Florida digital scale - 0.1 g

  • Ervin
    Great little device, use it to scale green herbs. Really happy with it and would recommend this to anyone who doesn't need any more that a 0.0g, if you're scaling white powders, you might want to invest in a 0.00g or 0.000g scale. 5/5 product

  • Benjamin
    Looks OK, accurate enough for what I need it. I hope it will last long enough! Not much more to say to reach the 100 characters, sorry, it's just a scale.

  • Translated from Samoan Benjamin
    Very satisfied with this product with explosive effects. Be careful though, some varieties have very strong effects (nausea, spinning head, disturbed vision song). The very appreciable and very sweet taste does not saturate the throat. This product is healthier and more pleasant than resin

  • Translated from German Julia
    Perfect price / performance ratio: Measures fairly precisely in different units, is handy and batteries are also included.

Florida Digital Scale

0.1 G

Very robust and strong pocket digital scale. With its protective cover which doubles as a tray this scale is perfect for measuring weights between 0.1 g – 500 g. It runs off two AAA batteries and the screen is back-lit for easy reading.


0.1g – 500g
g, oz, ct, gn