• Translated from French nexus
    I took a pure, well-packed bowl, I had already smoked salvia but I had left it. It plunged me into a crazy trip. I had 10 minutes of total unconsciousness. No fainting. My body moving but I was no longer there to take care of it. a dirty plan inside my brain like a nightmare (and worse). Panic was the main sensation of my plane. According to the book (plants of the gods) "people who have smoked it speak of bizarre and unusual effects. These are twists of space, physical sensations of rolling, alterations in consciousness or extracorporeal experiences. In general, one smokes an a two sheets ".

  • remka
    Much stronger then the leaves. Try the leaves first, but u really have to try this one too. Got to level 'L'(cfr.the hope to get one further next time). Do it!

  • Marin
    Veeery good. It is a bit light so if you are a smoker you need 10x or stronger. Otherwise you are getting the trip real well.

  • Translated from German Effe
    Got my package today with leaves and 5x extract. This will be my first time tonight and I'm curious to clap it with my own experience. I have now researched 1 month and now it is time. Just hope it won't be a horror trip, so thumbs up. Not that I forget all thumbs up for the fast shipping and got one in addition to the ordered bong. That's just great.

  • Translated from German Ak
    Saliva is really a really cool stuff ^^ But watch out for the extracts! they can really blow your mind ... I personally don't like the tripping feeling of salvia, because I prefer to eat some mushrooms but it works SOoo intensive but unfortunately only SOooo short. nevertheless Salvia remains a wonderful discovery of nature !!! But I will just buy myself a plant that plants in the garden or balcony, and make these extracts yourself ... net heavy and 1000 times fatal xD

  • Thomas
    This is strong man!!!!!! Really takes you anywhere you want to go. For the time you are on this trip it really a makes you feel like you can be anything....... I saw I guy once think he was a door!!! You feel like you physical being can become anything!! While on it you are incapable of doing the most simple of tasks. Extremely fun!

  • Alexander
    Very very potent stuff. It was my first Salvia experience and it was very intense. I experienced a complete distortion of reality I was unprepared for. Be prepared if you buy this product.

  • Translated from German Psy
    I smoked extract (heavily). Caution! It was so funny, but from a lot of people you are taken to another world. I had a different memory of my life and had no influence on the film. I have a lot Good experience (hallucinogens). I laughed with small amounts and had nonsense in mind. The higher dose was one of the worst experiences of my life.

  • Translated from German Sebastian
    Hammer the stuff mixed the first pot with tobacco and put a fingertip in the effect was limited. 5 min. later the 2nd pot with 2 fingertips and it hit my buddy talked to me and I couldn't understand a word the feeling was violent. The shipping was relatively quick: D

  • Translated from French EwOcK
    For information, salvia is one of the most powerful hallucinogens if it is taken in the right conditions. smoke oneself the hottest possible kan we suck it up donk always keep a flame above the socket, 2) the most important thing to keep the smoke in the lungs as long as possible koi kil arrives mem if it burns the throat or koi kse soi vu kle the taste is pa great May fo the kept kom if we were in apnea and kan we catch our breath logikemen we have a pti vertigo and this vertigo ki launches a rise of madness here is a good trip to all jv you advice to take it on ethnobotashop c moin expensive and c dla X10 ...

  • Translated from French Jfiv3
    Being hypersensitive to salvia, the x5 is what I find best. In general, I prime one or two cases of dry leaves, then I chain on the socket of x5. In general, this is enough for me to have a good experience, I even saw at one point the highway pass in front of me, while I was waiting for the metro, but I was actually just sitting on my couch. is still going through your mind;) I started with x5, and for all those who are new too, the first time it is normal to feel almost no effects, but salvia has a property called reverse tolerance, which is that is, the more you take, the less resistant you are. The feeling that pushes me, of relaxation, of laughter, of inner well-being, some hallus' and a presence, mystical I would say, are the effects that I generally feel. I therefore recommend, but above all, you have to understand that there is no recreational goal, that you have to respect the plant and do that in the best conditions (few people, music you like, relaxed atmosphere. ..);

  • Krzysztof
    I am satisfied!

  • Translated from French Nicolas
    Very good but be careful, I tried a first time in a bang, very soft effect, disorientation, want to lie down, very heavy body ... a second time a week later after having inquired a lot about this plant, I said to myself, mostly beneficial effects after the trip, why not try again! Same bong, more loaded socket, better flame. Big sick ball, I'm not telling you everything, just a few tips; Surround yourself with trusted people and get your high on a bed or a large sofa without anyone else on it, too fragile people avoid a big high, I had a moment of intense panic for 10 seconds, precisely because I was alone. Then I started laughing at my panic and then reflected on life and its meaning ETC ... Very good product, not to be put in just any hand, I would take more!

  • Translated from French danlee
    too much fun this salvia me and my friends we smoked 3 grames of 10 x worse we were GONE FOR at least 20 MIN to advise when you see your body of desus

  • Translated from French paillouss
    impeccable, but I found not strong enough, or at least it tears the throat out since you have to smoke more

  • Translated from Portuguese Pinup
    This herb makes a great trip ... It is very hallucinogenic, you have to be very careful with this !! The sense of reality is lost ... I took a breath of bong and immediately imagined myself in a forest. My boyfriend saw firecrackers in the sky ... The little tube gives 6 strong doses, good! It's very strong and it made me a little scared ...

  • Translated from French d2co
    for my first experience I took 40x we were in a dark corner (I do not recommend the vision is blurry) but I took myself for a god in free fall on a Gallic village ^^ like I landed at asterix I recommend a trip in a bright place and in a pipe not a socket the water cuts the effect and put a taste of rotten fish in my mouth the most is that there is no decent bad good smashes people

  • Translated from French Velinde
    I am repeating a comment on my experience, the last time I did not have too much effect. already thank you to josef for your advice with a torch lighter. so yesterday evening just after having had an experience with truffles, i said to myself go i am going to reheat salvia x5, this time I was convinced that it was going to work i is not why. so I pull a big latte even two at once then I massage on my bed and I keep the smoke as long as possible, when I keep the smoke in my lung (I have a small drill in my room) and suddenly I see my draccena giving me a sign, I swear I'm not kidding and I understood that I was going to have my first salvia trip;). I spit out the smoke and the black hole boom all of a sudden, then I felt transported as if I was spun around in all directions but not alone a person was with months just next door and we talk like this I know him for a long time lol but I can not tell you his face and what we talk about. The only thing I can tell you is that I suddenly scream at him because I'm freaking out anyway and before he drops me back in my room I burst out laughing with this god or really I'm not who it was. Here I took back a little knowledge I whirled on myself really I laughed so much this was extra and I cest not why but I cleared more in my trip and I talk and laugh again with the divine, is this normal? and nothing to have with the mushrooms really on the bottom is the form it is very very powerful salvia! So be careful though, have a good day soon.

  • Translated from French brice
    very important: keep the smoke as long as possible. it even works with a joint and when you release it's a big trip! fortunately the effects are short! be well surrounded by friends! good trip!

  • Translated from French Weedman21
    the x5 is the most psychedelic plant of the plantske jé jms typed !!!!! small socket small halu trankil dune 30s !! big bell socket with 0.5g of mix inside !! the most enormous intense and spectacular trip as the hallu its powerful !! avc halu hearing very funny (jincluded the birds ki repeated ske jdisè) recommended to all experienced people there !!! used with precotion !! j wait for my x10 and cacti we will see if jé way to leave visited dotr world !!!!!

  • Translated from German Bruce
    Wow that was a big trip in an awesome world! Check out some porn! Wow wow

  • Translated from French nouna
    it's pretty funny, well taken in socket it does, not really visual but good deterioration of perception;)

  • Translated from French freeps
    I took some before going in party I made myself a little socket but it had no effect, I blaze ... then after having drunk and smoking, I made a big socket again and there the feeling of being sucked out of my body and kelke small hallu space. . !! ?? soon the 10X and the 20X

  • Robin
    @alexander: beeing prepared? haha.. you know that this is a joke. when you first time smoke salvia it will break you and your imagination about what is reality.. its the most intensive halluziehnogen i've ever experienced conscious- take it with respect else it will quickly teach you :) so try to stay relaxed, beeing hectic is the worst you can do.. wish you a good trip :)

  • Henry
    J'ai eu une expérience...stupéfiante avec simplement deux grosses bouffées de salvia 5 dans un bong. La première bouffée était un peu timide, la deuxième beaucoup moins, et j'ai senti la fumée m'envahir en même temps qu'une douce sensation. Puis je me suis allongé en me disant qu'il fallait être prudent, mais je ne vis rien arriver. Subitement j'ai été surpris de voir les choses se déformer tranquillement devant moi, puis venir vers moi et s'écarter au dernier moment dans un ballet parfait, tandis que les sons alentour prenaient part à la fête et devenaient essentiels, tout comme les couleurs mélangées aux sons, chose extraordinaire! J'ai vu ainsi durant ce qui m'a paru être des heures des choses très belles, en ordre parfait, ainsi que des tourbillons, des renversements à 180°, des explosions sans bruit mais avec de belles couleurs coulant comme du miel... Le plus extraordinaire dans tout ça c'est que j'ai pu garder un regard extérieur sur tout ce qui se passait: je m'observais et constatais ce que je voyais; il y avait au moins 2 personnes en moi: moi être "normal" et moi "en, folie", et c'était très intéressant à vivre. Attention, les effets se prolongent lentement pendant 3 à 4 h

  • Jah´s
    I went with mem8 to the forest late afternoon. We share 1/2 gram of Extract 5x...a couple of puffs in the bong. Instantly after the secong puff I couldn´t believe how fast it kicks in and a second after you are in a different reality. I could felt like a wave of force coming from behind my leftside and going around me from behind and leaving right forward and I felt as it was grabbing my by the hand so I rised my arm...and I could hear the force saying "come with us". It was an alteration that lasted about 1-2 mins but it was intense and scary. When I notice I was so high I freaked out nicely I was mesmerized. Highly recomended and nothing alike any other experience with mushrooms or else. Short trip but too intense and vivid. Try with care!

  • Translated from Portuguese Big1
    Excellent, I never thought it would look so good I keep the other smile for after trying the 10x

  • Translated from French eyraud
    hello, I have come to present you my opinion on the product: - first take based on salvia leaf, several attempts in socket without keeping the smoke, disappointed I inquire and repeat with my leaves, a pure socket, I get up to go in the bathroom and there I had the feeling of walking "on the moon", the perception of the objects diverges and a big allu while looking out the window - what month later I take an extract x5 with friends first sockets , we are all in an exhilarating laughter, I hit the last pure socket, and I found myself in my kindergarten laughing at the teacher (at the same time I rolled up in a duvet on the sofa, the only one something I said while watching one of my friends dec the trip has started to go down is "damn we'll say a stroumph" I just ordered extracts times 15, I hope to go very far especially with a few grams Mexican;) I recommend, this trip has too many people :) see you soon, good p everyone

  • Translated from French b3
    For my part, I smoked a g like that, and I had a slight light effect a little different from the weed! a little deg for the price

  • {sopor\mysteria}
    Learning how to use salvia enables you to use your true 4 dimensional existance. The 5x extract was enough to visit any place throughout universes. Quite a dream-like experience - but real enough. Salvia kicks ass.

  • Marie
    Salvia is quite a surprise. Nothing I read prepared me for the effect. Definately takes you on a trip into another dimension in your mind. It does not take too much of it to make you spin. Make sure you have someone with you who is not under the influence the first few times you do it.

  • RedBunny
    Left me somewhat stones which was unsatisfying, i have the leaves, put them together with a pinch of this and not even a visual? Even the leaves can be better. Maybe i should put more...

  • dimitris
    the extract was very potent.definately a spiritual lesson

  • Translated from German Christian
    I have never heard of Salvia Divinorum, but buddies said that i-net Magic Mushrooms can be ordered;) (I hadn't tried them yet and wanted to order them) so I made myself a bit smart and ended up here; ) look around and discover salvia! from the time I read the effects I really wanted to try it;) the legal status so that it is legal then completely convinced me. I told my work colleague about it and he wanted to test it right away, so we ordered 2 grams of 5x extract. Delivery time was fine and the product too;). When it came we were really happy! sit down and first mix it with tobacco. 1 Uffi smoked nothing noticed. My buddy Uffi smoked and noticed nothing;) then I had to laugh for the first time because he looked so funny I will never forget the view;) then I smoked the 2nd uffi (but here everything pure) suddenly it started to push me badly;) that's a feeling you can hardly describe as if someone is standing and pressing against your shoulder all the time :) I really thought they were pushing;) he smoked the next one and suddenly started laughing badly. I couldn't do it anymore and just laughed. ok no vision or anything, next uffi;) suddenly my buddy started to go bad;) he felt like he was divided into two halves it "pulled" him from the inside out half warm warm cold :) then he suddenly started talking to the man from Pimp my Ride and told him that the tin was wrong he had talked to him on tv and asked if it was there that I was so impressed with the divine man that he just laughs uncontrollably the best what I did each time.Ok then I wanted to go like that;) smoke the next uffi all of a sudden we went, I saw a huge wall in front of me where there was a paragraph where I stood on it. this wall had an ingenious pattern in the color of my couch and somehow connected to my table that became one. But because it pushed like this I thought I would fall off the object and quickly sat down on the bottom of my pants, then the wall was gone and only had to laugh, laugh laugh;) honest salvia is the best there is;) But I give EVERYONE the tip don't buy 5x extract! take 10x or higher !!! don't save on salvia! I shot the whole gram away in 15 minutes;) but was very worth it. was a life experience;) there is another world in which man comes but only with drugs you look at it is so nice! ;) I'll order again sooner or later! salvia is a must have product;) can only recommend it.

Salvia Extract 5x

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Salvia Divinorum leaves have intense hallucinogenic properties. They are traditionally used in divinatory rituals, but their availability and use has been been expanding recently. Some of the more common effects that may be induced are: uncontrollable hysterical laughter; a loss of one’s sense of self; a feeling that one exist in numerous times and places simultaneously; and strange physical sensations.


1) Uncontrollable hysterical laughter.
2) Becoming objects (candle, chair, vegetable,…)
3) Overlapping realities. Being in several locations at once.
4) Loss of the body or identity.
5) Entering a 2-dimensional world.
6) Revisiting places from the past.
7) Weird physical sensations, being pulled or twisted.


Traditionally, Salvia is consumed by chewing the leaves for a long time and then swallowing them, or by drinking it as tea. Both methods aren’t very appetizing and you need to consume a large number of leaves. Nowadays, the most common way to take Salvia is to smoke it in a joint or (water-) pipe. If you’re not a regular smoker, then the water-pipe may be the best option.