Gold Rush Liquid Incense

  • Translated from German Frank
    Wow, the stuff makes it so horny ... It also lasts longer than the "normal" rush and it doesn't smell that strong. It is best to always keep it in the fridge, then the stand is guaranteed until the "end" ... grins ...

  • Translated from French esparza
    To buy with your eyes closed, but be careful not to tighten the cap too much because it can be broken. Thank you shayana!

  • Translated from French Raphael
    Nice, laughs and hot flashes. attention a little irritating to the nose if too much taken in the evening. AND ESPECIALLY BE CAREFUL OF THIS CAP ***.

  • Translated from French miguel
    great effect, very strong must go slowly because as soon as it goes up, it takes a while for it to come down super product

  • Translated from French djude
    At the moment the best poppers on the site that I recommend to everyone. In addition, it is a large bottle for the mm price than the other small bottles, so what more could you ask for? ;-) Watch out for the plug which is quite fragile I find

Gold Rush Liquid Incense

Gold Rush Liquid Incense

With tens of millions sold, RUSH® is the world's number one selling Liquid Incense®!

Now bring you a new range of products to enjoy your party to its fullest potential. These Rush poppers come with an added power pellet to you an even more intense feeling. Rush works by giving your brain an intense rush of oxygen giving you a euphoric sensation filled with happiness.

Upgrade your orgasm and your love life with this top party popper.

Quantity – 24ml