Dutch Orange

  • Translated from French Léon
    Product different from the dutch orange mix simple in terms of taste, sagging and appearance. But less stone effect. To recommend.

  • Translated from German Peter
    Neutral taste and pure smoked really pushes on !!! Great value for money as you only need a small amount. Little smoke-much effect! Greetings from Bavaria

  • Translated from French vincent
    I received my order .... having not smoke for a little while and well I was very satisfied. I had doubts about its color appearance but the effect is guaranteed. big THANKS !!

  • Translated from German Karin
    Super shop and fast delivery! ?? Effect is in no way inferior to the real one! Rather better! Thanks Shayana!

  • Hemisphere
    Looked like hay and smelled terrible when someone smoked near you. But the taste wasn't bad really, quite neutral. Effect was ok. Indica stoned feeling lasting about an hour. Not for those who like the psychedelic touch in their smoke.

  • Translated from German Diamantgeiszt
    The stuff is great. In my opinion, good weed is not an option when it comes to the intensity of action. One move and you're already doing well. It doesn't work too long and has no afterglow. So after the turn you are back on top. Price / performance is also great, because you only have to cut very small quantities into the mix. Definitely one of the best incense blends here! 5/5 *

  • Translated from German Bianca
    Was probably the wrong thing for me as a beginner! I felt my way slowly and felt the full effect immediately. Initially panicked because I do not know this effect, but became tolerable after about 5 minutes. I had the feeling of floating and seeing everything in 3 dimensions, but my mind was still fully there! I can well imagine that there are people who like something like that, I personally prefer a quieter effect. After about 45 minutes everything was over and I had no after effects.

  • Translated from Italian gastaldello
    really good product, if you are a new smoker I suggest you to start with a low taxiing quantity, because it hurts a lot, and above all ideal for those who want to smoke without being noticed, because it doesn't taste like marijuana, effects almost identical to marijuana, the effect he's been up for a couple of hours.

  • Richard
    This is a really good smoke, although i found if you have too much it can get a bit heavy. used properly it is a really enjoyable experience.

  • Translated from French jean
    soooo much I thank shayana for their professionalism because when I had problems related to customs controls they sent me back everything I was missing .... hats off the high class otherwise for the effects it's downright brilliant we have all the advantages of the high side without the disadvantages (fatigue sore throat ... etc) Personally I smoke it pure I stopped smoking a year and a half ago again thank you for this legal herb which reminds me of the effects of the best weed +

  • Translated from German Katzenbauch
    Order this product again and again because I find it the best and the strongest so far :) I can get by relatively long if I save up to 2 weeks. It was dispatched on a Wednesday and it was already there on Monday, but it also came on Friday when it went out on Wednesday. The product is only recommended, do not worry, I think each of you would lie flat afterwards xD greetings from Austria

  • Translated from French Béni
    As a smoker of a few years having had a lot of experience on the bédo level, and much more. I smoked a pure perc 'of the gold mix, And damn ** that I went far, like believing that these members are bubblegum but like leaving far to the point of being limited in evil, that's fucking delirium. I advise against it occurs only to young smokers otherwise I RECOMMEND IT!

  • Martin_SMKE
    This blend is not if you still have plans or need to be social. Taste / feels really good, but felt pretty uncomfortable in public...

  • Translated from Italian stefy
    Great product ... you just have to go for small attempts with doses, too high doses become too stimulating (at risk of insomnia) while with the right dose it is what you need for a soft evening ... relaxing and calming .. definitely a product to recommend ...

  • Translated from Italian Pier
    A mixture with a good value for money, quantity ... more lasting effect than the average ... I recommend it to anyone who wants to get high in legality.

  • Translated from French Juju
    Super kit I prefer the medium to the large more yield I personally find 2 weeks a 30 field antenna has appeared and it is clear that at the beginning the large one made me really little mushroom to extend on 2 kit 16 grame dry than the sour medium I'll do 75 to 100 g dry first flush

  • Translated from French laurent
    great product for a long time that I had not smoke and a big slap I was serious good product I recommend !!!

  • Translated from French remy
    This made thinks of a stick of medium quality hash must be smoked at least two in a row but hey I don't hang on too much: boffff .... I will try another product next time ..

  • Translated from Samoan Martin SMKE
    Product of an excellent quality which does honor to Holland 😁 and in addition the delivery is super fast just 2 to 3 days. Nothing to say other than that the high is to ensure here.

  • Translated from French JonEs
    Taste and special smells but it's fine if you dose like a good w stick ... Not "fried" and "dry" like the others!

  • Translated from French Damien
    So I don't know if it's me who mismanaged the quantity or what but big, big but BIG bad which I did not expect at all, yet regular smoker but good. Lover of sensation well it's GOLD what eh ^^

  • Translated from French yoan
    Order received quickly and discreetly I received them one morning so I tested around (9-10am) in the morning of course its my burst the geulle pandant 30 40 minute something sick and in the evening I roll another and no magic effect just a little high you have to back up and eat otherwise little effect next I test the himalaya

  • Translated from French marien
    very good product like the Dutch Orange Mix Long Lasting but the effect is much shorter (about an hour) first product I ordered and very surprised with the result I recommend it!

Dutch Orange


The special Gold blend is back! For those who appreciate the finer things in life choose this unique blend that offers the user a richer, fuller experience.


Pleasant body high, psychoactive stimulation, sensory enhancement. Effects are best experienced in a positive mood and a comfortable setting.


Dutch Orange contains a special recipe of natural herbs and cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are the active ingredients that occur naturally in the Hemp (Cannabis sativa L) plant.