• Translated from German Ben
    I took two of them, yes I have to say the effect is good and the optics are also quite realistic, but what I lacked in comparison to the real mushroom were the normally profound thoughts you get on mushrooms. Talking to the universe, thinking about the meaning of life, etc. I couldn't find that out. I think the advantage is not horror trips. So good for beginners and people who don't know how good or bad they are! I think that is the advantage for beginners. I can be recommended even if I prefer the real mushrooms

  • Jeremy
    GLOW, it help for my body and brain. Thank you so much. Great job! Best Website ever! You Rock

  • Seree
    Very fantastic very very very GOODDDDDDDD Is now just only one pill.. YESSSS!!!?&฿@@"09$€¥#^>!¥'฿!!9฿฿ Very fun.... สิ่งที่คุณเห็น อาจบิดเบี้ยวได้ e ประสบการณ์ ที่สุดสนุก ไม่ควรพลาด ถ้าพลาด ก็ไม่ได้สัมผัส อะไรที่สุดจะบรรยาย กับประสบการณ์ของคุณ

  • Andrew
    This stuff is great! No fear, just good times. You can expect enhanced color and euphoria. I took 2 pills in one sitting and was quite happy. Mixed with some salvia and canabanoid blend and had one heck of a profound experience. I must also give props to Shayana for the great customer service, will be back for sure.

  • Translated from Italian Dominus
    Psilocybium, is an aid for my body and brain. Thank you so much. Good job! Best Sitomai! Yes Rock

  • M
    This product produces very similar effects to psilocybin. During the onset, everything starts to move and breathe. After an hour, the effects get much more complicated in a sense, that you can only imagine while on this drug. It's very subjective. For example, I looked in the mirror and my eyes became twice as big and my face turned orange and violet :D Very funny! The best part, in comparison to shrooms is, you don't have to eat disgusting tasting mushrooms. So for me this product is definately worth every penny!

  • Translated from Italian Arturo
    This product produces effects very similar to psilocybin. During the beginning, everything begins to move and breathe. After an hour, the effects become much more complicated in a way, which you can only imagine while on this drug. It is very subjective. For example, I looked in the mirror and my eyes got twice as big and my face turned orange and purple: D

  • Translated from Italian Tossico
    I would recommend it to my friends, this product is amazing and this shop offers really good service! cheers

  • Nikolai
    What a horrifying totally mind fucked trip.... Total horror from insane beauty, inhuman bliss og mental orgasm while you wish you never were born. I am not sure what I think, total bliss and horror at the same time....

  • lope
    fantastic psychedelic! I saw hallucinations mostly in trees and bushes, music sounded great and I fucking loved the whole world, had deeeep conversations. Recommend, 5/5

  • Jr
    These are great...! Fun times. The bong looks incredible... Looking forward to next cleaning...

  • JK
    Wow!! Best cleaner yet. Reminiscent of my previous encounters with cactus and aya, delivering loads of vibrant colors, patterns, and movement. The ceiling was dancing up a storm and everything seemed to spring into animated life! Thank you, Shayana!!

  • K
    Be smart, clean the bong in a comfortable setting during a DAYTIME. i did the opposite which left the subject super confused!! In the end, it was alll mellow.

  • Translated from French Sandrine
    good cleaning even with half quick cleaning so much that you will believe you have eaten mushrooms, really bluffing, once you test you can review the dosage because it is really strong, very good to wait for the growth of a grow kit to order at the same time of course, me really very cash, the price a little expensive

  • Translated from French Ollion
    A little disappointed but there was no comment to help me with my research. The taste is very special and finally I prefer tobacco .. Too bad Arrived after 7 days, on the other hand fast delivery in this period of covid19 ..

  • Translated from Italian Placido
    This stuff is great! No fear, just good times. Greater color euphoria can be expected. I took 2 pills in one session and was very happy.

  • Translated from French ShayanaHeart
    A friend of mine has ordered this product several times and not disappointed with the results! <3 I was able to test it 3 times, first of all it is 4-Ho-MET, a synthetic tryptamine having the same base as the molecule of the fungus (Psilocybium) even if it does not share the same properties. In summary 3 experiences: - 2 good trips! - 1 good trip with a slight bad at the end 1st experience: Taking a 10mg pill in a park. Very fast ascent in less than 15 minutes watch in hand, characterized by very strong visual hallucinations, the grass ripples happily and faces are formed on the tree trunks (Cyclops, monster of mythology), everything seems joyful and colorful . The tones and color gradients are magnificent. The clouds take the forms of animals, a very dreamy state! Unlike mushrooms, on the other hand, the mental effect is hardly noticeable, one remains perfectly aware during the experience. The "plateau" (when effects are at their maximum) lasts 2 - 3 hours, the effects gradually diminish until the 5th hour. Totally clean after 7 hours. Only downside, some side effects during the descent, I had severe heat waves, tremors in the body as well as palpitations. It must be said that it is quite trying, the eyes take full view! 2nd experience: Taking 2 pill, placed at a friend's house in his room, ie 20mg of 4-Ho-MET. Unlike the first take, the climb was longer (also we had eaten 1 hour before and a fairly large meal). We decide to take a little walk in the village and the effects appeared, multicolored spots formed on the road, the shrubs and the foliage of the path metamorphosed into marijuana plants, we admired these leaves for tens of minutes . We stop near a field where cows were there, and there, big laugh! The black spots on the cows moved totally on their body and changed color, huge laughter! We then look at the sky and everything was beautiful, never have I seen such a beautiful sky, it was filled with a magnificent orange and pinkish hue leaving beautiful psychedelic "trails". We go home and the ground (pavement) swells and explodes like small boiling bubbles, quite disturbing. This molecule is quite powerful! In his room, we put some music (The Chemical Brothers) and the sound takes us away completely and the music becomes unrecognizable at times, letting go to the imagination, once again splendid! The room in his bedroom was totally messed up, the walls ripple loudly and his Bob Marley poster changes proportionately, even his face seems to change expression. A very gentle descent follows lying on his bed, we end up falling asleep like babies. No unwanted effects this time :) 3rd experience: Placed at home in my room with a friend, ingestion of 4 pills (only for experienced consumers!) Or 40mg of 4-Ho-MET. Extremely fast climb and took me by surprise when I was reading a book on my bed. Climb in less than 10 minutes this time! The pages of my book began to take shape and geometric shapes appeared.

  • Translated from French stephan
    very good cleanser like the fields one of the best with cesium again it is very good.

  • Brainiac
    This is indeed a great product I would recommend to try out. The onset of effects is pretty rapid and can be felt within the first 20 minutes. The experience is very pure, intense and amazing. I would recommend it only to experienced users.

  • Translated from German Patrick
    Hmm .. so I ordered a package with 2 pills, which came to my home pretty quickly! Then I didn’t torch for a long time and both banged directly into the bong ....: P Was a very nice experience but just not comparable to other things! For a still very clean bong, it is definitely really cool, but with dirty ones, something coarser is needed! ^^ Nevertheless, I was quite satisfied, but will stay with the coarser things in the future :)

  • Translated from German Willi
    Vor_sicht ^^

  • Translated from German PsychoChick3N
    Super cool stuff .. indescribable purity

  • Translated from German neo.NoiR
    Very good cleaner! ;) A friend and I each dropped a few hours ago on an empty stomach. What we found great is the difference to mushrooms that it does not make you bad. 15 minutes after ingestion, we noticed slight changes in perception. After 30 minutes he felt "physically high" (full in the head, a bit heavy / stoned-like, just not so tiring), while I was quite euphoric, awake and excited. After another hour we probably reached our limit (with one pill each). Were then (are actually still good at it) on a rather perceptual trip with partial disorientation in space and time, optical effects, extreme perception through other senses (sensory enhancement) and simply an extremely positive high. Will definitely be tried again in a higher dose. I'm cleaning my bong with a bit of deuterium, my buddy thinks he's still very well connected with the current high. Take it with respect (in any case!) And then just see how it occupies you, how much you can tolerate, how well you can tolerate it and whether you just smoke something on the side .. doesn't matter. We can only recommend this!

  • Translated from German Guru
    Yes, quite nice, but does not come close to the original. If you want to give yourself the bitter taste of truffles or are more prone to bad trips, you can use it to clean your bong and you will be completely at peace.

  • Translated from German Martin
    I am always surprised. Great product

Brace yourself for one of the best psychedelic experiences of your life. Be amazed as your mind expands to new horizons with geometrical patterns and colourful visuals with the GLOW of this awesome “shroom pill”.

The enhancement of empathy, affection and sociability make for a very fun experience to enjoy with a group of friends in a relaxed environment.


A deep connection with nature and appreciation for the joy of life, open and closed-eye visuals, color enhancement, sensory stimulation, increased sense of humor with fits of laughter, creative and cognitive enhancement, music appreciation, thought acceleration.


The effects are enhanced when experienced with a positive mood, good music and a comfortable environment.


5 mg - 15 mg
15 mg - 25 mg
25 mg - 50 mg


Onset: 15 - 40 minutes
Peak: 2 - 3 hours
Duration: 4 - 6 hours


4-HO-MET (25 mg per pill)