orders which contained salvia X10. Less than an hour later I test it with a pipe (0.20grammes and again I dropped my pipe in my ecstasy). I decide to do this in good condition so I open my window and put on some good laid-back music (MUSE sunburn). So I take a first shot I keep the smoke and I spit it out I block for a few seconds looking out the window and I start to feel a weird sensation and a weird imaginary odor but that I appreciate. I take a second big job that I keep too, I start to feel the substance rise. I take a job over and there I felt seized by the whole body, impossible to move my hands or my arms. My lighter falls first, followed by my pipe (which explains the burn stain on the linoleum in my bedroom) and there I feel liberated, I can let myself be carried away by whatever or whatever, with the 'impression of leaving through my window and there I realize that I still have not spit out the smoke. So I spit out the smoke and I can breathe, everything is fine. Suddenly, hysterical laughter that did not stop until the end of my good trip. In my giggles I fall from my bed on which I was sitting at the front. I splashed around on the ground laughing. In my frenzy I drop my alarm clock which rings with the sound of the sea, the ringing goes off and here I am between the sea on one side and the music on the other (because the bass box of the speakers is found under my bed), at this point a choice is necessary. either I go to the sea side, or I go to the music side ... I don't move, I struggle just under my bed (I don't know how I got there). and there I remember that a friend who could not be with me at the time there was looking at me through the webcam, so, my giggles having calmed down a bit I crawl back to my computer and the giggles come back and I fall back to the ground. I retry this operation several times but in vain. Finally, I manage to get back to my bed and the effects calm down. Still unable to type anything on my computer so I called my buddy to tell him about my trip with great difficulty. the effects of the descent are felt, big fatigue, heavy legs ... like after a bedo .... these are the only consequences are just great memories and a small injury to the foot ^^. now I let you travel ... Thank you Shayana

  • the
    in my younger days I was quite the psychadelic space cadet,I would take lsd,magic mushrooms,datura,mescaline, and countless pills and or powders habitualy.Over the years I have replace all the above tools used to reach a higher state of being with salvia and dmt.I use salvia quite regulaly as i grow my own and have a ready supply that i do my extraction from,I find I have the best(most intense)experiences when alone in a little place i found in a forrest by a light stream,I ritualy bless my sacred grounds and ask the wilderness to guide me through to the majestic heights to which I have become familiar with.take a smoking pipe and prepare it with a hit bigger than you could possibly ever take, get comfortable, take in your surroundings and smoke dont bother taking small hits and holding them back just continualy smoke and deny yourself oxygen just inhale exhale inhale exhale until your head spins so hard it feels like you have been hit in the face with a brick when you can no longer possibly take on any more smoke sit up straight but stay relaxed and you will feel your spirit detatch from your being and wander to a land of the will of course have to make your way througk a maze of collidoscopic technicolour and deafening auditory hallucinations but with the right guidence you will makeit and you will remember the path you took as to ensure a safe return.this is not just a psychadelic trip or just a herb it is a way of life respect it and learn from it,always take time out afterwards to make some sence of the information influx and deformation of what most know as reality have fun my freinds.the salvia surfer.

  • Translated from German FlashMan
    Have 3 small heads at intervals of 10 minutes and each hold in the lungs as long as possible (approx. 25 seconds). There was always a mega flash that robbed me of all my senses. I felt like a yardstick that always wanted to fold up and forgot everything around me. Little by little I was able to catch myself again and after about 5-10 minutes the condition normalized again. Violent flash with a short effect! Maybe good to add to peace:) CU in the light ..

  • BEKA
    tilt! game over for 20 minutes...I've see Hiroshima

  • trippy
    Salvia is not for those who think should i smoke that or not. But i have smoked salvia 15x 3-5 times and the feelings are good to this point :) I had hysterical laughter, i laughted about 5-10 minutes and cannot stop that, one time my sight lags, i did see same part of sight a lot (like browser window lags in old computers that what it looked like) then i did hear voices in my head "give me that pipe?" "no this is "trippy's pipe" then i figured that out and almost freaked out but stayed calm ( i was alone in my home). One time i smoked salvia and go to balcony to smoke tobacco (i didn't feel that my dose worked) it was night and i did see red rainbow on the sky and after smoke it disappeared :D My friend did see that it was on pac man labyrint and dolls (clothes dolls like on stores) chased him and somewhere salvia was being pumped on the labyrint ( what we did see was that she was lyings and rolled on the ground and screamed, cryed and laught hysterical. So if you doubt should i smoke salvia? i don't recomended if you cant put you mind together and be calm what you see or feel. A lot of my friends have smoked salvia and then sayed that they never smoke salvia again because they had bad trip or they can't think trough what they have seen or feeled.

  • david
    This is the greatest thing that I have ever smoked, well at least so far.

  • Translated from German Marco
    Initially misused and smoked in long papes. According to research on the internet the bong was used and it was not exaggerated in the effect. -----> always happy

  • Translated from Italian enzo
    too much a blow to the brain almost paralyzing I would say EXAGERATED as a blow if smoked properly it was on at least 15 min at first big laughs then 1-2 min the vacuum 2-3 min I was in a chair I was sinking and I found myself in a tunnel where among many people I saw only 2 who followed me in my journey last 5 min in recovery but quite stunned but also very excited HAPPY OF MY TRIP !!!

  • Translated from French champitaction
    even in regular onsomation I still have terribly this herb the salvia my detens me made me alu. And between buddy I saw better to type deliriously ... on the other hand I saw ke kelku avai di ke its could be violent and I will agree with him in case of problem i fo surtt not stress his empire bcp plus the things he fo stay relaxed and say to himself ke his going to pass may quite rare he did it to me 1 and a half years ago the best way is to have good friend ki reassure you

  • Translated from French gaga
    keep smoking it after having typed your socket, then serve your underpants, you are still laughing but sometimes you really ask what's happening to you, you are over or put your dick

  • poozzle
    It's realy good stuff. I recomend. Respect shayanashop.

  • kunix
    I've smoked Salvia Extract about ten times. All of my trips were in fact intensive but after reaching the 5th experience level I can definitely say that that Salvia is the most powerful entheogen I've ever met.

  • daytripper
    salvia is really a powerfull herb,i smoked some with a friend of mine and we laughed for a good 5 minutes over nothing,its like your in a 2 dementional world,its pretty intense i just with is lated longer.

  • I
    There is no way to say what I felt when I did this stuff.

  • Ahl
    The 'purest' hallucinogen I had ever smoked! Whoa! It will take You to the very known place...

  • AuraEnTuluva
    I had my first out of body experience with this herb Thanks a lot shayana shop

  • sloth-
    Certainly worth of the price. Really intense. Start with low dosages, this is really powerful. Worked just fine with a small acrylic bong (23cm high), a normal steel bowl, and with TWO (2) normal lighters (needs much heat). Keep the smoke in your lungs about 25 seconds and it should do the trick.

  • DefJeff
    Wau!Last night it was fantastic experience. I thought i was in another dimension. You must have relaxed feeling before you smoke this. Wery good stuff!! Be careful with this. It's a strong psychedelic. Respect salvia.

  • Niles
    i thought i was a peice on a check board and all my friends were pawns and other chess peices

  • dave
    got some 20x the other day and every person who tryed it could not beleave it my dad had a out of body expereance he told me it was allmost scarry ilet about 10 people try some and some dident like it but every one had the same thing to say that salvia is the most powerful drug thay have tryed me i love it sow much im getting 6g of 20x next week

  • ice2000
    me and my freinds were smoking this out of my water pipe,and we had the strongest leaves available.when i was lying on the ground,it felt like i was leaning on a building.i love this stuff

  • James
    Salvia, shater all illusions and reveille the true nature of mind. Seek and Ye shall find!!

  • Foggles
    I won't put the love smiley on this one, but I wasn't disappointed, a 0.15mg can be very intense, it has 11 trips. However, even if salva is intense, I found the trip quite unpleasing, had a worse bodyload than with delirogens. So I wouldn't recommend it as a first timer drug, I would recommend shrooms first.

  • Liz
    A kind reminder to all who never smoked Salvia: she will snap your body and soul when she gets to you so you'd rather be wise and respectful towards the plant:) Love her and love yourself as well! So I made a mix of natural leaves of Salvia (5g bought here too) and of a really really tiny amount of this extract to test it "safely" with bong and smoking pipe as well. My first bowls made me feel relaxed, and I gradually added some more extract to my Salvia bowls until I decided to smoke one last bowl before going to bed... Oh God... She hit me so hard and so suddenly, it was as if I was sliced in two with bits of me on my right side that my cat could see but not me, it was painful but not in a human way and rather scary so I decided to lay down in the dark and close my eyes because the spinning and the slicing of me -but time as well- feeling was too much. Eyes closed in the dark I felt better, trip eventually faded away until I fell asleep. This is a strong extract people, no need to buy the higher ones :) I am happy my order arrived so quickly and safely, thank you Shayanasop .

  • Tobias
    Be very, very wary of this, it's a proper shamans plant I reckon. Would love to do this with friends in the forest. On my own in the flat the people on TV were speaking to me, as was the radio, like they were all in on it and wanted me to join them. It seems to be cumulative, in that the first hit is manageable, the second hit draws you in, like that bit where he gets sucked into to the matrix. It's a very strange feeling when you can feel it creeping up your arm, across the divide and then stop, so that that one arm is in an entirely different universe. Take another hit and let it pull you all the way in. Embrace the madness, sure, but respect it all the way. For me, the most intense and powerful hallucinogenic out there. Definitely not for individual consumption if you have issues, which is why I think so many people swear they'll never touch it again. Thankfully it doesn't last too long but it is cumulative so any earlier bong cleansing comes back twofold. Handle with care!

  • Translated from German moon
    the leaves have been carved quite nicely .. I can warmly recommend it

  • Lisa
    I looked at a box fan right after smoking some. It felt like I became part of the little boxes that made up the front of the fan. It was the most surreal experience I had ever had. I loved it!!!

  • Translated from Portuguese ping
    taste! but like, how do I get out of this dimension?

  • Translated from Portuguese Cajas,
    We smoked the whole bottle in one day ... and ended up wasting a council n do as we did, we only made greed out of it smoking in a bong is highly never had anything like that ... we got the body movements all atrophied and just t will d laugh nonstop lol just one problem is very expensive and very little ... smoke a lot!

  • Translated from Portuguese joice
    k bakano bro ............

  • Translated from Portuguese Ganzado
    salvia rula !!!! and dakelas mocas that you should catch at least once in your life !!!

  • Translated from French Titan
    Thank you shayana for being exemplary professionalism. It means that I received my order quickly and cleanly. For the salvia x10 and well I really went with a good heart in the pipe and bong mode, but I did not have a stronger effect than with the simple leaves. But I find that the single leaves are already very powerful when you know what effect to expect from them. So I stay on the simple sheets. Have fun.

  • Translated from French Sylvain
    Superb experience, guaranteed effects! Consumed in socket, 5 minutes I felt my body more, impossible to speak so much I laughed, feeling of well being, nickel, I intend to start again! Thanks Shayana!

  • Translated from French Get
    one of a kind !!! nothing to do with any other drug! legal in France: op effects: -2 minutes or you do anything (ask someone to film you and watch afterwards because personally I never remember those first 2 minutes and it's too funny to see nimps doing this ^^) -after it depends: appearance of images in the head, feeling of being accompanied by a superior presence, loss of control of one's body when seeing what one is doing (do not try to resist, it's more funny !!) or visual distortion ... it's really different every time! how to consume (very important): - material: bong or pipe (attached it is really gachi) - heat the socket well - keep the smoke at least 10 seconds (see more) - smoke its socket quickly and in 2 times maximum because afterwards we are no longer in good condition ^^ for the first time pay attention to the dose and be accompanied because the effects are more or less powerful depending on the person the small downsides: -if you take several cases in the evening pay attention to the state of lungs after! -effect bcp too short: 15 minutes max for the whole trip (except for some lucky hypersensitive!) -much too expensive on this site: op

  • Translated from French Nicolas
    Great experience, We were with friends in a circle in a room, and we started to take salvia casings (It is better to do it with a bang with a torch lighter because salvorine (psychoactive substance of salvia) is released better at high temperature ==> do not smoke it as a joint it will not work) and there it comes without warning you, so much that we do not realize it, subsequently bursts of uncontrollable laughter ensued, the mind that goes faster than speech, sometimes for some hallucinations (one found himself in a desert touching sand the other in a kind of train, oddities in space and time. I really advise but be sure of what you are doing it is a powerful drug and you have to respect the plant during the taking (see it as a spiritual journey, inside the unconscious)

  • Translated from French mikhael
    changed blah blah I think kil fo the fairekalé ché self psk dehor its not working jme sui felt a little doubled jme sui typed 2 3 bare of laughter may san more by cons after he returned cut me less than an hour after having typed the attantion socket the dream lol! I dreamed ke iavé of the tigers orgy in the bocca mdr

  • Translated from French Le
    Nice for troubleshooting, slips anywhere. Like the previous comment, it deteriorates and creaks but for the price, do not hesitate to wedge it in your order to reach a gift. ;)

  • Translated from Italian alberto
    Mon avis sur le produit .... HUGE !!! :-D Les effets sont géniaux et durent longtemps! attention to the dose: the faut vraiment commencer par une petite dose parce que ça "déboite" bien cette chose there! Le seul point négatif: le prix ........... mais au moins c'est légal! Bref: je recommande ++++++++++++! Amusez vous bien ... !!! ;-)

  • Translated from French miklos
    the strangest and most intense sight I have ever had. I must admit that it scared the hell out of me. maybe I shouldn't have started with the 10X. the first time I rolled a joint but I had nothing except rather unpleasant physical sensations (nausea, headache, no longer feeling gravity). then for the second time I tried it with my bang. I pulled two or three jobs, and suddenly I found myself on the page of an enormous book, composed of the same pages. I am in two dimensions and at the same time I have the consciousness of this page and mine with which I understand that this sheet of paper will remain all my life. it was really super strange and scary! I tell myself that I will tell all this to my friends, but I know that it is not possible because a book page does not speak ... well a total loss of identity in 2D, very interesting. I'm not ready to start again right away ..., tomorrow :-)) - thank you shayana

  • Translated from French
    Heyyyy everyone !!! So my setai the first time I tested a huge socket of X10 and wouaaaaou I have serious decol its good Maran the effect its not male. We did his stroke my wife and its going for the amateurs you will love it !!! Mintenan for me its not the product that made me want to start again in the HARDCORE = D .. Enore Thank you Shayana and at the head of the Teams

  • Translated from French tatice
    received in 15 days. being 1 heavy smoker 2 husband, g pinball kan the delirium m mounted o skull with 1 pure joint / cardboard. I had the impression of measuring 3 meters high é ke me solicitonger, gt light. good delirium, thank you

  • Translated from French roro
    c of the bomb serieu !!!! a mixture of mushroom and weed .... it goes straight up there you eat a violent climb of mushroom and 15 minutes later you feel like having a good bedo ....

  • Translated from French dougi
    It's something crazy, amazing, on the other hand fo pa freaking out because it can be violent ...

  • Translated from French tony
    I haven't done anything

  • Translated from Spanish Manolo
    If what you like is traveling, this is the right drug, the first time, the building collapsed on me after seeing a colleague come out of a wall. Later times I have been stuck to a rock without being able to move and almost unable to speak, it gives a little respect, but it is really a journey. MY colleague came out of his body and was seen from outside. In short, everyone I talk to feels something different, but everyone with the same feeling YOUR LIFE IS A GAME that you enjoy hahaha

  • Translated from French roswell
    i touched god while i was on a tv show! :)

  • Translated from French FloB
    The X5 is already going very well but the X10 allows you not to make too big sockets while being able to do twice as much ... It is the double Christ-Cool effect ... However, beware of novices and other hotheads , start with the dried leaves and then the X5. For very good information on the use of this plant, go to where you will find the answers to your questions about this plant. And go soft, it's not big but it works well!

  • Translated from French kaps
    perchant, kognant, hallucinant, mystike, chamanike, perdissant ... and so on. C the first thing that makes me feel physical effects. A chake taken its delirium, a chake nobody its effects. Something crazy :)

  • Translated from French Val
    it is frankly powerful even at low doze a little sound and direct we start in spheres enough space. The big loads are to be taken at the right time to avoid when we depress c as the psylo amplifies it and its becomes uncontrollable.If we do it in good condition I can see the effect of loss of concept of the position in space (the floor becomes a ceiling and vice versa), fit of laughter of course, in fact it compares to the psylo except that its direct rise after and descend for the smallest effects an hour later;) However, it is quite expensive so to see if growing it wouldn't be more profitable :)

  • Translated from German LukaZ
    hello so thought you ordered here to try the product out, but stuff has a hammer effect ... had a really good mood then I took it once, I felt like my chair in my room ... after that I entered another one The world felt like a ps2 game like a hero or something ... but it was a really awesome effect, after I had the product gone I ordered it again because it was so great now wait for the new delivery , that will be a great trip again ... I'm really looking forward to it, I will definitely have my fun again ... in my own world ^^ so thank you for putting this product on the internet, so thank you very much ... after the next consumption I will make an entry here tschöö machet jut

  • Translated from French Olivier
    Already tried several times, it impressed me, but yesterday I can't even talk about it ...

  • Translated from French JSB
    Not terrible ... This stuff hurts your head and gives you not very pleasant physical sensations. Prefer mushrooms to this expensive thing and without interest

  • Translated from Spanish Dbo
    Honestly, for me to see my arms measuring about 3 meters did not make me very funny ... no laughs or anything, he just said "I'm freaking out" and he really freaked out. They told me that I was changing my face, and I had the option of looking at a mirror that was there, but I passed Olympic as seeing the calico on my arms I was not interested at all seeing my face ... and I think I did well because the same I cower and my father goes down, and with such a piece ... remove it remove it ... I will not try it again. I'll keep the mushrooms !!!!

  • Translated from French redisdead
    fucking bullet bomb !!!

  • Translated from French Raphael
    Very good banging. I have ordered 3 times and I love it. Good effect very strong. ;)

  • Translated from French Louis
    The impression of being in total lag of a few seconds ... the brain in translation ... there is a bug ... thank you Shayana!

  • Translated from French Morgan51
    Thank you Shayana I am really very happy I received today my salvia * 10 I ordered on Monday and I received it this morning, it is very fast barely 2 days and instead of 1gr I had 1 gr 5 I tasted it earlier I went to another world I had the impression that kelkin pulled me on the cheek and kil hold me I can't move c really something crazy c too well I have it advice to all those who have already tested the * 5 but go there by step because it takes your breath away!

  • salvia
    This was pretty intense, I smoked some with a friend and my GF. My GF took the water pipe after I had a toke, and it looked like my brain had takena snap shot of that second, and my friend and g/f were just sillouttes, and that I was floating away from them. Then I had the feeling that I was just a floating thought going through the universe, I had no body, and I had been like this all my life. As I came out, I thought I had been in that state for about 30-45minutes, but it was more like 30-45 seconds. Good fun ;)

  • Translated from German Vadim
    it was the last weekend on a Saturday, I had my girlfriend with a friend, it was otherwise a rather stressful day for me, but I was really sure that I wanted to take the salvia. So let's go smoke a head full of leaves first, then my friend the next. then the 10er extract about a fingertip full with a few leaves first I didn't notice anything except the slight high effect. afterwards I smoked a friend with a weed and then broke the 10er extract this time more, nice to glow and I cut it away as long as possible in my lungs ... after exhaling I didn't notice anything then it's mine buddy from the room and I immediately fell into a trace ... then eyes .. and I was soooooo different where the feeling was just divine ^^ I moved my arms wildly and "bauhr krass is that cool" again and again called until my buddies "woke me up" because they thought I was in pain XD just worth an experience ... aja .. and I think you have to get salvia to glow properly so that it can work with the homemade bong aluminum foil burned out again and again ...

  • Translated from German peters-stahl4ya
    young, young dat beam beams a very good way .... !! smoke dat with normal, inner mixes .... comes really good ... !!! only recommendable ... !!!

  • Translated from French NIC

Salvia Extract 10x

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Salvia Divinorum leaves have intense hallucinogenic properties. They are traditionally used in divinatory rituals, but their availability and use has been been expanding recently. Some of the more common effects that may be induced are: uncontrollable hysterical laughter; a loss of one’s sense of self; a feeling that one exist in numerous times and places simultaneously; and strange physical sensations.


1) Uncontrollable hysterical laughter. 2) Becoming objects (candle, chair, vegetable,…) 3) Overlapping realities. Being in several locations at once. 4) Loss of the body or identity. 5) Entering a 2-dimensional world. 6) Revisiting places from the past. 7) Weird physical sensations, being pulled or twisted.


Traditionally, Salvia is consumed by chewing the leaves for a long time and then swallowing them, or by drinking it as tea. Both methods aren’t very appetizing and you need to consume a large number of leaves. Nowadays, the most common way to take Salvia is to smoke it in a joint or (water-) pipe. If you’re not a regular smoker, then the water-pipe may be the best option.